I baked peanut butter cookies & banana bread (ft. Excessively Possible Recipes)

If I had three wishes, I would use them to make myself 1) a tea-drinker 2) a really good crossword puzzler and 3) someone who is able to confidently walk into the kitchen and bake a signature snack from memory without it taking hours. But seeing that nobody has offered me even one wish yet,… Continue reading I baked peanut butter cookies & banana bread (ft. Excessively Possible Recipes)

Cooking Adventures: chicken and carrots

Cooking Adventures is a series where I regale you with tales of my time in the great unknown. AKA I, as a very, very inexperienced cook, (try to) make food that tastes good, and then tell you what went wrong. And hopefully right. PROLOGUE. During the summer, I bought the cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who… Continue reading Cooking Adventures: chicken and carrots

Cooking Adventures: brownies

Cooking Adventures is a series where I (as a very inexperienced maker of food) try my hand in the kitchen and share my results with you. PROLOGUE. After making salty cookies for the SECOND TIME, I decided to stay away from baking for a while. But then I saw this video: The Science Behind the Perfect Brownie. And… Continue reading Cooking Adventures: brownies

Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.

Life skills I want to master somewhat before I die. 1. Carry on small talk that's not awkward 2. Making food that tastes good without taking forever 3. Sectioning off my brain when it starts spewing negative thoughts This series, Cooking Adventures, is me documenting my journey learning life skill #2. First up, chocolate chip… Continue reading Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.