Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)

I tried a Chobani Flip.


(Yes, that’s my finger in the picture. And yes, this picture doesn’t even have the Chobani Flip in it. But it’s still yogurt, so close enough.)

The existence of these special yogurt creations was first brought to my attention by Sarah Beth‘s comment on my April post, and I was immediately like “dude, I have to try those.” Three months later, I finally have.

It came to be when I tagged along for the rare grocery run to buy food stuff for volleyball tryouts. Usually my mom just gets the regular fruit Chobani cups because she knows I for sure like those, but because I was there, I was like, “this is perfect(!!!), I can finally try the flips.

I got the s’mores flavor (how could I not?) and was very excited about it. The next day during the lunch break, I held the yogurt package in my hand and thought to myself, “this plastic is way too stiff, this doesn’t actually flip, does it.”  But when I voiced my feelings out loud, my teammate beside me was like, “no, it does,” and I was like, “really?” (flips it) “oh yea, it does.”

Just imagine, without my friend there, I would’ve manually scooped all the s’mores toppings from one side to the other. How tragic would that have been?

A quick review: The taste wasn’t anything spectacular. It was good, but I’m guessing that the yogurt to toppings proportion was decided in a way that was financially and not flavor-ly sensible. The yogurt overwhelmed and smothered the majority of the toppings’ taste. Nevertheless, I think the concept and advertisement of the flips is genius.

My dad figured out the peg game.



The summer camp I go to has ended on Father’s Day for the past three years, and for the past three years I’ve gotten my dad’s Father’s Day gift at the camp’s gift shop. This year I got him the peg game shown above.

Both my dad and I did it once accidentally, but we both forgot how afterwards. Then my dad got serious and started figuring it out systematically. He played the game backwards (I don’t understand how, but he did), solved it, and recorded the moves.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good present. I asked him if he had fun solving it and he said yes. Also, I have a feeling it will keep getting played with too (and not just be forgotten), even if it’s not by the person it was initially meant for. The game’s being kept by the dining table, and when people have come over, they’ve sometimes decided to try their hand at it.

For example, yesterday, Jonathan solved it in thirty minutes. I told him that what he did was amazing, but he said it was just lucky because he accidentally did it and then kind of remembered what he did. That guy, he would probably say the same thing if he won the Nobel prize or something.

Someone finally solved my “I can’t remember what the book is called” mystery that has been bothering me for years.

In middle school, I read these three books and really liked them. A while after that, I was thinking about good middlegrade books I had read, and they came to mind, but I couldn’t remember what they were called or who they were by. I only remembered what the covers looked like and what happened in them.

For a couple of months, every time I went to the library I would go to the shelf I remember them being on and look to see if they were there. They never were.

I tried looking on Google. Multiple times. It didn’t work.

I tried asking people for help. I asked two ladies working at the library. I asked a lady at McNally Jackson (which is a cool bookstore in New York by the way) who was sitting at a desk with a sign on it that said “Information Desk. Please ask me questions, perhaps about books.” None of them knew which books I was talking about.

I tried getting help online. I found a very lively group on Goodreads named What’s the Name of That Book??, but I never got around to submitting a comment.

Then I listened to episode 142: The moment you became a reader of the podcast What Should I Read Next? In it, librarian Sarah Peden mentioned that she doesn’t get as many requests for help on bookish mysteries as she would like, and I was like, “no problem, I can help remedy that” and messaged her on Instagram.

This is what I texted her about the book: What I do remember is that they’re middlegrade realistic non-fiction (Editing Annie: I completely meant to say fiction. I cannot believe I said they were non-fiction. That’s so wrong.) The covers are similar to the mother daughter book club ones and I think the titles had their names in it. It was a series of three books and each one had a different narrator. They all covered the same timeline and story but from different perspectives. Two of the books were from the perspectives of girls and the third was from a guy. The guy and one of the girls was Asian and the other girl was white. The plot was that the two girls become friends, the Asian girl is tutoring the guy but they don’t like each other and then the guy and the other girl start to like each other.

And she was able to figure it out! Which I am still amazed by. When I asked her how she did it, she responded that she’s really good at Google. A big part of me really wants to ask her what exactly she searched, but the rest of me has decided to respect her superpowers by not being nosy. You know how the saying goes: a librarian never reveals her secrets.

Also, if you’re wondering (and I 100% would be), the books in question are Millicent Min, Girl Genius; Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time; and So Totally Emily Ebers by Lisa Yee. I knew one of the girl’s names was Emily.

