More new and upcoming books I have my eye on

Last week I posted a list of ten new and upcoming books, and today I have ten more. There’s just so many good books!

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Release date: May 7, 2019
Genre: Young adult contemporary
High school, working, college applications, a baby, cooking, a little bit of magic, best friend, a boy, abuela, relationships in all of their complex forms, Puerto Rican Black American in Philly.
I actually have already read this! I finished it last week. It was great. I think Emoni is one of the strongest characters I’ve met.

The Truffle Underground: A Tale of Mystery, Mayhem, and Manipulation in the Shadowy Market of the World’s Most Expensive Fungus by Ryan Jacobs

Release date: May 7, 2019
Genre: Non-fiction, narrative non-fiction
Haha, I know that this book is a pretty different turn from everything else. It’s about all the crazy, secret, illegal things that the truffle industry is comprised of. It sounds almost like a fantasy novel.

Again, but Better by Christine Riccio

Release date: May 7, 2019
Genre: Young adult/new adult contemporary
College, college being terrible so far, studying abroad in London, that doesn’t seem to go that well either?
This is by Christine Riccio, who is a Booktuber! And I guess that’s all I have to say for this one. I’m excited for it.

Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep

Release date: May 7, 2019
Genre: Non-fiction, true crime, history
American South. Race. Part biography of Harper Lee, part untold story of multiple murder cases.
My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird (second is The Boys in the Boats, third is Fish in a Tree, after that it’s pretty up in the air), so how could I not read this?

Hope and Other Punchlines by Julie Buxbaum

Release date: May 7, 2019
Genre: Young adult contemporary
Abbi, September 11, iconic photograph, summer camp, a boy.
Wow, another book that came out on May 7? I guess that was a very wonderful day in the book publishing world. Anyways. Hope and Other Punch Lines is the first YA book that I’ve seen (maybe first fiction book period) that has 9/11 as a very important part of the characters. Also, I’m 99% sure the picture of Baby Hope and the crown mentioned in the description is not real. Did anybody else think it was when they first read the summary?

Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal

Release date: January 22, 2019
Genre: Contemporary retelling
Pride and Prejudice retelling, modern-day Pakistan.
Plot-wise, this book seems like it will be pretty tight to the original. I love that in the description, it mentions that Alys Binat (Elizabeth Bennet) teaches Jane Austen as part of her English literature cirriculum!

Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin

Release date: June 4, 2019
Genre: Contemporary retelling
Another Pride and Prejudice retelling! Family, Muslim protagonists, poetry, teaching.
This is another one of the five books in the Modern Mrs. Darcy Minimalist Reading Guide for this summer! From the description, I have a feeling it will be less strictly tied to the classic and that there will be more original twisits in it. Also, the cover with the contrasting yellow and bright purple colors and the hijab divided into almost geometric shapes by gold lines is cool.

The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See

Release date: March 5, 2019
Genre: Historical fiction
Korea, friendship, best friends, family, over decades (Japanese colonialism, World War II, Korean War, afterwards), island village.
Wow, this book sounds fascinating. Is it based on a true island? If it is, how have I never seen Jeju on any travel bucket lists? The Island of Sea Women about two little girls who join the all-female diving group in their hometown and the story of their lives and their relationship as they grow up. Also, after reading Pachinko last year, I’m interested in learning more about the history between Japan and Korea.

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

Release date: February 26, 2019
Genre: Historical fiction
Double plotline. English journalist + Russian female bomber pilot vs. the Huntress-Nazi war criminal hiding undercover in America. 17 yo teenage girl and her stepmother-a soft-spoken German window who seems to be hiding something.
Another fascinating premise.

Rough Magic: Riding the World’s Loneliest Horse Race by Lara Prior-Palmer

Release date: May 7
Genre: Non-fiction, memoir
Mongolia. Longest, toughest horse race. Youngest, first female winner.
This cover is also so good! Also, this story sounds crazy. Another another fascinating premise! I’m actually in the middle of this right now. She tells you in the very beginning that she wins, but then she goes into how unprepared she is and how dangerous the race is. How in the world does she win? It hooks you in. And the writing is really good and completely honest. For example: “I like writing down snippets of a day, not just to record the past, but to get a sense of the present by retraveling time up to my seated, ceased point.”

What are you reading right now?
What’s a time period or event in history that you want to learn more about?
Do you like retellings?
Did any of these books catch your interest?

P.P.S Featured image from landingmary tumblr.

36 thoughts on “More new and upcoming books I have my eye on”

  1. I loved With the Fire On High as well! Elizabeth Acedevo is such a great writer! The Truffle Underground sounds like such a cool book! I love non-fiction that reads like a story! And I keep seeing Ayesha at Last all over Instagram! That cover alone might convince me to read it!

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    1. Ahh, wasn’t it so good?? And I know right? I’m always interested by the non-fiction books that are about random subjects that are secretly fascinating. The cover is great-I hope you love it if you do! What are you reading right now?


