August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories


8/2/18: My school’s volleyball has a tradition that on the last day of tryouts, the new varsity players get picked up without warning by the people who’ve already been on the team for “initiation.” That’s a blurry picture I took of myself during it. I’m in the car with a blindfold on.

I guess them blindfolding us could seem a bit sketchy, but the whole night was as far as you can get from that. The closest they came to hazing was to sit us newbies down on trash bags and feed us random stuff (marshmallow fluff, tomato sauce, Lucky Charms) and have us guess what it was while we had bandanas tied around our heads.


Another thing we did was to check off another one of my school’s traditions- spray painting the rock. Basically, on campus we have this random big rock that people go decorate from time to time. There must be a million layers by now. Sidenote: Steve and Carlos are the names of the coaches.


8/5/18: A guy from church came back from visiting family in China and brought gifts for his friends. I highly doubt that he had actually planned on giving me anything, but I was standing by them while he was handing them out, so I think he felt bad and gave me this super fluffy (it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!) bunny keychain.

For the other people, he got them these awesome hats, and I was like ‘AH those are so cool’ and borrowed one guy’s (aka Jonathan’s) hat to wear. In the end, he swapped with me because he could tell I was obsessed with the hat and because he’s just that nice of a person.


Side view.


Aerial view.


8/9/18: While I was packing my speaker for the volleyball tournament I had that weekend, I realized it had ran out of battery and I had no idea where the charger was. After realizing that different electronics need different usb cords, I searched for one online. I didn’t find one.

Finally, I emailed the company asking where I could buy a new charger. At first I was slightly disturbed that my address was a required blank, but when I received the email above saying that they were sending me a free cord, it all made sense. I was very excited about it.


8/10/18: On Friday, after we finished playing our games, we went to the boardwalk, which is where that picture of me looking through the telescope was taken.


There was also a RAINBOW. I hadn’t seen one in a while, and it reminded me of how cool they are.


A bunch of people on the team were excited about the rides on the boardwalk, but nobody ended up going because the ticket prices weren’t worth it. Instead, we went to pet and feed stingrays for seven dollars. It was so fun.


There’s me petting one. They were very gentle and soft. A tip for feeding stingrays: their mouths are not the two holes on the side. They’re actually on the bottom. I was a bit nervous about it at first, but it didn’t hurt at all. It was such a cool experience.


That’s me taking a nap on the way there. I find this picture to be hilarious. One, how did my hair get so messy when all I did was close my eyes, and two, I think it’s funny that people get the urge to take pictures of other people sleeping while traveling. I also have friends who take pictures of themselves whenever they cry or sneeze. In my opinion, that’s pretty weird.


8/11/18: We saw another rainbow on the drive back home!


We have to run if we leave any trash behind, and there were a bunch of these water bottles lying around after each game, but I didn’t want to not recycle them or throw them away while they still had water in them, so I stuffed the ones I picked up in my backpack and took them home. I don’t exactly remember, but I think only one of those was actually mine.


8/18/18: In Chinese, the number eight is pronounced “ba,” which was why my brother-in-law said “bababa” for 8/18/18, my dad’s birthday. Also, interestingly enough, “dad” is “baba.”


The week before, he had been disappointed in himself for being forgetful a few times, so I got him a two month gift subscription to Lumosity as a present. Lumosity is this company that has a website and app with brain games that you can play to improve your memory and stuff.


8/19/18: Ten days after I received the email, the charger cord came in the mail! I’ve never heard of HMDX audio before, but I’m pleased to announce that I am highly satisfied by the customer service I got from them. They sent me a new charger for free, and quickly too.


8/21/18: He took the baseline test and sent me this picture and this text: “My test score, pretty much good.” I looked at the photo he sent me and cracked up. First of all, under Your Fit Test results, it said “compared to the results of other people your age (25-29),” which is so wrong.

Second, he misunderstood the infographic. He thought he was in the top 10, 9, and 19 percent for Color Match, Train of Thought, and Memory Matrix, respectively. What it actually says is “you scored higher than __ ,” which means he’s in the top 90, 91, and 81 percent. compared to people thirty years younger than him. Oh my goodness, too funny.


When was the last time you saw a rainbow?
Have you ever taken a picture of someone sleeping on the car or a picture of yourself sneezing or crying?
What’s a present you’ve given your dad?

P.P.S. Photo credits to bujo.nik.


