Art memes

Not Trying To Call Anyone Out But... Every Time You Get A Cold What Friends Are For You Are What You Eat? How to (Unromantically) Make Your Heart Skip a Beat I'm Busy I Was Expecting a Countdown Poor Life Decisions Burn It Mona Lisa, Unphotoshopped I Can't See You, You Can't See Me Dude,… Continue reading Art memes

More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)

If you're not into the Marvel movies or haven't heard people talk about Avengers: Endgame, here's a quick summary of what's going on. Marvel, a company owned by Disney, has made eighteen(?) movies so far about this group of superheroes. In Infinity War, the (chronologically) previous Marvel movie, a lot of people died because this… Continue reading More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)

A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

Know where your boundaries are When an actor is their character The ultimate bad boy This is brilliant If you give a Norse god a phone... Sibling relationships A very challenging Ice Bucket Challenge Which one's your favorite? They all crack me up (especially the one of Dave Bautista/Drax and Spiderman) and the Captain America… Continue reading A carefully curated selection of Marvel memes

People explain slang and memes: teachers versus teenagers

Every year, my school puts out this awesome student-run magazine. This year's edition just came out a few weeks ago, and two of the articles were HILARIOUS. One was titled Urban Dictionary and the other was called What in the world is a meme? In the first one, students interviewed teachers and asked them to… Continue reading People explain slang and memes: teachers versus teenagers