Miscellaneous thoughts on growing

When the Current Teenagers Grow Old.

A while ago, I was wondering about how long this blog is going to roll on for. Which led to me imagining myself as an adult still blogging. Which led me to thinking about famous Youtubers and whether or not they’re still going to be making videos years from now. (Granted that Youtube doesn’t fade away.) Which caused my imagination to go wild.

Imagine this: Rhett and Link at ninety-nine years old still being best friends and scientifically figuring out if it will or not so the rest of us don’t have to. Ryan Higa and the RHPC squad at ninety-nine years old still coming up with new ideas and producing awesome videos. Reagan Perusse at ninety-nine years old still talking about her ambitious TBRs and making my favorite hauls to watch.

Imagine this: retirement homes full of old people sending Snapchat streaks and watching Netflix. Imagine this: on visiting days, kids will come with their teleporting devices and invisibility cloaks, and the grandparents BE LIKE, “What is this newfangled technology? When I was young, I had to actually walk places and live through embarrasing moments instead of disappearing.” Kid: that’s horrible. Grandparent: hand over the goods. This looks lit. Kid: what does “lit” mean?

A Handy Rule of Thumb.

Minus five from a kid’s age, and that’s what grade he or she is in. You might be a year off, but it should be close. Unless the child is a genius and has skipped five grades.

Why Humans Change and God Doesn’t.

As far as you know, I am a human being. This means that I make a lot of mistakes. Then I try to grow from my mistakes and become more patient and self-controlled and kind. I change because I am imperfect. But God is perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore, he doesn’t need to do any growing. When everything changes except for the fact that everything changes, REMEMBER: God is the same yesterday, today, and every day.

Wait. Everything doesn’t change then. Nevermind.


Okay, homecoming is still a month away, but my friends are already talking about dresses and makeup and all that stuff. My parents are surprisingly letting me go to the dance, but only because I’m a student council officer and helping to plan the event. It would look bad if I didn’t go. I don’t feel very comfortable at dance parties (I just don’t know what to do with my arms and legs), but I’m still super PUMPED for it. Have you gone to homecoming or another school dance? More important question: did you have fun? Also, I would absolutely LOVE to read your thoughts on growing.







9 thoughts on “Miscellaneous thoughts on growing”

  1. It’s crazy to think everything we consider so modern will become old hat. And wow, that rule of thumb is so helpful! I’ve never heard it before, so thank you! It is so reassuring God never changes..

    I hope homecoming goes well for you! I know what you mean; I haven’t the faintest clue how to dance either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES, definitely. Oh, thank you so much! I hope it’s useful for you at some point in time. And I KNOW RIGHT.

      Me too! Haha, I wish I could take a dance class that taught moves for parties.


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