What I’ve learned so far this school year

In algebra On the day we were reviewing all the equations of a line stuff, my teacher brought up the ¬†question of why "m" is used for slope- like in y=mx+b. He said we would never guess. Then this guy in my class said it's because it's Latin for slope in a no-way-I'm-right tone, and… Continue reading What I’ve learned so far this school year

My honest feelings on new school years

For me, the days bridging the end of August and the beginning of September are also the first few weeks of school. It's also the time of year when I most frequently get asked questions such as What do you think of ___ year so far? Do you like your classes? Do you like your… Continue reading My honest feelings on new school years

April 2018: five(ish) things I learned this month

1. Chobani yogurt I went on a yogurt streak sometime last year, but then I forgot about it. Now, I've been having it for breakfast every day the past few weeks. IT'S BEEN GREAT. I guess I'm rediscovering Chobani. For some reason, I haven't gotten tired of it even though I don't like yogurt that… Continue reading April 2018: five(ish) things I learned this month

What I learned in November

1. When it comes to writing numbers in Spanish, periods and commas switch jobs. Let me explain. If I was to change forty-nine thousand three hundred twenty-one, I would write 49,321. HOWEVER, in Spanish class, I would swap the period for a comma and write 49.321. Which totally looks like forty-nine and three hundred twenty-one… Continue reading What I learned in November