More virtual games to play with your friends

The Wikipedia Game

Description: It’s like Candyland, but instead of drawing cards, you get to the end by clicking hyperlinks.

I first learned about this game freshman year in geometry class. My teacher that year shared her room with another teacher, and they were super good friends. So one day we walked into class and found the two of them talking very intensely about Wikipedia. We were like, what is going on?? And then they told us about the Wikipedia Game.

(I feel like this game needs to sign up for some branding consultation. What would be a more snappy name? A to Z on Wiki. Shortest Queue of Blue’s Clues. Hyperlink Go! Ahaha, I like Hyperlink Go! best. Wait, it should be Hyperlink GO! That way the thrilling excitement really comes through.)

Oh, I still haven’t explained how you play yet.

1) Everybody is on their own device.
2) Everybody starts on the same Wikipedia page. For example: Rhubarb.
3) Decide on the page you’re trying to get to. For example: Battle of the Sexes (tennis). One way you can do this is with Wikipedia’s random page generator, but warning: it can make for some longer rounds.
4) Get from the start word to the final word by clicking on linked blue words and going to new pages.
For example: Rhubarb — Pierce County, Washington — U.S. State — United States — Sports in the United States — Tennis — Billie Jean King — Battle of the Sexes (tennis).

There’s two main iterations of Hyperlink GO! I like to call the first one Hyperlink GO FAST! and the other one Hyperlink GO! (but it’s actually the person with the least amount of clicks that wins so it’s okay if you don’t go fast, but don’t go super slow either because then your friends will probably get annoyed at you).

I like the second version more because I’m better at playing it that way. (If you prefer it this way too, you can support your argument with the flawless logic that the first one is advantageous to whoever has the fastest internet. Well, unless you’re playing un-virtually, I guess.)

You can also play either iterations with bonus features (Hyperlink GO! Now With Power-UPS!), aka ctrl F and the ability to go back to previous pages. These become kind of necessary when the ending page is something super obscure. For example, one round it was this specific, slightly significant airplane crash (Meopham Air Disaster), and for that we needed all the upgrades.

Guess the Song

Definition: It’s like Jeopardy!, but instead of choosing categories, you choose playlists, and instead of the question being an answer, the question is sound, and instead of the Jeopardy! music, it’s any music, and instead of the answer being a question, the answer is the song’s name and artist. I haven’t thought of a good way of doing a Double Jeopardy equivalent yet. (Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. I haven’t thought of one because I’ve never thought about it because why would someone describe a song guessing game as similar to Jeopardy!?)

You can definitely play this without Spotify, but the reason I started doing this was because of Spotify’s new-ish function called Group Session.

Brief Tech Interlude: I don’t think you can start Group Sessions on the computer version of Spotify yet, but here’s how to do it on the phone app. Tap the bottom bar thing where the song name & artist is moving back and forth. Tap the MP3(?) icon at the bottom left corner. And then there’s the green Start Session button! You can share with up to 5 friends right now. It’s still in testing mode right now, so it might be the slightest bit buggy (I think only the host can skip songs right now, so when the host is guessing, they might have to do some eye-closing while button-pressing maneuvers), but I think it’s pretty great overall.

How to Play:

1) The most obvious and most fair way to play this would be Jeopardy!-style where whoever says the answer fastest gets a point.
3) Except that Jonathan knew the songs on the playlist way more than I did, so I changed it up. (Not that it helped me that much. He still won by a longshot, but I maintain it’s because he got a million obvious songs in a row.) So instead of both of us playing at the same time, we each went for two minutes.

From here you can make all sorts of rules: limit of 3 skips, it counts as a correct answer if you can describe the song’s album cover, super obvious songs get automatically skipped.

Among Us

Definition: It’s like Mafia plus Space Team (app version, board game version), and that’s literally the most perfect way to describe it.

This is the one actual game on this list, and I don’t really have anything to say about it.

To those who already know: Do you like being an Imposter or Crewmate better? I think I like being a Crewmate better — it’s fun running around and doing all your tasks.

To those who’ve never heard of this game: These colorful space-people have somehow crossed the tipping point and become so beloved that the other week my math class was playing together and made the teacher next door come in and ask us to not be so loud because her class was taking a test.

Have you played any of these games before?
What platform do you listen to music on?
What are your favorite games to play with friends? (Evelyn, I still need to try Roblox!)

4 thoughts on “More virtual games to play with your friends”

  1. I have not heard of the Wikipedia game (very cool!!) but I have played Guess the Song a lot and it’s a BLAST. I actually always win that one as long as it’s mostly family haha.
    I have also heard of Among Us (of course lol). Every restaurant I go to these days there’s at least two kids on their phones playing (typical “Red is so sus” etc etc.)
    SOMEONE ELSE. Being the imposter is so stressful. xD Same reason I’ve never liked being the Mafia in Mafia games.
    Being a crewmate is fun, agreed though you are the first person who shares my opinion that I know of.
    Hahahahaha, no worries about still not making it around to Roblox. It’s an…. experience. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I had responded to this comment sooner, but this is also pretty good timing — I just played both the Wikipedia game and Guess the Song yesterday! Ahaha, that’s amazing. What type of songs do you guys usually play with?
      AHA, that makes me laugh. It must sound so weird to eavesdrop on a Among Us game without knowing what it is. (“I just saw them vent!”)
      I know I agree, being Mafia is stressful in the same way. Really?? I do think most people I’ve talked to like being Imposter more as well.


  2. Omg, someone at work just mentioned Among Us to me!! It look so cute honestly with those little blob people lol! I might have to try it out. How many of your friends can play at once? Also just how addicted will I get to it, haha? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you should!! Ten people can play a game at once. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s that addicting — it’s just very fun to play with games. But I do need to add that I know some people have been playing quite a few games during online school.

      Liked by 1 person

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