Art memes

Not Trying To Call Anyone Out But…

Every Time You Get A Cold

What Friends Are For

You Are What You Eat?

How to (Unromantically) Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

I’m Busy

I Was Expecting a Countdown

Poor Life Decisions

Burn It

Mona Lisa, Unphotoshopped

I Can’t See You, You Can’t See Me

Dude, I Have a Battle Today-I Don’t Have Time to Take You to the Vet

Only Fools Fall For That Scam, And I am Not A Fool

How To Never Lose


That Looks…Delicious

Mental Head Palm

Who, Me?

The Original Mean Girls

When Pretend Sparring Gets A Little Too Aggressive

Why Is This Literally My Mom

Which one is your favorite? I usually have a horrible time choosing my favorite out of these, but this time was kind of easy. The last one is my favorite-that actually is my mom. My second favorite is probably “What Friends are for.”
Do you get confused about what words to capitalize in titles? I do. I had to look up if “for” gets capitalized while making this post. The answer is that it does not. None of the coordinating conjuction words do-AKA the FANBOYS. Is that how you learned the all the conjunction words too?
What type of art do you like? What type of art do you not like? Okay, I know this sounds super highbrow. but my favorite genre of art is impressionism. I don’t really like looking at ancient art with all the pottery and statues.

P.P.S. Science jokes and Marvel memes

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