Tales of senior year: volume I

At the beginning of freshman year, it took me so long to get used to the fact that I was a high schooler, so I expected it would take a similar amount of time for me to get used to being a senior. But surprisingly, I feel like I'm almost done processing. Except that now… Continue reading Tales of senior year: volume I

High school advice from extremely competent seniors

When life gives you senior year in high school, create as many blog posts as you can out of it. Aha, just kidding (not really), but I do want to write a few so that there's a record of what this year was like for me and my friends: what was going on in our… Continue reading High school advice from extremely competent seniors

On physics and how wildly hard it is

Physics is so hard that it's almost a joke. Not because there's anything inherently funny about it---there's nothing funny about it. But you have to not take it seriously. It's absolutely necessary to survival. Otherwise the true impossibleness of it would be crushing. The way forward is to just laugh (and cry if needed) at… Continue reading On physics and how wildly hard it is

The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

For history class this year, I'm taking European history. In August, we started at the Black Plague, and now we're talking about the Cold War. Over those seven hundred-ish years span of time, there have been three specific times in class that I remember when we learned about huge stories in history that either happened… Continue reading The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

Life, lately (emailing people & ice-cream & art museum)

Emailing people This year in history/English class, I read Frankenstein. Near the beginning, there was a quote in it that I bookmarked because it immediately reminded me this blog post writted by Austin Kleon. (I also talked about him in my last post as the person who made black-out poems the thing they are today.)… Continue reading Life, lately (emailing people & ice-cream & art museum)

What I’ve learned so far this school year

In algebra On the day we were reviewing all the equations of a line stuff, my teacher brought up the ¬†question of why "m" is used for slope- like in y=mx+b. He said we would never guess. Then this guy in my class said it's because it's Latin for slope in a no-way-I'm-right tone, and… Continue reading What I’ve learned so far this school year