I got another shipment of books. Hooray…


(The Scarlet Letter, Henry IV Part 1, Lord of the Flies, Paradise Lost, The Divine Comedy Volume 1: Inferno AKA Dante’s Inferno, Dr. Faustus, Frankenstein, Night)

I told the funny-but-not-really story of my first shipment of books in this post. I guess this is going to be a tradition for the next few years?


Do you have a “I can’t remember what the book is called” mystery that needs solving or has been solved?
Have you read any of the books in that beautiful stack shown above? They really need to create a sarcasm font.
What brand of yogurt do you like?

31 thoughts on “Life, lately (yogurt & the peg game & books in multiple forms)”

  1. I read lord of the flies, but I read it for school and I always find that if school is the thing that makes you read something you just don’t enjoy it as much

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  2. I love Lord of the Flies! And Frankenstein! Actually Frankenstein was kind of depressing and infuriating, but it was really interesting?
    That mysterious not being able to remember a book thing is a paranoia I have had since I was small, and when I was ten years old I started recording every book I read so as to never come across this problem. The thing is, I still have this problem with picture books, because I don’t record those. Oops. There was this one that had a blue tea set and a pink tea set and for the longest time that’s all I could remember, but I think I figured out that it was a Frances book? (by Russell Hoban?) So that mystery was solved. There are a few others, but I can’t bring them to mind at the moment… It happens with movies as well. That is fantastic that you finally solved the mystery! Those kinds of things can be so frustrating!

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    1. Ah, good! Waaait, your sister the Temperamental Writer (haha I guess I don’t really need to clarify, do I) said it was frustrating too- why do you say that?
      That is a good way to solve the problem. I’ve tried to record books in an analog format, but it’s never stuck. Now I’m using Goodreads, and so far it’s been good. How do you record your books? Ahhh, I’m so glad your mystery was solved too! Oh, I didn’t even think about movies- I guess I haven’t watched enough for it to happen to me yet. Do you think book mysteries are harder to solve or movies? Thank you! It really is fantastic.

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      1. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, does not know how to do life AT ALL. He is just a really infuriating character. And the problems he creates are frustrating. But it’s still really interesting, so…yeah.
        I just write them down in a notebook. Nothing fancy. The notebook is totally falling apart at this point, but it works for me.
        Oh man, I have watched too many movies in my life so far. The ones from my childhood nag at me because I will only remember these random scenes and it’s not enough to go off of to figure out what the movie is.
        Hm, not sure which is harder. I think they are about the same, it just depends on how many clues you have.

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  3. Ooh, I love the story about the Chobani flips. I don’t eat too much yogurt, but when I do, it’s usually Yoplait. (Though I have had the Chobani greek yogurt, and enjoyed it. 😉 ) How did your volleyball tryouts go?
    THE PEG GAME. Your dad must have a lot of dedication to figure that out…I would never have enough patience. I’ll probably just live life never figuring out the secret. XD
    That’s so cool that your mystery finally get solved! I’ve never heard of those books, but thank you very much for explaining what they were, because it would have been eating away at me if you hadn’t said what they were called. XD The middle cover does remind of the Mother-Daughter Book Club, too! I’m amazed by how the librarian figured it out, too- librarians are magical creatures.
    Great post!

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    1. Haha, thank you! Oh, Yoplait! For some reason, I feel a distinct connection with the key lime pie ones. I think that I always prefered those when I was little, but I might just be making that up. Yes, it’s good! They went well, thank you very much for asking. :))
      HA, he does get dedicated about things like that. And I don’t think you’re missing out on much, especially with all the awesome books you’re reading.
      I know right?? Yea, I’ve never heard them get talked about on a blog either. Hahahaha, that would be quite a cruel thing to do, wouldn’t it? I know, I was spot on about that detail. It’s funny the specific things about books that stick with you. Me too, me too! And yes, I agree- librarians rock.

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  4. The peg game looks cool, but I would probably be terrible at it. I love the idea of those sort of things, but my brain doesn’t quite know what to actually do about them.
    Librarians are superheroes. We must never underestimate their abilities.
    I’ve actually read several books in that stack! Lord of the Flies is probably my favorite, though it’s quite dark. I also like Frankenstein, but I found it really frustrating. I never would have read Henry IV part 1- and if I DID read it, I probably would have found it boring- but I had the opportunity to see it performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last year and it was AMAZING. The actors were so good that sometimes you forgot they were speaking in Shakespearean English. They made it sound so natural.
    Ah yes. Yogurt. I usually like either Nancy’s or Tilamook, but really I’m not picky. If someone gave me peach yogurt of any brand, I would probably eat it.

