Interesting questions to ask your friends

When I search for questions to ask friends, all the lists seem to overlap in their interesting but mostly impractical suggestions. For example, the first one I saw on Google was: “Do you think you’re brave?” They’re the type of question that is temperature-sensitive. They only work best at certain times and in certain places.

This questions on this list are more like ramen. They’re good whenever, they’ll last forever, and all you need is hot water.

Are unicorns or pegasus (fine pegasi for you particular people) cooler?

My church does this tutoring thing for kids on Saturday’s, and a few weeks ago, the girl playing with me during recess was wearing clothing with unicorns on it. I asked if she liked unicorns, and she said that she liked pegasus. I agreed with her, but my friend beside me said she was partial to unicorns. The little girl and I were rightly outraged upon hearing this, but my friend stood her ground.

Since then, I’ve asked this question two or three more times to different people, and each time, people have remained quite obstinate in their opinions. I have yet to see someone be persuaded to join the other side.

In art class, multiple people responded PEGASUS duh they can fly so immediately and passionately that even if anyone was thinking otherwise, they might’ve thought it wiser to keep their thoughts to themselves.

At church, people chose UNICORN simply based on the virtue that they have horns. They didn’t even argue that it was because they can do magic. Others said PEGASUS because even if unicorns can do magic and fly, they’ll look dumb flying without wings.

The true question for me at the center of this question is: can unicorns do magic? And if so, how much can they do? And also, have you ever heard of those stories where the unicorn’s horn has magic healing powers but only when it’s taken and ground up? So is it like that? This discussion can go different places.

Do you believe that shoes should match the rest of what you’re wearing?

The answer to this question is an easy NO for me. Some believe that your shoes can’t clash with your clothes, and therefore, shoes must be bought in neutral colors such as white, off-white, gray, and black.

I disagree. The closest way I can think to explain why is this book I read. In it, the girl is very sick and has to lay in a hopsital bed a lot, so the one thing she begs the doctor to let her do is paint her toenails. That way when she looks at her feet, she see pretty colors. It just makes her happier.

That’s how it is for me and shoes. It’s slightly disappointing to look down and see dark, bland colors. Cheery sneakers are the best sneakers.

What’s on your keys, and why?

My friend suggested I talk about this on my blog jokingly, but as she should have learned by now, I steal blog ideas from my friends like a ninja.

I don’t have keys yet, but when I get one, I think I will get one of these O-rings. (I think that’s the original website, but I’m pretty sure you can get cheaper ones on Amazon.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody with one of these outside of my school, but I mean, other people have to buy them too if this company is still in business. They’re a good middle ground between lanyards and just keys.

Some people put chapstick and mace and other things on their keys, but I think I will stick with 1) house key 2) car key & clicker 3) the keychain my friend said she will give me when I get an O-ring. Hm, actually mace does seem like it could be a good idea? I’ve also seen people with the device that will make a very loud noise if it goes off. Do you have any safety gadgets on your keys?

If you could choose, would you want to be born on Leap Day?

I thought of this question because my family friend had her baby girl the day before Leap Day on February 28. She was actually scheduled to be born on Leap Day, but to the relief of her mother, she decided to arrive early.

This one is tough to answer. On one hand, it would be AMAZING. That’s so cool! It’s the coolest birthday you can have by far. You would be friends with a bunch of other Leap Day people through online forums. How do I know this? Because of a book I read where a girl was born on Leap Day and kept up with other Leap Day people through online forums.

On the other hand, it would be less amazing. Okay, this is what I’ve decided. I wouldn’t mind at all being born on Leap Day, but if I was given the choice right now to choose to be, I wouldn’t.

Do you have an internal monolgue?

About a month ago, this blog post was published called, “Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day.” I think it went pretty viral because friends sent it in the group chat and because so many offshoot articles were written about the same thing.

I definitely have an internal monolgue. When I read, I say the words in my head. When I’m writing, I say the words in my head. When I think about things sometimes, I argue with myself. I was talking about this with my friend who doesn’t have an internal monologue (I KNOW RIGHT I don’t understand how it works either-if you have any questions you would like me to pass along to her and then report back, please ask), and here are things I clarified.

I don’t always have any internal monologue, and I don’t have one when I’m talking. When we were having that conversation, I realized how strange talking is. Talking is taking this ephemeral spark of a blob-thought and suddenly, immediately putting it into words.

That’s one thing I like better about texting. I have time to think through what I think. This is probably why I sometimes say things or in a way I don’t exactly mean. Hm, this might be why writing for many people is so much more vulnerable than talking. Because it’s thoughts and feelings distilled and refined into the truest form possible.

What are your answers to these questions?
Do you have any question ideas?
What’s the best conversation you’ve had recently?

18 thoughts on “Interesting questions to ask your friends”

  1. I love these questions! I might use some of them soon because they could make for some good conversation in my many facetimes with friends as of late. :))
    Hmm, I would also have to say pegasus, because of the whole they-can-fly thing. I do agree that it requires a deeper analysis of what exactly the power of a unicorn is? I’d have to say that I do think unicorns are magical, though. But for an inexplicable reason, I really would have to go with pegasus.
    I feel like I’m one of those people who has to match my shoes, haha. Case in point: my tennis shoes are black and the other shoes I mostly wear are white vans and those black and white Adidas. I do love complimenting people on their brightly colored shoes though, I just don’t feel like I could personally pull off the look if that makes sense?
    On my keys I have my car keys and a house key and that’s all. But my cars are attached to this small wallet I have that holds my license and money and everything, so it’s not just the keys. I want to get pepper spray or something because I feel like that could be really helpful in certain life situations. Especially in providing a sense of security in dark parking lots of something, but I’m also scared of accidentally spraying it, so I think that’s why I haven’t invested in any yet.
    WAIT, the internal monologue thing is majorly messing with my head. What?? Some people don’t hear a voice as they read?? Do I even hear a voice as I read?? I’m questioning everything now.😂
    Great post as always, Annie! :)) Sorry I’m commenting so late.

