10 things I’ve been interested in recently

1. Vox videos

I’m not a regular reader of Vox’s website, but I subscribed two weeks ago to its Youtube channel. They publish around three videos each week and cover a wide variety of topics. I love their videos: the editing, the scoring, the colors.

2. Rom-coms

It didn’t hit me that I liked rom-coms as a genre until I watched two really close to each other. The first one was 10 Things About You and the second one was Home Sweet Alabama. I didn’t fall in love with Home Sweet Alabama as hard as I did for 10 Things, but that’s when my realization clicked. So I guess my movie preferences are generally dramas, rom-coms, and animated movies?

3. Yogurt and berries for breakfast

Ugh, the day I start this post is the day I ran out of berries, so I took a picture of yogurt with some granola instead. Usually I put strawberries and blueberries on it. Sometimes I also put in a slice of banana bread and mix it together. That might be really strange for you food purists who like to keep all their foods very separate, but I belong to whatever camp is the opposite of that.

4. Geopolitics

It all started with this book called Prisoners of Geography. I tried reading three years ago in eighth grade when my very smart volleyball coach recommended it to me, but I thought it was so boring at that point. But then I read it again at the beginning of this summer, and while I can still see how it would be extremely boring to read though, I thought it was way more interesting this time around. It makes you see and understand the world differently. I had no idea mountains, rivers, and coasts explain so much of why countries do what they do.

5. K-pop

one of my favorites at the moment–and I just remembered this is actually in Japanese, but just go with it please

K-pop stands for Korean pop, but it covers way more genres than just pop music. It seems like it’s a general term for all Korean music?? I’m not sure. I’ll get Jonathan to answer that question in a post I made him write about why he likes k-pop.

But the reason I like it is a bit different than his. I like it because listening to songs that aren’t in English broadens my music taste. For songs in English, I feel like I listen to them with a reader/writer brain, so I end up having a very narrow preference when it comes to lyrics. But with music that’s not in English, I can’t understand most of the lyrics, so I mostly decided based on the sound itself.

6. Naps

I’ve never been that much of a napper, but this summer, I’ve started napping in the early afternoon sometimes, and it’s so great. I used to only nap when I was extremely tired, and when I woke up, I would feel even more woozy. But these naps I’ve been having recently are of a totally different quality. I usually wake up after twenty or thirty minutes and not woozy at all. They’ve definitely won me over. When school starts, I might start taking naps after I come home.

7. Axios newsletters

I’ve tried several different daily news newsletters, but these are hands down my favorite. The first one I tried was The Skimm, and it is skimmable with lots of bolding and links, but there was too much information for me. Then I subscribed to the New York Times’ Morning and Evening briefings (which you can read without a subscription). I really liked these and read them for around a year and a half—until last month when I heard about Axios.

Its newsletters are actually so brief and have such a nice, large font with a good amount of white space. They offer over twenty different ones, but I’m subscribed to five: AM, PM, Future, World, and China.

8. Makeup

Last month I bought some make-up for the first time in maybe two years, but what I’ve been liking more than the makeup part is the pre-makeup part. A more accurate title for this section would be “actually washing my face with something besides water.” This might die down very soon, but I’ve actually been kind of excited to do a skincare routine in the mornings. I’m not sure how long that will last once school starts, but we’ll see.

9. Acronym tik-toks

I don’t have Tik-tok, but I love it when my friends send them to me. Some of my favorites have been the people asking their immigrant parents to guess what different acronyms stand for. For example: 1, 2, 3, 4.

10. My summer reading?

I’m pretty surprised, but I like the books I’m reading this summer for school. All the seniors have to read Life of Pi, and I was definitely not excited about that one because I read it a few years ago and was bored throughout and then so confused by the ending. But I think this is another strong example of how I changed my opinion from negative to positive on something because my brain developed more. This time around, there were parts that made me laugh out loud but also parts that made me really think too.

The other book we read is our senior thesis book, which we chose off a long list in a random, computer-generated order. I have Joy Luck Club, and so far, some of it has been extremely relatable. We have to read whatever book we choose three or my times over the course of the year, and this is one I think I’ll be okay with rereading. I feel so bad for some of my classmates though. Somebody with a really good number at the front chose Catch-22, and he clearly didn’t know what that book is like. And then there’s the people with War and Peace. Dude, imagine having to read War and Peace more than once.

Are you a food purist or food mixer?
How do you keep up with the news?
What have you been interested in recently?

13 thoughts on “10 things I’ve been interested in recently”

  1. I spent a good minute thinking about what the opposite of a food purist would be (thoughts that ran through my head include: what is the opposite of a Puritan? a Quaker? an Anglican? and how does that tie back to food) and then when I read the comment thing at the end, I was like ah, a food mixer…that makes sense. I’m definitely a food purist to the extent that if I’m eating a meal with multiple parts, I have to eat each section entirely before the next- like all the bread, then all the salad, then all the pasta…it’s weird.
    Yay rom coms! I also really like rom coms in the form of books.
    I find that so interesting about your new form of naps. I am definitely not a napper, and I really don’t think I’ve taken one since I was little and still took naps as young children do, but I really wish I could. No matter how exhausted I am, I can never bring myself to just fall asleep while it’s bright outside or when I feel like I *should* be doing something else.
    “Actually washing my face with something besides water” is very relatable. One of my goals for the school year is that I continue to do my (very small) skincare routine every night, because I became very dedicated to it during quarantine but during the school year I would just be so tired from a long day and just go straight to sleep after finishing homework. What do you think of the Glossier products you’re using? This is probably not the best way to judge what skincare to use, but the bottles are really aesthetically pleasing, haha, so now I’m interested.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your summer reading! I haven’t read Life of Pi, but I have read The Joy Luck Club in sophomore English. I didn’t like it that much, but I’m pretty sure at 3/4 of that dislike stemmed from having to read it in the “I’m writing an essay on this book” mindset. Oh wow, the poor people who got War & Peace…that’s crazy.
    I loved reading this post!

