A list of things I love about my school // collab with Purely Olivia and Story-Eyed!

When I first thought of the idea for this post, I was like, okay this is as straightforward as can be. Then, while I was writing it, I thought-wouldn’t it be interesting to hear about other people talk about this too? I feel like school can get rough so fast that once new school supplies are bought, it never again gets mentioned in the context of a happy sentence.

So before it hits us with all of its insanity, Abby, Olivia, and I wrote posts about things we love about school. It’s a blog tour! (Which is crazy. Also, anybody know where the phrase “blog tour” even came from?) Thank you guys for being excited to do this with me, and thank you Abby for the amazing image!

Abby’s post is a list of five things she’s excited for going back to college, but with YA books tied in! Brilliant. Olivia wrote about five things she loves about education in general, and dang, I need to reminded daily that education is a privilege.

I know some people (cough, cough, Jonathan) might be like, you’re insane, why would you ever be excited for school? Part of me is internally yelling that too. This has been one of the best summers ever, and it does not feel real at all that some of my friends have already started school and that my first day is Thursday. (Ahhhhh.)

But I also do love my school. Definitely not in a rah-rah school spirit type of way, but in a I-feel-safe-here way. And that is something I don’t want to forget. In preparation for the hard days that I know are coming, here are ten things I love about my school.

1. The Library

I didn’t go to the library for most of freshman year, and then I slowly realized how amazing it is. It’s completely because of the librarians. They make it so there’s always cool things going on in there. For example, there’s been a communal jig-saw puzzle, finger puppet crafts, coloring bookmarks, and a poem dispenser.

This summer, the high school library is running a summer reading challenge. We haven’t had something like this since probably elementary school, and I am a hundred percent on board. And the prizes for the challenge are good too. Everybody who reads three books or more gets a $5 dollar gift card, you get one entry in a grand prize drawing for each book you read, and the top readers will be invited to a “coffee house”-style party(!!) to chat about our favorite summer books.

2. The Office

By office, I actually mean this little hallway/section of the high school where the principal, different administrators, the college counselors, and the receptionist have all their desks and rooms together. Most students probably go in there once or twice a year, but I love going in there. There’s one lady in there who has known my name and has been nice to me since the beginning of freshman year, and she’s awesome. Also, it smells really good, and there’s free candy. And it’s good candy too.

3. The Schedule

My school has this weird rotating schedule that sounds really complicated at first, but then when you figure it out, you’re like ohhhh. Also, not to brag too much, but we also have ten minute passing periods and early release on Fridays.

4. The Art Program (and the building itself)

My school has a lackluster sports reputation-well, to be precise, a lackluster football reputation. The golf, cross country, track, and wrestling programs at my school always win. But football is the main sport here, so that eclipses everything else. However, I’ve always heard glimpses of how strong the art program at my school is.

I’ve taken art at my school for five years now, and you don’t really think about it in the moment, but stepping back, it is definitely intense. Most weeks you have sketches for homework that usually take about three to four hours, although some people spend way more and others way less. Then there’s the breadth of materials we use and projects we do: pottery, sculptures with hammers and nails and power tools, huge canvas paintings, silk screens, stop motion videos.

And everything always has a twist too. Probably because all the art teachers are slightly weird and more than slightly cool. The art building itself reflects this. It’s actually separate from all other buildings and kind of a world onto itself. There’s strange things everywhere: a board with different people’s hair taped onto it, a McDonald’s toy craft glued in the corner of the ceiling, a machete guy, doors painted with The Scream and Starry Night and Over 9000. In the chance that an actual lockdown drill happens, I would say the art wing would be a pretty good bet. There’s quite a few saws hanging on the walls.


High schoolers are also required to enter local art competitions every year, and every year, the head of the art department takes over during one of the announcement times and reports on how the art students did. He likes to create a sense of suspense as he first gives stats on how many awards these big public high schools got and then how many my school got. We always do well, and it’s fun to see people who are not in the art program going crazy because we beat other schools at art. (I think the lack of my school’s football prowess has something to do with this.)

Finally, if you take the AP Art class at my school (which is only for seniors), you kind of get inducted to this secret world inside the secret world of the art program. There’s like ten or so students, and you actually have to try out to get into the class. You meet up with some of the teachers and present work from the years past. Then you have to start coming up with ideas because at the end of the year, each person in that class has to come up with their own cohesive, complex art show. Then in May, all their work is hung up in this one space in the high school for like a month. It’s always spectacular.

