Stories from summer camp

The Bus Ride

For part of the way there (it was about a three hour drive), my bus buddy and I shared a pair of earbuds and jammed out to her Apple music. It was SO FUN. I’m really clueless when it comes to music, but here are some of the songs we listened to. The only test they had to pass was to be good to sing along to.

We also played Mafia, makeshift Resistance, and Spyfall. Here’s my thoughts on how well they worked as bus games.
1) Mafia– I personally don’t like this game (I’ve always thought it was boring), but it went pretty well. A lot of people can play, there’s not a lot of moving pieces, and it’s easy to learn.
2) “Resistance“- I would stick to playing this game when you’re not in a moving vehicle. Passing out all the cards wasn’t that hard, but it’s more complicated than Mafia and being in a bus didn’t allow it to get very intense.
3) Spyfall, as seen on Ryan Higa– I won a round as the spy! So obviously I’m giving it a double thumbs up. Just kidding- okay, this game did actually work pretty well. The only thing each person needed was their phone and some service, so zero cards were passed around. A lot of people can play, the premise shouldn’t take that long to get the hang of, and again, Ryan Higa and his crew played it sooooo

Finding the Big Dipper

On the first night, as my friend and I were walking to our cabin, I looked up at the sky to check in on it and say hello, and then, I couldn’t stop looking. My feet swerved around on the path and my neck started hurting, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. There were so many more stars than back at home. It was beautiful.

Then, I saw the Big Dipper.


Now, listen, if you had told me two weeks ago that you had once in your lifetime seen and recognized the Big Dipper, my mouth would have dropped open and I would have thought you were some sort of star expert. If that’s happening to you right now, don’t be impressed.

I think we were at a good time and place to view it because all the stars in it were super bright. Also, it looked exactly how it was supposed to. It was like someone pulled out an astronomy textbook, flipped to page number 42 (the page with the diagram of the Big Dipper), and drew it in the sky with the an enormous Sharpie that had ink made out of disco balls.

Finding the Big Dipper was actually easy. (I can’t believe I just truthfully and wholeheartedly wrote that sentence.) This was literally how it happened: I was walking. I was looking at the sky. I saw a certain formation of stars. BRAIN says, casually: Big Dipper. MOUTH says, even more casually: hey look, it’s the Big Dipper. 

Three days later, on the last night, my counselor took our small group outside to talk. At first I was like ‘um, this is a horrible idea, I’ve already taken a shower so I’m all clean and you want us to go outside? Where the bugs are?’ (By the way, that was all in my head.)

But then we went outside and sat on the benches around the campfire pit that I’ve never seen get used and sang along to Oceans and sat in the darkness with some really loud unseen animals and talked and I changed my mind about it being a horrible idea.

Afterwards, we pointed out the Big Dipper to each other and that’s when we decided to try and find the Little Dipper. Which was much more challenging. As of now, I’m still not sure if we actually found it. I think we did though.


Movie Night

Every night we have an evening activity, and every year, one of them is movie night. This year, my friends and I made the poor decision of not going back to our cabins to get pillows and blankets.

Even though it was so insanely hot outside, it was equally as insanely cold inside. Jonathan was so very kind to lend us his blanket half-way through the movie, but otherwise, I really don’t know if I could have withstood the extreme air conditioning for the whole thing.

Anyways. We watched I Can Only Imagine. I had been wanting for that to be the Movie Night movie since two months ago, when my friend who is not very emotional said that she watched it and that it was really, really good and that she even cried one tear. After she said that, I was expecting to cry buckets. Which didn’t happen- I didn’t shed a single tear. 

Things probably would have turned out differently if I had seen it in a movie theatre, but watching in a very unsilent, not completely dark room full of teenagers dulled some of the movie’s emotional punch. However, I wouldn’t change anything about the viewing experience (except for some more blankets).

I love watching movies with a crowd of people who clap and ooo and cheer the movie along like the audience at a late night talk show. I love being tangled up into a mess of limbs and bodies and blanket (singular) with my friends. I love the snarky/silly/random comments that get made that would never see the light of day in an actual movie theatre.

Yea, I love Movie Night.


What are some songs that are good to yell-sing along to? Another song that would’ve been good that I didn’t think of is Best Song Ever, also by One Direction.
Bus game suggestions?
On the way back my friends got so bored that they resorted to playing dodgeball with a single stuffed animal while sitting two feet apart from each other.
Do you like stars?
It’s okay if you don’t, my dad doesn’t either.
Have you seen I Can Only Imagine?
If so, did you cry during it? A friend told me that her mom cried like six times during it.

