I strongly believe that everyone has a superpower

I define superpower as something that’s inherently part of you. It’s not a skill that was learned. And it’s different from talent. Many times talent is paired with hard work, but hard work can’t be paired with a superpower. Well, I guess you could, but it would be pretty strange. You’ll see what I mean.

One thing I like to do is try and figure out what the superpowers people around me have. So far the only strategy I have is to just wait and pay attention. That might not be the most efficient way, but I can’t think of a better one.

Here are all the superpowers I’ve figured out so far.

My dad’s superpower is being able to never raise his voice. In my entire life, the only times I’ve heard him project his voice even a little bit is when I’m upstairs and he’s calling me from downstairs. Otherwise, I’ve never heard him yell out of frustration, excitement, or any other emotion. I’ve never even heard him talk loudly.

As for what my mom’s superpower is, first I’m going to give you some background on how my parents communicate.

When it comes to passing along information like news, they have two completely different approaches. My dad’s the type that likes to bullet point it into a 1, 2, 3 list. My mom’s the type that takes the scenic route and makes you confused about what the information even is.

My dad’s approach towards telling news is similar to how he tells other types of information, like stories. It’s completely linear with only the important details. If he had been in the Hogwarts Grand Hall during the name-drawing for the Triwizard Tournament, all he would have told you afterwards was that the names had been drawn. I don’t even know if he would’ve even remembered which names had been drawn. He probably would’ve been like, well, I knew it wasn’t going to be me, so I wasn’t paying attention. This is why he’s a terrible source for gossip. He only gives you what he thinks is the useful information and leaves out everything that’s interesting.

My mom is the opposite. Her superpower is being able to retell family stories. If I only heard our family’s stories from my dad’s point of view, I wouldn’t hear 95% of them. There are extremely significant moments that he literally doesn’t remember because he says they “weren’t a big deal.”

But my mom remembers them in detail. She has this way of telling stories where she doesn’t pay attention to what my reaction is. If she thinks the story is funny and cracks herself up while telling it, she’ll laugh so hard even if I’m spaced out on another planet and not smiling at all. Her laugh is the secret ingredient. Even if the story itself isn’t that funny, her laughing makes it seem a thousand times more so.

My friend Isaac has the most superpowers out of anybody I know.
One: He is so good at the Game Pigeon game Wordhunt. It’s the one where you have to connect letters to make words, and when he plays, his thumb doesn’t stop moving the entire time. It’s crazy. He regularly gets double the score of whoever he’s playing.
Two: He is so good at Subway Surfers. The other day he sent a screenshot of his high score, and it was 13,561,405. It was the highest score in the US that week. Okay, I’m going to repeat myself: it was the HIGHEST SCORE IN THE US THAT WEEK.
Three: He can fall asleep almost anywhere and almost instantly.
Four: He’s really good at guessing words for Taboo.
There’s literally more, but I’m going to stop there.

Jonathan’s superpower is being able to retain a humongous number of songs in his head. The amount of new music he absorbs on a regular basis is absurd. This is how long his monthly Spotify playlists are.
July 2020 – 7 hours 51 minutes
June 2020 – 11 hours 48 minutes
May 2020 – 12 hours 34 minutes
Oh my, his February 2020 playlist is almost 18 hours long.

If at the end of this year the playlists add up to 120 hours (which is a low estimate), that’s around 1800 songs. That might be more songs than I’ve listened to in my entire life.

I tested it, and maybe half of the time, he can name who the song is by and what it’s called after listening to it. Which might not seem so impressive because most songs have their title in the lyrics, but a good amount of the songs he listens to don’t because they’re not in English. And he estimated that he’s added songs from over one hundred different artists since the beginning of this year. Dude, I don’t know if I can even name fifty artists, let alone guess their songs.

Jonathan doesn’t think this ability is that special, but I think it’s insane.

Finally, my friend Jocelyn’s superpower is being funny, full stop. She’s the only person I know in real life who I would describe as funny. All of my friends say and do funny things, but she just is funny. She has these random thoughts and observations that make sense but that I would never think of in a million years. It’s something about how her brain works.

Okay. That’s it for now. I’ll have to do a part two once I figure out more.

What’s a theory you strongly believe in?
Can you name a superpower someone you know has?
Do you know what your own superpower is?
How many artists do you have added on Spotify?

17 thoughts on “I strongly believe that everyone has a superpower”

  1. Agh I loved reading this post! Reading about other people’s superpowers is so entertaining. I don’t think I know what my superpower is, but now this has me thinking.
    The Triwizard Tournament example >> haha! My mom is the same way with telling stories and laughing at her own story. Most of the time my sister and I will be just sitting there as she starts laughing so hard she’s almost crying, and then we just end up laughing at her laugh…so hey, I guess in the end we’re all laughing.
    Oh my gosh the highest score in the US for the week?? That’s so cool. Especially because it’s kind of a trend on tiktok to play subway surfers (while you text people or something, haha) so I feel like a lot of people are probably playing it right now.
    I wish my superpower was being good at Taboo. Or Codenames. ;))
    HAHA I like how you hinted that are more superpowers but then didn’t name them. I would have to agree with you that your friend’s Spotify abilities are well deserving of the title of superpower. I listen to the same 10 songs over and over again every day, so I could never imagine having that many hours worth of new songs and artists and just-wow.
    Theory: is your superpower figuring out other people’s superpowers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I didn’t realize until this week that I didn’t respond to any of the comments on this post even though we’ve talked about you guessing songs in other threads.
      Yayyy I’m happy you liked the Triwizard metaphor!! HAHA, this made me smile. That sounds like me with my mom too. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe I should smile to be a more receptive audience, but even if I don’t, it doesn’t seem to make a difference to how much she enjoys telling it.
      Yes, that tiktok trend is what he says got him to download it! He showed me one of this voiceover reading a confession while this game of Subway Surfers went on.
      Ahahah! :))
      I think I did that to leave open the option to do a second post of these, but I truly did not have any superpower discoveries. I’m working on it though. Okay I know right?? Thank you for validating my opinion.
      HAHA, I would be happy to have that superpower.

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      1. That’s exactly me with my mom and her storytelling too! I know she’ll tell the story no matter my reaction, so I just let it unfold.
        Haha, that’s so funny! It’s also interesting to read this comment from months ago and realize that I had completely forgotten about that tiktok trend until just now.

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  2. This post is super cool 🙂 The way your mom tells stories (taking a scenic route that makes you forget what she’s even talking about/laughing really hard at what she’s saying) sounds a lot like my mom. She also tells the same family stories over and over again, which is a good thing because–as she often points out–that’s how these stories get passed on. I think my little sister has a superpower…how to describe it? It’s not like this all the time, but a lot of the time if someone tries to guilt-trip her, she’s really good at just being like, “That’s too bad” and refusing to let them manipulate her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you :))
      Ahaha! Your mom telling the same stories over and over sounds like something I hope to do if I’m ever a parent. Is there a story that comes to mind immediately when you hear “family story?” Actually, I’m guessing too many come to mind?
      OH, I love you little sister’s superpower. That is so cool.

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