The 10 most popular posts of (2017 and) 2018

(This list was inspired by ModernMrs.Darcy’s.)

These are the ten most popular posts I’ve written since the beginning of this blog. As for as I can tell, it’s a pretty random assortment. I guess it’s kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. 

10. The Liebster Award (AKA the Beloved Award?) 


This was my first awards post. It was very exciting, but I’m surprised this one is on here. It’s all me talking about myself.

I looked back on my answers, and most of them are still true. Except for number 7: Which of the following do you see yourself fit as a reader – having multiple books going at the same time or single-mindedly focusing on one book? I would say I’m somewhere in between. I switch between books until I find the right one. Then I just read that book.
And 17: What’s the first book you remember reading? I still don’t know, but it’s not Dr. Dolittle. Maybe Berenstain Bears? 

9. Mundane advice for back to school (ft. my friends)

When I say mundane, I mean it. The sections in this post are favorite school supplies, taking notes, studying, organization systems, planners, and general thoughts. 

Also, that picture is of Jonathan’s stuff. His school was hosting this volleyball tournament that my school was in, so afterwards, us and our moms went to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant. (She went to a Chinese restaurant and bought a loaf of bread, bread, bread.) I took the picture there. The white background is the tablecloth.

8. A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

Hahahaha! That’s me laughing at my this post. Except in actuality, my laugh sounds more like huhuhuhehehuh. Except my throat has been weird this week so maybe more like kehkehkeh. Keh. They’re from my Marvel Pinterest board, and I have so many more of them. I might need to make a sequel. Marvel memes, vol. 2!

7. Adventures in Maine: Bar Harbor & Augusta & Portland

“I’m calling it right now: this post is going to begin with the intention of being a semi-professional and helpful travel guide and then end up meandering into a photo dump and a collection of thoughts roughly centered around what I did in Maine. With that prediction made, ALL ABOARD FOR…”

6. Questions that will spark conversations that are as deep as the ocean 


An update on how the plan is going: since January, excluding weeks when we didn’t have wi-fi and also random days when we did have wi-fi but forgot, my friend Lucy and I have been asking each other questions every day. That’s twelve months. Twelve months. Snapchat streaks will never come close to this.

5. New York, New York 


Even though this is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to New York (I don’t think those exist just in general), I seriously loved all three places on this list. After that first fateful trip to the Muji store, I am now a complete convert. I’ve used at least six of their notebooks by now, and their pens are basically the only ones I use.

4. My summer bucket list (& a collab!)


This was my first collab ever- well, not counting the many times my friends have agreed to answer random questions in the name of blog posts. It was amazing! Also, here’s me doing some of that bucket list.

3. Funny bunnies and friends (AKA hilarious animal memes, you’re welcome)

“The story of how this post came to be: I was eating lunch with my friends when the conversation turned to Pinterest. Then one of them (who is more of a Snapchat user and kept calling boards stories) saw the pin in the thumbnail picture (now I’m the one mixing up social media terms) and set off a chain of events.
The first of which was her making a new board within a board called Funny Bunny– at that point we were all cracking up. Then she made Funky Monkey (how she comes up with these things, I have no idea, but it’s brilliant). Now I’m doing a blog post of memes she’s found.”

2. Science jokes


The story of how this post came to be: It was inspired by a project I had to do for biology class. We made newspapers where you got docked for having blank spaces, so my group members and I spent a good amount of time adding science related jokes into our project. It was a little stress-inducing, but this post came out of it so it’s all good.

1. My quiet time. Featuring Jesus!

I love how it’s this one that tops them all.


If you have a blog, what was your most popular post of 2018?
And now here’s a collection of questions from posts on the list.
Which Disney princess would you most want to be and why?
What would you do with an invisibility cloak?
Three things that make you smile?