  2. Ahh, I’m so excited because I just discovered so many new books from this post! Thank you, Annie, for the recommendations. :))
    With the Fire on High looks so good! I really like the cover. I’m glad you liked it, that makes me want to read it even more!
    Hope and Other Punchlines also looks amazing. Okay, yes, after reading the summary, I think the picture of the baby is not real? Wouldn’t we have seen it at some point if it was real? Also, it would be probably be easier for the author to create a story instead of have to stick to a real story.
    I actually have read another 9/11 contemporary- All We Have Left, by Wendy Mills. The funny thing is I checked it out of the library by accident because it was the first time I was reading an Emma Mills book and I thought it WAS an Emma Mills book until I got home and realized that it wasn’t. I read it anyway and liked it a lot. It switches back and forth between a modern day narrator and a narrator trapped in the towers, but the stories connect if that makes sense.
    Pride & Prejudice retellings!! Wow, I can’t wait to read them. I love retellings, especially when they are fairytale retellings. But historical and classic ones are always good, too. I’m just a fairytale type of girl.
    Right now I am reading On the Come Up and am about to start another book. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to go with Girls of Paper and Fire or Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss.

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    1. Yayyy, I’m so glad!!! Hey, just returning the favor :))
      Yes, isn’t the cover interesting? I can’t think of another YA book that I’ve seen lately with food on the cover. Other ones I can think of that aren’t super recent are Dimple and Rishi and this middlegrade book with fortune cookies on the cover.
      Okay cool, I really was not sure. The description was so convincing (not as convincing as the Shakespeare post though :)).
      Oh, I didn’t know Wendy Mills wrote a book about that! I’ve read a bunch of her other books though. One of them is the only book I think I’ve read that focused super heavily on solar eclipses. Oh, hahaha! The good sort of accidents! Yes, that makes sense. I will need to look it up on goodreads.
      I know! I love fairytale retellings. Well, I love them as a genre, but not always individually. Hm, I think I might be a fairytale type of person too. Ohh, that would be a good Buzzfeed quiz or something.
      How do you decide what book to read next? Do you have a method, or is it just an on-the-spot decision?

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      1. So true! One other one I can think of is this book called Bittersweet. It has a sort of dough on the cover. I checked it out and read the first twenty pages but I couldn’t get into it sadly…
        Ohh, I’ll need to look up other Wendy Mills books since I ended up enjoying the one that I accidentally picked up.
        Oh my gosh there needs to be a Buzzfeed quiz about that, haha. ;))
        Usually it’s an on-the-spot decision! It depends on my mood at the moment- am I feeling contemporary or fantasy, long or short, light or heavy? What about you?

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        1. WAIT, I’ve read Bittersweet! From what I remember, I liked it. Which is kind of strange because it had a love triangle and I don’t like love triangles. Oh no, what was off about it for you?
          She’s the author of Eleven Birthdays? I think that’s her most popular one.
          Yep, it’s an on-the-spot decision for me too. Yea! The question light or heavy is the major question for me I think. Or I usually don’t read the same genre as I just read.

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          1. I don’t think anything was off about it, I just never felt a pull to finish it and then I just didn’t, and my library books were due and I turned it back in.
            Wait I think 11 Birthdays is Wendy Mass? If you’re thinking of Wendy Mass, though, I love her and all her books.
            Exactly, same!

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  3. I recently finished a duology about a boy who is on the run from killers and he doesn’t know why they’re chasing him, and it’s set on the brink of WWII. The books were called Vango and A Prince Without a Kingdom, and they were kind of a combination of historical fiction, Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible and Anastasia. Now I am reading Free Verse.
    Man, I am drawing a blank on historical events right now. There are so many events that can be explored in fiction. I think I would be interested in learning more about Soviet Russia. Also I would never be opposed to reading more about New York at the turn of the century if newsies are involved. There are a lot of things to unpack in most of the wars as well.
    I love the concept of retellings, but there aren’t a whole lot that meet my expectations. As a kid I really like Ella Enchanted (the book) but I haven’t read it in a while. My favorite retelling is probably Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis. But I also like wacky retelling type stuff like Percy Jackson and Hero’s Guide, where it’s kind of a mishmosh of material reimagined in a unique way.
    I think of the books you mentioned here, The Huntress looks the most interesting to me.
    I hope that you enjoy these!

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    1. Ohh I want to ask why they’re chasing him, but that’s probably a huge spoiler. And interesting, those are two very different titles. Also, why do you think there are so few duologies compared to trilogies and longer series? Um I actually haven’t watched any Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, or Anastasia. I get the Jason Bourne and Mission Impossible vibes (wait, Jason Bourne is also in the secret agent vein, correct?), but Anastasia throws me off.
      Yes! Oh, that’s so interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of that. Hahaha, more newsies books! I feel like stories about newsies have a similar feel to stories about orphans.
      I loved Ella Enchanted! Have you read the Lunar Chronicles? If you haven’t, I’m guessing it might be because you’ve heard of them but weren’t interested. If you have, which ones did you like? I liked Cinder and Cress, but not really Scarlett or Winter. Actually, I didn’t like Scarlett, and Winter confused me somewhat.
      Thank you!