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    1. Ahaha, reading this comment now makes me wonder what it would be like to read past comments again.
      Hmm, I think for this question unicorns can’t fly. Also, for some reason a Percy Jackson quote that’s stuck in my head is one time while riding flying horses (I think pegasus?), someone (I’m not for sure it’s Percy, but it’s a Percy question) asks the horse why they canter while flying, and the horse responds why do humans move their arms while running.
      Yes, that definitely makes sense. There are so many things I would not want to wear myself, but not because I don’t like it in general.
      I’ve seen multiple of my friends have pepper spray, and I think some of them have a button you can press that’s a loud alarm. Hahah, that would be a terrible accident.
      I KNOW. Lucy (from Not All Who Sonder) is the friend I was talking about who doesn’t have the internal monologue, and I hope she does a post about it soon. She sent me a video of a person talking about it, and that person said she sees sentences as a structure, and she literally can’t talk in my head, both things which Lucy said doesn’t apply to her.
      And I’m sorry for replying so late :))

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      1. I did some of that yesterday, but it might be fun to go more in depth and really read our conversations, haha.
        Ahh, I know what you’re talking about! I think Percy did ask it, since he has that whole communication with horse thing thanks to Poseidon.
        Yes exactly!
        Wait, the alarm button thing sounds really helpful too.
        I hope she does a post about it because I’m intrigued. Whoa, that’s crazy. I feel like this is one of those things that you can’t wrap your mind around unless you experience it because it’s impossible to fully understand something you physically can’t experience? Kind of like heaven. (Except…very different. But sort of on a similar caliber.)
        No worries! :))

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        1. Wait, I forgot Percy can speak to horses, but now that you say that, of course. It’s pulling up memories of conversations in italics between him and horses. When is Rick Riordan going to write another Percy book???? This question is painful.
          HAHA, I love your comparison. I know, it’s crazy how crazy other people’s brains are.

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  2. These are great questions! Pegasus, definitely. Hmm for me regarding shoes I think it does depend on my outfit; I really hate sneakers with jeans (or dresses, even worse), even though I did it as a kid all the time. That’s just me though! On my keys I have a lil thing that clips onto a belt (though I rarely use it in that way haha) with two loops, one bigger/thicker and one slightly smaller (but both thicker than the usual keyrings), house key school key car key whistle and small torch. I guess the whistle is my sorta safety thing but idk it could be good to have something that’s specifically a safety feature. Hmm yeah I never know about leap days, all I can say is maybe? It would be cool but it also wouldn’t. I’m thinking maybe not just because I don’t like the month of February haha. Okay what I think I’ve heard of people not having internal monologues but still that freaks me out because yeah mine is such a key part of my life.

    Your post is making me think of this thing I used to (and sometimes still do) with a guy friend where we’d just send each other the most interesting/dumb questions off the internet (often questions designed as icebreakers, but we’d use like 50 at a time) and it was really fun to see responses and we got a lot closer? The internet has so many questions haha.

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    1. Thank you!
      Whaaat, you hate sneakers with jeans or dresses? If I’m wearing shoes, 99% of the time it’s sneakers. Do you prefer to wear them only when it’s related to athletics?
      How do you use the clips and the two loops? Okay, please explain more about your small torch. Wait, is that what I would call a flashlight?
      Ohhh, I’ll have to politely but strenuously disagree with you on the month of February–I’m a February kid :))
      I know right???

      Oh my goodness, that is AMAZING. Yes, I think questions and memories are the two ways people get closer. Hm, also emotionally hard situations, but those come when they choose.

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      1. Haha I used to almost always wear sneakers too but I much prefer boots, high tops (e.g. converse) and honestly anything else (like even tennis shoes haha). So yeah now I prefer to wear them only when it’s sport related (same with track pants actually, and both things I used to wear all the time)
        The clip just means I can clip it onto a belt loop or other similar place, the loops can have key rings attached to them 🙂 it’s about the size of your thumb down to the first joint only, so pretty tiny (but bright) and you can just click it to turn it on.

        Haha that’s fair enough :))

        Yeah it’s interesting because it kinda lead to us talking about a lot of emotionally hard situations in the past/present? But definitely, memories are important too.

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        1. Ohh, I think there is a language difference here–I call converse and tennis shoes sneakers too. What specifically do you think of when you think of sneakers?
          The thumb measurement really helps–that is really small!

          Oh of course that makes sense. With the right people normal questions can somehow lead to way more interesting conversation.

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  3. Ahhh good post! It is SO TRUE that all the questions on the internet aren’t questions you can just ask whenever, they’re like middle-of-the -night-when-stuff-gets-deep questions 😂
    Okay, my answers to some of these Qs,
    -I don’t think your shoes have to match you outfit, but I prefer neutral colored shoes usually. I really like when shoes make a color pop in the outfit though!
    -I don’t have keys yet but I think when I get them, I’ll either get a lanyard or just a simple keychain. Something cute and minimalist?
    Loved this post xx 💕

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    1. Ahh, thank you! I know right??
      Yes, I completely agree. Today I went to a book fair, and there was an author wearing light lime green sneakers and they were very cool on her.
      Okay, question about lanyards-I see some people wear it around their neck, but then some people put them in their pockets with most of it hanging out. I guess that’s mostly about boys though?

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