I strongly believe that everyone has a superpower

I define superpower as something that's inherently part of you. It's not a skill that was learned. And it's different from talent. Many times talent is paired with hard work, but hard work can't be paired with a superpower. Well, I guess you could, but it would be pretty strange. You'll see what I mean.… Continue reading I strongly believe that everyone has a superpower

Stories from interviewing my dad

In my summer bucket list, I talked about how I want to finish interviewing my dad. We've been sporadically doing this for over a year now, and we only made it to his thirty-year-old self yesterday. That means he's about to finally start talking about how he came to America, which I think will be… Continue reading Stories from interviewing my dad

An interview with my dad

After dinner on Thursday, (which was Hopdoddy's. It was my second time eating there, and my verdict stays the same. Hamburgers: still not impressed. Fries: the plain ones are nothing special, but their parmesan truffle fries are addicting. My brother-in-law picked the most expensive burger on the menu. It's called the Impossible Burger and turns… Continue reading An interview with my dad