August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

8/2/18:┬áMy school's volleyball has a tradition that on the last day of tryouts, the new varsity players get picked up without warning by the people who've already been on the team for "initiation." That's a blurry picture I took of myself during it. I'm in the car with a blindfold on. I guess them blindfolding… Continue reading August 2018: photo dump and mini-stories

Pictures on my phone that I love

My 7th grade Bible teacher's clock A piece of art at the Met that cracked me up My dad watching Happy Feet on the plane Nap time My mom, my sister, and me laughing P.S. Which one is your favorite photo? One of my classes at school is a marketing/business class. We're also learning Photoshop,… Continue reading Pictures on my phone that I love