If you’re needing more funny people in your life

Ryan Higa (nigahiga) and HigaTV // a guy with a Youtube channel messing around with his friends Ryan Higa is my favorite Youtuber. His videos are insanely creative and detailed. But then he has a second channel, HigaTV, and that channel is a different world. On that one, he and his team (aka his friends)… Continue reading If you’re needing more funny people in your life

Podcasts are cool. (Part 1)

You might listen to podcasts. You might not.  If you do, I hope these recommendations are helpful. If you don't, my self-appointed mission is to convince you to try them. (In case you have NO idea what I'm talking about, it's the purple app on iPhones- the one you might have never noticed.) According to Google,… Continue reading Podcasts are cool. (Part 1)