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      1. Haha, yes, Jason Bourne is in the secret agent vein, but grittier than Mission Impossible. It’s about a guy who has amnesia but has all these crazy skills that mostly involve maiming or killing people and he doesn’t know how he got them. Also people are trying to kill him but he doesn’t know why, obviously, since he has amnesia. I said Anastasia because it deals somewhat with characters from Soviet Russia, a bit after the events of Anastasia take place. It’s not a musical or anything. 😉
        No, I haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles. Somehow they don’t look interesting to me, even though they are fairy tale retellings.

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        1. Wait, grittier than Mission Impossible? I think that you might have to elaborate on that also. Oh, interesting. Kind of like Winter Soldier. But not exactly. Wait Soviet Russia! Also Winter Soldier. Okay, I just have Marvel on the mind because of your inadvertent reference. Hahaha, that would be great if it was a musical.
          What do you think it is about the Lunar Chronicles that deinterest you?

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          1. Well, Mission Impossible is mostly over the top, especially the later ones, like 4 and 5, (which are the ones I watch the most). They are about hugely elaborate schemes and the characters do impossible things to accomplish their missions, like hanging on to the outside of a moving plane or wearing masks that look exactly like other people’s faces. It’s kind of ridiculous, but also fun. Jason Bourne is smaller scale. Rather than saving the world, it’s just about one guy trying to deal with his past. They don’t have unbelievable technology or enact superhuman feats. Some of the stuff they do is pretty impressive, but it seems like the kind of stuff that real people could train to do. Overall the tone is just more serious, which makes it more gritty. Also more people die. Does that make sense?
            I don’t know that much about the Lunar Chronicles, but the idea of Cinderella being a cyborg doesn’t interest me. Also I have heard there is romance, which is one of my least favorite things. I can’t remember now, but I have read some reviews that just didn’t make it sound very inspiring, even though some of the reviews were by people who liked it.

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            1. Yes, that makes sense. Mission Impossible feels more flashy while Jason Bourne is more serious.
              Hahaha, that is true, romance plays a main role in the series. I think for me, Cinderella retellings always catch my curiosity. What retellings are you always up for?

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              1. Hm, I guess maybe ones I haven’t heard a million times? Like everyone and their grandmother has written a Cinderella retelling, and while Cinderella is pretty conducive to retellings, I don’t immediately get excited to hear yet another Cinderella story. There are some really good ones, like Ella Enchanted though. I like the idea of a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling, though I don’t know that I’ve read one.

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                1. I love Ella Enchanted! Hm, I feel like I have read a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling. Like pretty vividly. Like where he had to steal a harp the giant owned but the harp was alive. Ohh, I think it was the Half Upon a Time series.

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                    1. Umm, I don’t remember exactly. I read the whole series, so I’m guessing I liked them. But I’m not sure if it was because the plot had cliffhangers and I had to know what happened or because they were good.

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      2. I forgot to answer the duology question. Maybe it’s just because three seems like a rounded number and two feels sort of incomplete? It seems like even numbers are more rare. There seem to be more 3 book series’ than 2 books series,’ and more 5 book series’ than 4 book series.’ But I have realized that I actually like duologies.

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          1. I feel like some trilogies are just trilogies because that’s the thing to do, and with duologies they just tell the story in the amount of books it really needs to be told. So yeah, no middle book slump. Obviously some trilogies need all three books though. But if the story can be told well it two, just do two. Don’t try to stretch the story out unnecessarily.

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            1. I agree! That’s why I’m hoping that Frozen 2 is going to be really good-because they took so long between the first one and this one. Same with Toy Story 4, even though I am not that interested in that one.

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                    1. Yeah, it has definitely done well review-wise, but for me it just couldn’t quite justify its existence. Toy Story 3 ended SO WELL. There was no need for a Toy Story 4, so in order for it to work it would have had to be unreasonably amazing. So there’s that. And then they did some character things that I didn’t like. They plot was a little all over the place, and they didn’t utilize some really good characters like they should have. They introduced too many new characters and didn’t really give time to develop them. If it wasn’t a Toy Story movie, it was actually pretty decent, but the fact that it’s a part of that franchise actually made it worse, if that makes sense.

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                    2. Okay, I really don’t remember how Toy Story 3 ended. All I remember is the evil purple bear and them almost getting burned. I don’t know why I don’t remember much about the Toy Story series when it’s so beloved. Maybe my movie rating system as a kid was kind of wacky because I remember not liking Monsters Inc., but then when I watched it in eighth grade, I was like, this is great. And yes, that does make sense!

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                    3. Ah, give it a second chance! It might not be your thing anyway, but if you don’t remember it very well, you never know. Especially if you didn’t like Monsters Inc. and then liked it later! I LOVE Monsters Inc. It’s one of my favorite Pixar movies. And Toy Story 3 is probably my favorite Toy Story movie.

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                    4. Well, there’s A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles, Cars, Wall-E, Ratatouille and Inside Out to name a few of my favorites. They also did Brave, Cars 2&3, Monster’s University and The Good Dinosaur, to name a few of my least favorites.


        1. Ohh, I can clearly see the cover in my head-it’s a really striking one. I am currently reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau, which is really different from what I normally read (as you can probably tell from this list), but I’m liking it!


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