Three stories of people being absolute legends

Andrew Carnegie In 1898, Spain and America signed the Treaty of Paris of 1898 and ended the Spanish-American War. (Well, we call it the Spanish-American War in the US, but "a more accurate name would be the Spanish-Cuban-Puerto Rican-Philippine-American War.") Also, why are so many treaties in US history signed in Paris? Two others I… Continue reading Three stories of people being absolute legends

Guys, these are my thoughts on retrospectiveness

In War and Peace, Tolstoy writes about the "law of retrospectiveness...which makes all the past appear a preparation for the subsequent facts." By the way, retrospectiveness is not a real word. Sorry, I guess you don't have the same clout that Shakespeare has, Tolstoy. Wait, did I just copy it down weirdly?? Ugh, there's no… Continue reading Guys, these are my thoughts on retrospectiveness

Good books I read in April

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes Keywords: fiction, war, Vietnam, marines, suffering, fear, boys, courage, friends First line: Mellas stood beneath the gray monsoon clouds on the narrow strip of cleared ground between the edge of the jungle and the relative safety of the perimeter wire. Last line: Only the shadows themselves could change. Thoughts: The author,… Continue reading Good books I read in April

What I read in January // mini-reviews

H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald Keywords: memoir, grief, a hawk, loss of a father, reflections, falconry history, author T. H. White First line: Fifty-five minutes north-east of Cambridge is a landscape I've come to love very much indeed. Last line: And in I go, where the dogs lie flat on the kitchen floor,… Continue reading What I read in January // mini-reviews

The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

For history class this year, I'm taking European history. In August, we started at the Black Plague, and now we're talking about the Cold War. Over those seven hundred-ish years span of time, there have been three specific times in class that I remember when we learned about huge stories in history that either happened… Continue reading The weirdness history contains (WWI edition)

Six word memoirs & sonnets with a twist

You might've heard this tale before: One time, Ernest Hemingway was bet money that he couldn't write a six word story. He wrote the following words- For sale, baby shoes. Never worn.- and won. Here are some more six word stories that I've gathered from various places. From sixwordmemoirs - Sunset. Midnight. Sunrise... But no sleep. -… Continue reading Six word memoirs & sonnets with a twist