If you’re needing more funny people in your life

Ryan Higa (nigahiga) and HigaTV // a guy with a Youtube channel messing around with his friends

Ryan Higa is my favorite Youtuber. His videos are insanely creative and detailed. But then he has a second channel, HigaTV, and that channel is a different world. On that one, he and his team (aka his friends) upload videos of them hanging out and goofing off. It’s the best. Here are some of my favorites from that channel.

Cooking, But Not Really

This is a series where Ryan and almost always Sean (pronounced Shawn, I know the spelling is misleading right?) kind of just put ingredients (a lot of pre-made ingredients) together and make food. And there’s always something that probably doesn’t belong in the dish that gets added. It’s like slightly lazy, out of the box cooking. Well, to be more clear, Sean actually knows his way around a kitchen. It’s Ryan who adds the inventing spirit. The last Cooking, But Not Really video is from two years ago in 2017, but you can tell how much people miss it. I think there’s comments on every one of Ryan Higa’s videos asking for the series to be revived.

RHPC playing games

Some of the videos are just of RHPC (which I think stands for Ryan Higa Production Company?) playing games that they’ve found/thought of. These are a few stellar examples. My favorite one is Reverse Pictionary and then Drawing Blind.

Reverse Pictionary

Drawing Blind




The Popcast // a podcast of two people roasting others and riffing together like crazy

This is actually a podcast I don’t listen to on a regular basis. Um, there’s actually only one episode I know I’ve listened to for sure. It’s only because this podcast is about pop culture-famous people, what famous people are up to, movies, songs, TV shows. In other words, mostly things I am not very current on.

My friend listens to it though and she absolutely loves it. She’s a lot better with celebrities and things like that than I am. At one point she told me that she listens to it every day on the way to and from school, and she was almost done with the podcast’s deep backlog.

But even though this The Popcast isn’t about topics that I’m interested in, I would definitely listen to some episodes if I was on a super long road trip or something and had ran out of my regular podcast programming. It’s like listening to your friends talking and laughing about things they love. It’s like chicken soup that makes you laugh.

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie press junket videos // a marvelous duo

If you’re like I have no idea who Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are, they’re the actors that play Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Solider and The Falcon aka the new Captain America???. If you’re like um what are you talking about, they’re superheroes in the Marvel movies.

On a press junket for one of the movies (you know, those videos you see on Youtube of actors being interviewed about their movies by various media groups?), they were put together. I don’t know who did it, or if they knew what they were doing, but it was a stroke of genius.

I don’t watch press junket videos because I don’t think they’re interesting, but at during some school break, I watched so many of the interviews with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie.

To show you what I mean, this first one is a short interview. If afterwards you’re like, I get what you mean, here’s a second one that’s a twenty minute long compiliation of various clips.

Hey Dad // a podcast that I’ve referenced multiple times now

(The Heydad podcast was also in my podcasts recommendations posts from a few weeks ago.)

HeyDad is a podcast by three brothers (Andy, Kevin, and Tyler) and someone who wishes he was their brother (Derrick), and together they talk about dad and non-dad stuff. I am one hundred percent not their target audience and I really don’t know how I found this podcast, but they make me laugh every single time.

Their lightning-speed, back-and-forth jokes, the most random segments, the creative fake ads, the insane and sweet stories about their kids (and sometimes listeners’ kids), the craziness about being parents. It’s so funny.

What people always make you laugh?
Who are you favorite Youtubers?
Have you tried listening to podcasts?
For more funny things, look no further: science jokes and letterboard puns.

P.P.S The gif is from Buzzfeed.

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