Tales of senior year: volume II // a weird bio lab

This is the first year I can remember where Halloween fell on the weekend --- and it's also the one year I can remember where it wasn't just religious people who think the holiday is demonic that decided to skip celebrating it. Speaking of dark magic, we did a spooky lab in biology a few… Continue reading Tales of senior year: volume II // a weird bio lab

On physics and how wildly hard it is

Physics is so hard that it's almost a joke. Not because there's anything inherently funny about it---there's nothing funny about it. But you have to not take it seriously. It's absolutely necessary to survival. Otherwise the true impossibleness of it would be crushing. The way forward is to just laugh (and cry if needed) at… Continue reading On physics and how wildly hard it is

Tales of freshman year: volume III

The Oscars, but for homemade commercials In my business/technology class, we just started our ad campaign. It's this project where we have to create a bunch of stuff for our fake company, including a commercial. My teacher told us that at the end of all of it, three awards will be given out to each… Continue reading Tales of freshman year: volume III

Tales of freshman year continued

Usually life isn't very exhilarating. Which I'm thankful about. I could not deal with being a demigod and escaping death every four seconds like Percy Jackson. But the adjective interesting is generous enough to spare some of its time to pop up in my life now and then. Actually, self, I disagree with that. A… Continue reading Tales of freshman year continued

Tales of Freshman Year (summer edition)

My school hasn't started yet, (Yes, we start in the middle of the week. It's abnormal. I know.) but a lot of freshman year related things have already happened. Some were beyond good. Some were not so good. You'll see. What a Let Down Monday, July 31. approximately 9:30 PM I was sitting on my… Continue reading Tales of Freshman Year (summer edition)