5. The Elementary School Playground

It’s amazing!!! It’s the best playground I’ve ever seen.

6. The Spring Play/Musical

I never went to the high school play when I was not in high school, but I’ve gone to both my freshman and sophomore year plays and that is a streak I do not plan on losing. Freshman year it was Little Women, and sophomore year it was The Sound of Music.

They were both amazing, not just because of how talented and well done the plays were, but also because they gave me new perspectives on the original stories they were adapting. I’ve never really liked the book Little Women (I just feel like it’s so long and kind of boring), but I loved the play. As for The Sound of Music, I’ve actually never watched the movie, so it was cool to finally see the do-re-mi song and all the popular references in context.

7. Sadies

Short for Sadie-Hawkins. It’s a dance where the girl asks the guy, and it happens every year during late winter/early spring.

8. The Traditions

To name two:

1.My school has a uniform and a pretty strict dress code. You can only wear white, black, red, gray, (or maybe blue?) colored socks. But, during the month of December, you are allowed to wear Christmas socks
2.There’s this thing called the Carrot. It’s weird. The Carrot is a person (or persons maybe?), and nobody knows who it is. Well, at least if anybody does, they’re keeping their mouths shut. They randomly decorate the high school with carrots-paper carrots, EXPO carrots on the white boards, actual carrots.

9. The Clubs

To name two:

1.REC-Reach Every Corner. This one girl started and basically people bring donations of different things (snacks, toothbrushes, wipes, gloves), and students come in and back paper bags with the things. Those paper bags are then take by students and teachers and given to homeless people.

2.GCC-Global Culinary Club. Once a month or so, people pay to eat food from different cultures that is catered in. The success of this club is completely because of the guy who founded it. He was applauded every time he went on stage to give an announcement, even if the announcement was that there were no announcements that week.

10. The Teachers

The teachers are so great. They are the first and foremost the reason I love my school.

What clubs does your school have?
Do you go to your school library?
Does your school also have homecoming or Sadies?

What are things you love about your school?

15 thoughts on “A list of things I love about my school // collab with Purely Olivia and Story-Eyed!”

  1. Your school sounds kind of amazing. I love the Carrot thing. I don’t know why. But it’s fantastic. It sounds like something that would be in a book. (Haha, I just saw that my sister said something very similar in her comment. We think a lot alike.)
    I was homeschooled until college, and when I was in college I didn’t focus too much on the positive things. I tend to be a pessimist about everything, and I really like the idea of this post where you pick out the good things about something that you might not always like. I was never excited for school to start again. I dreaded it, actually. But there really were some amazing things about college, and I learned so much.
    This is a good post- entertaining, and kind of convicting, too. 😉
    Best of luck with the coming school year!

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    1. Ahh, thank you. :)) Haha, they actually did a little blurb about the Carrot in the most recent yearbook! They photographed three suspects, but I have a feeling the real Carrot would never let him or her self be captured digitally. And hahaha, I love that you guys both thought that.
      Agh yes, I’m going to need to reference this list mentally when I’m at the pinnacle of feeling pressured. Hm, it would be amazing to have a list of good things about different varieties of things that are good but not always enjoyable. Hmmm. I think I’m always a mix of excitement and dread when it comes to new school years.
      Thank you so much!!!
      I hope you have a great fall, no matter what you will be pursuing for the next few months :))

