Thinking about what I want to say

If I were to make a family tree with apples for this blog, one of the apple ancestors would be the blog Austin Kleon. Wait, did you ever make one of those family trees for school? I have a vague memory of doing so, but I'm not sure if it's real or if I made… Continue reading Thinking about what I want to say

The one thing I needed to hear

Theoretically speaking, the line between life as an only child and life with siblings should be thick and distinct. In real life, when government laws force over a decade of time between you and your older sister, the line dwindles from Sharpie to pencil. In 1990, my sister was born into a China under strict… Continue reading The one thing I needed to hear

On physics and how wildly hard it is

Physics is so hard that it's almost a joke. Not because there's anything inherently funny about it---there's nothing funny about it. But you have to not take it seriously. It's absolutely necessary to survival. Otherwise the true impossibleness of it would be crushing. The way forward is to just laugh (and cry if needed) at… Continue reading On physics and how wildly hard it is