Four memoirs I would recommend off the top of my head

(Okay fine, if I was going for complete accuracy here, it would be off the top of my head + looking at my Goodreads shelves, but that's way too long a title.) If you don't read much non-fiction, I feel like memoirs are the closest thing to fiction. They're basically novels written in first person… Continue reading Four memoirs I would recommend off the top of my head

Five very different & very famous movies that I love

An explanation of this post's title: I know all the movies on this list are famous, but I feel like they're famous in different worlds: the documentary world, the Bollywood world, the classic high-school world, the general young public world, and the general older public world. There's only one movie on here you're probably guaranteed… Continue reading Five very different & very famous movies that I love

If you’re needing something new to watch

Maybe this will be helpful because you're bored, or maybe it won't be at all because you've reached the level beyond bored AKA SUPER BORED where nothing is interesting? TV Shows // recommended by friends Money Heist // Mark Where to find it: Netflix Number of seasons: 4 seasons (5th season not confirmed yet I… Continue reading If you’re needing something new to watch

Super long non-fiction books

For the past three years, I've read one super long non-fiction book every year. I wouldn't call it a tradition yet because I feel like it takes a solid ten years for something to become a tradition, but it's at least in its toddler stage. (A toddler tradition!) In 2016, I read Team of Rivals;… Continue reading Super long non-fiction books

Four great short documentaries

For Christmas last year, I asked for a subscription to the New York Times. One of my favorite things-maybe the favorite thing-about being a subscriber is the Op-docs. Op-docs stands for opinion documentaries, and they're these fifteen-minute-ish videos about various subjects that I usually know nothing about. They're amazing. Documentaries are something I want to… Continue reading Four great short documentaries

Three more podcast recommendations

In my podcast recommendations post a few months ago, I mentioned there was a good chance that there would be a part two. And now it is HERE. Like last time, these are three podcasts that I listen to basically every episode of. Saying that makes me want to do some quick calculations and figure… Continue reading Three more podcast recommendations

Life, lately (the ice-cream truck & a summer playlist)

The ice-cream truck man is nice. This past Sunday, the last day of June, I heard the unmistakable sound of the ice-cream truck in my neighborhood. I did the thing you're supposed to do and ran outside, barefoot. Two younger boys came out shortly after from the home right next to mine. I'm ninety-nine percent… Continue reading Life, lately (the ice-cream truck & a summer playlist)