9 thoughts on “Stories from summer camp”

  1. “How Far I’ll Go” is a great yell-singing song. Last year I went to the beach and sang it out at the ocean which was of course the PERFECT place to yell-sing that song. I love yell-singing to lots of Disney songs. “Out There” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorites.
    I love stars too! Until recently I lived out in the middle of nowhere. Because there were no city lights anywhere nearby, you could see SO MANY stars and they were BEAUTIFUL. I actually found the little dipper once. It was a very proud moment.
    I love watching movies late at night with friends who laugh at everything and make snide remarks and cheer when a character says or does something great.

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    1. I know right! OH MY, that’s too good. I haven’t even thought of singing How Far I’ll Go at the beach before now! Too good, too good. I’ve read the (abridged) version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but I didn’t know it was a musical too! That’s very cool. YES, stars. Ahh, that’s amazing!! This is definitely not a priority, but I hope one day scientists figure out how to be able to see that many stars in cities. For me that would be the best of both worlds. And congrats on finding the little dipper!
      Yep, me too! Well, actually it depends for me. Sometimes movies I’m okay with talking, but for some- nope, no thank you.

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  2. Ahh, your camp sounds so fun!

    Hmm, songs to scream…I agree with all the ones you listed in your post, and I would add songs from Hamilton (of course I would), and some TobyMac songs, because it’s always fun to scream about Jesus and his songs make it easy to do that.

    One bus game suggestion could be using the app Heads Up! By the way, thank you for all these suggestions because I’m going on a very long road trip tomorrow and I will be using some of them. 🙂 Also, the alphabet game is pretty fun, too. If you’ve never heard of it, basically you play against everyone else in the car/bus and see who can find the entire alphabet (letter by letter, in order) on road signs and stores you pass first. It can get pretty long and intense, especially if you’re on the highway or in the middle of nowhere so you have to rely on road and street signs only!

    I like stars! Sadly I don’t see them a lot, because where I live there are too many lights, but sometimes when I go to my grandma’s house in the country and look up, I’m shocked at how many stars there actually are. That’s so cool you saw the Big Dipper! And haha, I would also be like “I just showered I don’t want to go back outside.”

    I haven’t seen I Can Only Imagine…I want to, but not enough that I wanted to go see it in theaters. Maybe I’ll end up seeing someday…

    Sorry for this EXTREMELY long comment, and great post!

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    1. Why thank you! Even though I can take none of the credit for that.

      I don’t know many Hamilton songs, but I feel like it would feel so insanely good to yell-sing an entire one of its songs with a bunch of people without missing a beat. Ooh, The Story Sponge said TobyMac too.

      Heads Up is a good idea! Thank you. Ooh, you’re welcome, I hope that they make the road trip pass by a little faster. I have heard of the alphabet game, but I’ve never tried playing it before. Hahaha, I can imagine it getting intense. It sounds like a game with great potential, I will definitely have to play it as soon as possible.

      Stars! Yea, me either- so very unfortunate. Wooow, I’m jealous of the view your grandma gets of the sky every night. I KNOW, thanks! Haha- to me, going outside after showering is kind of like eating food after brushing your teeth.

      That’s how I felt about seeing I Can Only Imagine too!

      No, don’t you dare be sorry- extremely long comments are one of the best things ever. Thank you!

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      1. You’re welcome, haha!

        IT DOES FEEL SO GOOD. Sometimes my sister and I jam out to Hamilton in the car and it’s the absolute best when we do an entire song without messing up once.

        No problem! Haha yes, the alphabet game is surprisingly intense.

        Me too! I sometime forget that some people can just see the stars whenever they want. BAHAHA, that’s the PERFECT way to describe it!!


        Hehe, I love long comments too, it’s the best to discuss everything about the post with each other. 🙂

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  3. I will yell-sing all of Broadway. Especially Newsies. Most of those songs are great for that. (Examples: “Carryin’ the Banner,” “The World Will Know,” “Once and For All.”) And a lot of Relient K songs are good for yell-singing too. (Examples: “More than Useless,” “Who I am Hates Who I’ve Been,” “Forward Motion.”)
    I LOVE STARS. I mean, I don’t study them, but I like to look at them when they are big and bright and fill the whole sky. I was lucky to live out in the middle of nowhere for several years and the sky was glorious. I saw the big dipper all the time and it didn’t occur to me that for some people that wouldn’t be normal? I loved your story about that! I have yet to see the little dipper though. I am terrible at looking for constellations. I think the only two I have seen are the big dipper and Orion’s belt, and that after many years of having a perfect view of the sky.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh, thank you for all the recommendations!!
      YES I’M SO GLAD YOU DO TOO. Yep, I’m with you: I like looking at them, not studying them. Whaat, that’s amazing! If I was ever to go back in time, one of the things (if not THE thing) I would be most excited about would be seeing the night sky without the pollution we have now. Haha, I wish seeing the Big Dipper all the time was the norm for me. Thank you! Ooh, we tried to find Orion’s Belt too, but whether we did is questionable.

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