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    1. HAHA ahhh that made me laugh. I tried to think of a pun instead of food mixer, but I coudn’t come up with one. I feel like there’s one hiding among what the opposite of a Puritan is, but it’s not appearing. Ahaha, you would not approve of my methods at all. Some of my friends are extremely particular about you can’t let fruit or fruit juices run into all your food. Okay question: do you eat in order of least to most favorite, or most to least? I do least to most, and so does my dad, but he has this argument that it makes sense to go most to least because then you’re always eating the best thing available.
      Ahaha yes, print rom-coms are pretty nice too ;))
      Oh my goodness, yes, that feeling of needing to be doing something else. That’s probably a huge reason why I never took naps. Hm, I’m not sure why that’s not flaring in me every time I try to take a nap this summer.
      Glossier has to have sold so, so many products off of packaging. Maybe all of them. Okay, for my review: I actually am really like them, and this is crazy, but I actually think they are doing a pretty good job at what they claim to do. I honestly think my skin looks better since I started. The only comment I want to make is that I got into a “oh no chemicals in my skincare” rabbit hole the other day, and the milk jelly cleanser does have a paraben listed in it. (If you’ve never heard of parabens, I don’t really know what they are either, just that they’re bad.) So after I finish it, I think I’m going to try out this brand called just the goods. I don’t know if that was helpful. What skincare products do you like to use? Aha, this is fun, I think this is the first time we’ve talked about something in this genre of topics.
      Ohh did it have anything to do with the alternating narrators? I would love to hear more about your thoughts.
      Thank you!!!!

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      1. Haha, I’m forever going to be thinking about what the opposite of a Puritan is. Ah, I am also very particular about fruit juice running into other foods, that is a no from me. Okay, the eating from least to most or most to least favorite made me think so much! Honestly, I don’t know if I have a method. Sometimes I want to save the best for last and sometimes the best is just too good to wait on (especially if it has the potential to get cold). I like your dad’s way of thinking, though.
        I’m glad it hasn’t stopped you from taking naps! Summer + quarantine is probably the best time to not have the feeling of “I should be doing something else.”
        Oh, that’s so good that the products actually work! I might have to try some of them out, and I’ll look up just the goods. I haven’t gone into a skincare chemical rabbithole, but it sounds like an important place to go. I use the Neutrogena sensitive skin face wash, which actually works for me, and then I also use this cetaphil face lotion, but that’s about it…I should expand my collection. Haha, I know right! Skincare is new territory for our conversations.
        I think so! It was really hard for me to keep track of who was the mothers versus the daughters and I almost felt like there were too many perspectives for me to feel invested in any of them. There was one person (a mom, I think) whose story I found really interesting, but I can’t remember too much except she maybe lived in a village and carried a baby a super long way?

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        1. HAHA, a million dollar question.
          Ahaha okay, got it on the fruit point.
          It might be an important one, but I kind of wish I hadn’t so I would think about it. I think I would be oblivious and happy to the dangers of chemicals in everyday life.
          Ohh okay I agree on how it’s hard to feel invested on any single one of them. I do think it will be interesting to read this multiple times and be able to sort everybody out. Ahh yes! I know who you’re talking about. And her daughter meets her half-siblings at the end, if that strikes a bell?

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          1. Yes, living oblivious to the dangers of chemicals in skincare sounds like a happier, but much more dangerous way to live.
            Yes, I think so!! Agh, it’s been so long since I read it. Funny tangent story: I did a project on the book with my friend who was in my English class sophomore year and then last year she confessed to me that she never actually read the book and just watched the movie the night before we met up to do the project. I was surprised, but honestly impressed.

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            1. Hahaha, that is impressive!! What book was it? One time I’m pretty sure my friend told me she hadn’t read a book since like middle school or something, even the books for school, and that made me laugh.

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                1. OH, aha! I’ve heard The Joy Luck Club movie is good, so I feel like that would’ve been one of the better books to watch the movie for. YES, ahh Olivia you found someone’s superpower.

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  2. Ah yes, naps. I need more of those in my life. Reading War and Peace more than once?? I’m feeling deep sympathy for these classmates. It’s been a while since I’ve read Life of Pi, but I remember there were a lot of parts that really made me stop and think (or laugh). Have you seen the movie? Again, it’s been a while, but I remember really liking the acting and the cinematography.
    I’ve lately been really interested in Avatar the Last Airbender and…backstabbing family murder mysteries? As in, I’ve suddenly decided I want to write one, even though I’ve never written a mystery before and I never even been that interested in reading them?? And yet, here we are.

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    1. ME TOO. And then you have to write an essay on it…which means you have to understand what it’s talking about…
      No, I haven’t watched the movie! Ohh, I hope we watch it in class. Wait. Uhh, virtually?? I have no idea.
      Oh my goodness, two of my friends loved Avatar. How many seasons in are you? AH, that is so exciting!!! I’ve never read mystery regularly as a genre either. I’m so, so ready to read snippets if you decide to do that.

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