March 2018: thoughts from my logbook

This monthly post is going to be a bit different: I'm going to take lines out of my logbook (I call it a logbook- which is a term stolen from Austin Kleon-¬†even though it's really a diary/journal because I don't really like either of the those words) and go from there. Okay, HERE WE GO.… Continue reading March 2018: thoughts from my logbook

January 2018: oops, I’m late

Confession: I have a hard time spelling January and February correctly. I always want to spell February without the first r as in "Febuary" because that's how I pronounce it. Then for some reason, that messes me up on January even though it's spelled how you would think it's spelled. Sidenote: whenever I write Wednesday,… Continue reading January 2018: oops, I’m late