Three things that help me actually like reading the Bible

1) The Bible Project My first experience with the Bible Project was being shown their animated cartoon+handwriting videos by teachers in church and in school (if you're like, isn't that illegal?, don't worry---my teachers are law-abiding citizens, it's because I go to a private school). screengrab of the Leviticus video They have these overview videos… Continue reading Three things that help me actually like reading the Bible

Three more podcast recommendations

In my podcast recommendations post a few months ago, I mentioned there was a good chance that there would be a part two. And now it is HERE. Like last time, these are three podcasts that I listen to basically every episode of. Saying that makes me want to do some quick calculations and figure… Continue reading Three more podcast recommendations

Three podcast recommendations

I started listening to podcasts because of the blog ModernMrs.Darcy by Anne Bogel. For most of the week, the posts are all about reading and life, but every Tuesday, new episodes of her podcast, What Should I Read Next?, are dropped. When I first started reading her blog, I would check every Tuesday knowing there would be… Continue reading Three podcast recommendations