20 thoughts on “August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories”

  1. The Volley ball trip sounds fun! My younger sister runs track and last year she went to state and came home with lots of stories about the bus ride. The picture of you sleeping. HAHAHAHAHA. You look so completely out of it, with your hair all over. It is kind of funny how there’s this “thing” about taking pictures of people sleeping when you’re traveling. I’d never really thought about it, but I take pictures of my younger sisters sleeping in the back seat. The hat is super cool! Ah, I love rainbows. One time my sister and I were walking out of a store and several of the employees were crowded around the door. When they saw us they sort of stepped to the side so we could get through and this one guy said, “Don’t mind us, we’re just admiring nature,” and there was this huge rainbow outside. It was great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was! Whoa, that’s amazing that your sister went to state for track. Running is not something I prefer doing. Hahahaha, I KNOW RIGHT? I think I thought it was funnier than my friend who actually took it. I really do- I’m not sure how my hair got like that either. It’s not like I had the space to move around much. Yea, it’s a bit strange but so hilarious. I wonder what it says about us as humans. It would so great if a psychologist analyzed it. Thanks! Yep, rainbows rock. Hahahaha, the guy’s response was perfect!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, what keychain accessories do you have so far?
      I’ve always believed I would feel dreary living in a place with a lot of rain, but if there were also a good number of rainbows, I’m not so sure.


        1. Ah, I see. My school did something kind of similar to that. I’m so glad that it’s getting better, and I hope it continues to. :)) I feel like mental health is something everybody has to practice over time to get better at.


  2. That is one cool hat.
    And beautiful rainbows! I love rainbows, but I don’t usually see full ones. They are so spectacular. I don’t remember when the last time I saw one was.
    I have in fact taken pictures of my sisters when they are sleeping in the car. I don’t know why this is a thing, but clearly people do this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree.
      Yes, I agree! They are spectacular. I don’t either, but then I see two full ones in two days- what are the chances? I hope you see one soon. :))
      Hahaha, I don’t why it’s a thing either, but I’m definitely a participant in it.

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  3. A RANDOM THOUGHTS POST. This is my favorite kind of post that you write. XD
    Congrats on being on varsity volleyball! The initiation sounds fun, especially the painting-on-a-rock-part. My school doesn’t have anything cool like that, although I guess I wouldn’t know for sure, since I don’t do an in school sport, haha. I do know we don’t have a painted rock on campus. XD
    Those hats are so cool too! The design is so intricate.
    RAINBOWS! I see those very rarely, but when I do see them, it’s always an exciting sight. It is funny how people take pictures of people sleeping…my mom did that to me a couple weeks ago when we woke up early to drive somewhere and I fell asleep in the car. I don’t really get it, because it doesn’t seem too interesting, haha.
    A present I’ve given my dad…that’s a good question, because my dad’s birthday is actually tomorrow and I still haven’t thought of an interesting present. Normally we just get him a shirt or a trip to Top Golf (which is like a batting range for golf? that’s the only way I can think to describe it), but I wanted to think of something creative this year. Sadly I’ve yet to do that and I’m running of time fast, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH thank you very much for saying that. 🙂
      Thank you! It was quite fun, which I am very grateful for. I’ve heard the seniors talk about how their initation was pretty crazy, but people got in trouble for it so now it’s much more tame. Aw, every school should have a painted rock. ;))
      I know right?
      Me too me too! I don’t think I could ever see a rainbow and not get excited.
      Hahaha, I don’t get it either, except for me it’s the opposite- I don’t understand why I do think it’s hilarious. There’s just something about it.
      HA, that’s funny. Ooh, I actually went to Top Golf for the first time for my grade’s back to school party! I was awful at it. Yep, batting range for golf is how I would describe it too. I hope you thought of something, what did you end up getting him?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! It’s so true. 😉
        I know right? I’m disappointed in my school for not having a rock. XD
        Haha, the only time I went, I didn’t even hit any balls because I knew I would probably end up injuring someone with the golf club or a golf ball. We ended up getting him some running shirts and shorts since he likes to run- not very creative, but very useful. XD

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  4. I saw the MOST beautiful rainbow on my last day of my summer job. IT was so gorgeous and the PERFECT way to end the summer.
    And your dad’s birthday gift was such a good idea! SO COOL!
    And congrats on being on the volleyball team! I love filming my college’s volleyball games and I think volleyball is the most fun game to watch. (notice how much I talk about watching it and not actually playing, haha!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, that sounds WONDERFUL.
      Thank you so much! Okay haha, I’m sorry to say that it was actually a flop because the games made his eyes hurt, BUT he’s liking the other present I gave him, which were Tavern Puzzles.
      Thank you! Oh, that’s cool that you film them. Is it so that the coaches and players can watch it later or for another purpose? And hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. wow this post made me so happy 😂I like how your school has a tradition of spray painting a rock, that’s pretty great 🙂 I haven’t heard of HMDX audio but that’s so cool that they sent you a free charger…the boardwalk sounds so fun! Hopefully your September is amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh whohooo! That’s very kind of you to say. Haha, I know right? I like it too. Yes, it was so nice of them! It was, I’m excited to go back next year. Thank you, and I hope yours is awesome too. :))

      Liked by 1 person

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