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    1. Haha, that’s me with basically every sport besides volleyball.
      Exactly- not all superheroes save the world. Some help you find books and solve your bookish mysteries.
      Ahh, that’s awesome! I would expect nothing besides darkness from Lord of the Flies. Haha, with the storyline that it has, I think it would be a bit alarming if it wasn’t. That’s interesting- what did you find frustrating about Frankenstein? Wow, that sounds spectacular. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is going on my bucket list. Do you remember what time of the year it was?
      Tilamook sounds familiar. Hahaha, I think I would too- I’ve only had the Chobani brand of peach yogurt, and it’s goood. It’s funny that Sarah mentioned peach flavor too- peach cobbler Flips!

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      1. Frankenstein was frustrating because Frankenstein creates the creature and then is disgusted and terrified by him, but it’s not the creature’s fault. Then the creature is treated so terribly that he starts killing people which IS his fault even if he was driven to it. Basically no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and people end up dead. Frustrating. And sad. But also interesting and thought provoking.
        I went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last September. I would definitely recommend that you go someday if you get the chance!

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  5. I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately, but I totally get what get the “can’t remember what the book is called”— except for me, it’s usually classical music. Which might be even worse? since you have nothing to Google, just an indecipherable line that sounds like “da da DA dadada”.

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    1. AH hahaha, that is definitely worse. I know it must drive you crazy, but that’s kind of funny. :)) Maybe it goes 3) music with words 2) books 1) music without words. Have you ever figured one out before?


      1. I have, while listening through a piece again. But if I can’t remember I’ll try to convince myself it was from something even if it wasn’t just so I’ll stop thinking about it:)


  6. I haven’t tried Chobani Flips but I’ve always been intrigued whenever a renowned food brand comes with a twist. In third grade, Oreo Cakesters were a thing (are they still a thing?) and the silence of my classroom which came after my mom packed in one for lunch and everyone watched me tear it open. I’m so glad you figured out what the books were! I’m suffering the same dilemma. It’s harder because all I remember were the pictures– there was a bunny rabbit and a red brick tunnel– I just remember it was such a vivid experience after reading it. Your book haul is good! Frankenstein and Lord of the Flies are both wonderful reads.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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    1. Was your book mystery a children’s book? This is probably completely wrong but when I was little I read a book called ‘Out Twitchy’ and it’s got a picture of a bunny in front of a red brick tunnel. Might be completely wrong though 😂

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    2. Hm, Oreo Cakesters- I’ve never heard of them. Okay, I just looked them up on Google, they look like whoopie pies to me. HA, I can imagine a bunch of third graders just being enthralled by them. YES, me too! Oof, that does sound tough. Here’s to hoping that your bookish mystery gets solved. :)) On behalf of the people who wrote my school’s sophomore curriculum, thank you. Ah good! I’m glad you liked Frankenstein and Lord of the Flies, that makes me more excited.

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      1. Oreo Cakesters are practically whoopie pies– I saw five different recipes for Cakester alternatives online. Honestly, as kids anything sweet and sugary equals something to be marveled at and then other kids will try to convince you to trade… I’m sure you’ve encountered that before, haha. 😀 I’m still on a search to solve the bookish mystery– El did give it a good guess! I think I may just stumble upon it at an ancient independent bookstore, fingers crossed! Literally your sophomore curriculum rocks– mine involved Buber and gosh while it was interesting it was not fun. And seriously, have fun with Frankenstein and Lord of the Flies! I like the latter’s themes better, but there are times you heavily emphasize with The Monster. >.< The classics do live up to their names.

        xoxo Abigail Lennah

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        1. That’s interesting. Usually I see smaller brands copying bigger brands, but that’s a big brand taking advantage of it’s platform to copy a small brand- I guess it wasn’t successful though.
          Ha, you’re right. I still stop to marvel at sweets, especially if it’s chocolate, ice-cream, or those amazing brownie bite things.
          Ahhhh, have you been able to confirm if it is yet?
          I’ve never ehard of Buber, but I just looked him up, and wow, his books seem very deep and dense. Okay, I will- thank you, I am looking forward to these books a lot more now. Hahaha, sounds good. :))


  7. I’m actually really proud of you for trying the flips! But I do have to agree with your review–a few of the flavors aren’t that spectacular, merely because the yogurt itself is a little too overwhelming. I think they need to put more toppings in order for the flavors to mix well.

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  8. I have a lot of ‘darn, I can’t remember the title!’ moments but they seldom get solved 🙁
    Changing the subject, I’ve read Lord of the Flies! It was a great read, but I remember struggling to wrap my head around at times.

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