4 thoughts on “The 10 most popular posts of (2017 and) 2018”

  1. Annie, hope you don’t mind that I’ve read your New York post, but will be leaving a comment here instead.
    I also visited byChloe during my last time, and their veggie burguer tasted soooooo good. I wouldn’t say the same about the fries, though. Apparently, they’re air fried, but I guess I’ll just have to stick with the super unhealthy McDonald ones. Muji is my sister’s favorite store and she pretty much collects their items. The only things I owe from there are a simple notebook (which I’ll be journaling in throughout 2019) and some pens. Their pens are top quality and I definitely regret not buying more while I was there. Also, I really wish I could’ve visited more independent bookstores, but because I was in a hunt for very specific novels, I ended up in Barnes & Noble for most of the time. However, compared to my country’s bookstores, Barnes & Noble is a dreeaaaam!
    Also, your post on your ‘quiet time’ and ‘praying on paper’ was moving to read. I’m not particularly religious, but I love the fact that you’ve found something that makes your days better.
    And to answer your questions: I’d be Cinderella, because she’s so gracious I feel like she could do anything; If I had an inivisibility cloak, I’d 100% spy on my crushes and get into planes; and kids make me smile a lot. Like, a lot.
    Anyway, I’m sorry for the long-ass comment. I was going to get into a Marvel conversation, but this would turn into a whole novel if I did so, so I better stop at a reasonable length. Hope you have a great end of the year, Annie! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I don’t mind at all. :))
      Oh, nice! I’ve never had their veggie burger, I’ll have to try it if I go again. I think my sister said something about their fries not being great too. Hahaha, McDonald’s fries are so good. No way! As of right now, I have yet to branch out in Muji products besides their pens, notebooks, and pencil cases. I love their pens. Which ones are your favorite? Mine are the classic black ones in either .5 or .35, and also the dark blue one. I think the color of that one is beautiful. Oh, what books were you looking for? I hope you get to visit more of New York’s independent bookstores soon. :))
      Thank you very much, that is so kind of you to say.
      When I was younger, I would’ve said Cinderella too. Now I would say Rapunzel. Haha, that sounds like fun! And that is a good answer. For this tutoring thing, we had a party for the kids and we made gingerbread houses, and almost all of them collasped. It was so much fun.
      No, no need to be sorry- long comments are one of the best things ever. Oh my goodness, Marvel! I watched the Incredible Hulk today. People told me it was bad and to just skip it, but I still did so now I have officially all caught up on Marvel movies. That was one of my goals for this year. I hope you have amazing last days of 2018 and a good 2019!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahah, I love this! I’ve never made a ginger bread house before, but I predict I’d be a failure as well. Kids are so much fun to be around and they remind me there’s still hope in this world.
        I remember watching the Incredible Hulk when I was younger and I thought it was pretty scary. I should probably rewatch them too! To be honest, I don’t know much about Marvel, and there are a lot of movies that I haven’t watched yet, like Dr. Stranger and Guardians of the Galaxy. But I do have a couple favorites: Black Panther (ofc) and Captain America. I also really like Spiderman/Peter Parker, but I kinda prefer Andrew Garfield, which I know is such an annoying thing to say, especially because I know I’d watch any Spiderman movie, even if they brought Tobey Maguire back or something, hahah. I’m very excited for Endgame, as I feel like it will be the most dramatic out of the franchise. It’s going to be nice seeing the OG Avengers back together.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I love being around kids too- but in limited periods of time. :))
          I can see how the Incredible Hulk would be intense and scary. Ohh, I love Guardians of the Galaxy! I think the second one might be one of my top three favorites out of all the Marvel movies. I watched Black Panther over Christmas break! Oh yes, I love Captain America too- and Spiderman!! I’m excited for the sequel. I haven’t watched any of the other Spiderman movies, but I want to sometime. Ohh, have you watched the new animated Spiderman yet?? I’ve heard it’s so good. Oh my goodness, Endgame! That is going to be crazy. Okay- any shots in the dark on who’s going to survive?


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