Tales of senior year: volume I

At the beginning of freshman year, it took me so long to get used to the fact that I was a high schooler, so I expected it would take a similar amount of time for me to get used to being a senior. But surprisingly, I feel like I'm almost done processing. Except that now… Continue reading Tales of senior year: volume I

Stories from interviewing my dad

In my summer bucket list, I talked about how I want to finish interviewing my dad. We've been sporadically doing this for over a year now, and we only made it to his thirty-year-old self yesterday. That means he's about to finally start talking about how he came to America, which I think will be… Continue reading Stories from interviewing my dad

The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

For history class this year, I'm taking European history. In August, we started at the Black Plague, and now we're talking about the Cold War. Over those seven hundred-ish years span of time, there have been three specific times in class that I remember when we learned about huge stories in history that either happened… Continue reading The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

8/2/18: My school's volleyball has a tradition that on the last day of tryouts, the new varsity players get picked up without warning by the people who've already been on the team for "initiation." That's a blurry picture I took of myself during it. I'm in the car with a blindfold on. I guess them blindfolding… Continue reading August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)

I tried a Chobani Flip. (Yes, that's my finger in the picture. And yes, this picture doesn't even have the Chobani Flip in it. But it's still yogurt, so close enough.) The existence of these special yogurt creations was first brought to my attention by Sarah Beth's comment on my April post, and I was… Continue reading Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)