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  2. i really like this series, annie, thank you so much for sharing it with us! i am one of those people that gets easily caught up on the negativity of school and that’s how i’ve been feeling recently too. but your series inspired me to think more positively about education and remind myself every day that it is a privilege after all.
    your school sounds AMAZING! honestly, if i had the opportunity to do all of that at school, i’d love it as well. my school didn’t have clubs or extracurriculars at all during high school. all the fun kinda stays in middle school, lol. but i did enjoy a lot the plays and competitions i got to take part in while i was in middle school & early high school years!
    there was a writing contest they offered and i took part every year. the prizes were a bookstore gift card and i’m proud to say i’ve won once every year, either at 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, so i actually got to buy quite a lot of books thanks to my school!
    i do wish we had such things as an art program or musical, dances and such, but unfortunately, especially when you’re a senior, there’s not time for anything but studying, which kinda sucks. but i’m glad there’s so much you love about school! once again, thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. Ahh, thank you, Lais! Yes, me too. Especially at the beginning school when I’m still getting used to new teachers and sitting in a seat and paying attention for hours and doing homework, an upbeat mindset about school isn’t what comes naturally. Thank you, that is something I need to be reminded of every day!
      Haha, thank you!!! Whaaat, for me it’s the opposite. There’s way more clubs in high school than middle school. Ohh, cool! What plays were you in? I’ve always wanted to be in a play in some capacity. I’ve thought about doing it senior year for fun.
      Whoaaaa, cool! That’s amazing. :))
      Ah dang, I wish studying was always balanced with other stuff. I think in America, the end of senior year is actually on the more relaxed side because most people if they’re going to college, already know where they’re going. I think it’s because the big standardized tests are usually taken at the end of junior year and people already start applying the beginning of senior year. How do you guys do it?
      Thank you and thank you for reading!!

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      1. oh, my plays weren’t fun at all. there are some brazilian classic authors that publish short stories and so we were in adaptations of those. there was a really interesting one, though, right before i joined high school, where i actually got to write the adapted screenplay(?) and it was super nice seeing it come true on stage!
        and our college entrance exams are taken at the end of senior year, so it’s a pretty stressful time for all seniors, sadly. i think it would be a similar pressure as the tests at the end of junior year, but i do believe you can take it again as a senior? let me know!

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        1. Oh, yikes. :(( What were the short stories about? You got to write the adapted screenplay??? (Yes, that’s the write word :)) That’s amazing!
          Ohh, that makes sense. Hm, that’s interesting. I’m not really sure why we do it how we do it? There has to be pretty solid logic behind both approaches, I’m guessing. Yes, the standardized tests we take (the SAT and the ACT) can be taken multiple times! Also, I think it might be a little different than your college entrance exams because our test scores are one factor among a lot of other things that go into college admissions. It is an important factor here though, but definitely not the only one.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. one of the short stories was actually set during the colonial era in brazil and it followed an eight year old black girl who worked as a slave for a white family. it’s a really heartbreaking story, but obviously very important! it was quite challenging writing the adapted screenplay, though, because the goal was to set this story in the 21st century, so obviously slavery couldn’t work as a plot point anymore, but sadly there are still a lot of black people in my country in terrible work conditions, so it’s still a relevant topic nonetheless.
            yesss, that’s true! it would be really awesome to be able to rely on other things apart from our college entrance exams, but sadly it’s all about that one test 😦 i’m pretty sure you can imagine how stressful it is, hahah.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Wow, I was not expecting for you to say that it was adapted into the 21st century. I’ve never heard of a classic involving slavery being adapted like that before. That’s really interesting.
              I can imagine, but there’s no way I can truly understand how it feels. I hope it goes really well, Lais :))

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  3. This is a really cool post and I enjoyed reading all your thoughts, your school does sound like a fun place haha. I also frequent the office block quite a bit, there’s a room there called the interview room which basically just has a tv that acts as a computer and you can go there to do work.

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  4. Your school’s art program sounds so cool!! It’s awesome that you get to experiment with so many different art forms. The building itself also sounds amazing. I love it when people take a space and completely make it their own 🙂
    The Carrot?? I am so intrigued. Paper cut outs and actual carrots decorating the school and no one knows where they came from?? It sounds like something out of a book and I love it so much!
    Librarians are awesome. They are actual super-heroes.
    I’m starting my senior year of college in a couple days, and I’m trying to think about the positive things (like the library and jazz choir and cool-looking old buildings). This post helped remind me that there really are a lot of positive things if I try to think about them, so thanks so much for writing it!
    Best of luck with school starting!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think it’s awesome too. Haha, I think it’s partly because the art teachers at my school would get really bored if we only stuck with pencil and paper. They’re the reason the art program is weird and amazing. And I agree :))
      Hahaha, I know! Wow, I never thought about how it sounds like something from a book until now. The confusion and not-knowing almost feel regular when you walk into a The Carrot decorated hall.
      YES for real. Ahh, I hope your senior year of college goes wonderfully! And I am so glad it did that. Mission accomplished! Thank you for reading :))

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