More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)

If you’re not into the Marvel movies or haven’t heard people talk about Avengers: Endgame, here’s a quick summary of what’s going on.

Marvel, a company owned by Disney, has made eighteen(?) movies so far about this group of superheroes. In Infinity War, the (chronologically) previous Marvel movie, a lot of people died because this crazy purple guy thinks the universe is overpopulated. And that’s how it ended-with all the people dying.

That’s why this movie, Endgame, is a big deal. Because it has so much backstory leading up to it, because the last one was a complete cliffhanger, and because it’s the last movie in this series. Nobody knows what’s coming. There’s been multiple trailers released, but they literally gave negative plot away. On top of that, you don’t even know if what they’re giving away is real or not because in the Infinity War trailers, they put in false information. Fake news? Who knows.

I wouldn’t want it another way though. Knowing that you’re going in completely blind is not usually how it goes with most movies. Wow, I am really excited for this movie. It surprises me how excited I am for it. Some people have grown up with these movies, but two years ago, I hadn’t watched a single one. I watched all of them last year (this girl in my art class watched all of them over the long Easter weekend–crazy, right?), and the movies aren’t even my favorite part.

It’s how there are so many people who are also so excited for this movie, who will go see Endgame multiple times (this other girl already has tickets for five different times), who will clap and yell in the theatre–in what other movies is that okay?, who make all these memes that made this post possible. That’s what I love about Marvel movies.

But also, Endgame!!!!!!!!

Okay, enjoy the memes. :)) (Or if none of them make sense, I also linked to a video at then end with two of the actors from Infinity War that should be funny whether or not you’ve seen the movies.)

First of all, the Youtube video as promised. (Bok choy. It’s like quinoa.)
Are you going to see Endgame? I have tickets for this Saturday, and I am still a little worried that’s too late. Haha, if somebody wanted to make a lot of people angry, watching it Thursday night and then spoiling it for their friends would be a prime opportunity to do so.
What book/movie/TV show are you most dedicated to? Some people I know at school are really, really excited for this movie. One of my classmates is going to watch it at eleven on Thursday even though we have a two period history test the next day and a chemistry test-and she’s also in the highschool play that night which is around three hours long plus prep.
What other 2019 movies are you excited for? FROZEN 2.
Which one if your favorite memes?

P.P.S. More Marvel memes, more more Marvel memes, and my quest to watch all the movies.

17 thoughts on “More Marvel memes (because ENDGAME)”

  1. I didn’t get most of these memes…but I still laughed at a few of them. XD I’ve seen the dog swallowing the flashlight one, just not with the Marvel twist at the end, haha. How did you end up liking Endgame? Did it live up to all your expectations?
    I think this goes without saying, but the fandom I’m most invested in is definitely Harry Potter. It scares me sometimes how much love I have for it. I wish I had been old enough to participate in all the craziness surrounding Harry Potter that happened when it first came out- like with the midnight premieres for the book releases and the movie releases. It must be so cool for you to look back in twenty years when Marvel is still big (or, if it ever isn’t big, when it becomes popular again, but I feel like it’s always going to be popular) and remember that you were a part of the original hype.

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    1. Hahaha, yay! Ohh, that’s funny. What’s usually the meme for the flashlight one? Oh my goodness, did I like Endgame?? It is definitely on my favorite movies of all time list. It put me into that movie hangover state where you’re still stuck in that world afterward.
      Ohhh, that must have been so awesome. What if for an anniversary, they released the movies again at midnight and stuff in the timeline they originally came out in? Yeaaa, that will be really cool. I think Marvel will keep growing too. It’s weird because I never think about myself as an original fan because I only watched them last year, but in the future, I will be considered as one.

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      1. I’ve pretty much just being seeing the picture of the dog and then the caption on the meme you shared but without the iron man part. Mostly on Pinterest, but also on twitter. XD Yay, I’m so glad you loved Endgame! It’s so satisfying when a movie lives up to your expectations. It would be amazing if they did a re-release of the movies- I would definitely participate this time. 😉 You are an OG!

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        1. Ohhh, haha! I think it’s great how people change captions to make memes fit different situations. I wonder what memes will be like in the future? Yes, it is! Ahhh, they really should! Is a major Harry Potter anniversary coming up? Wow, that’s crazy!

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          1. Hmm, I wonder if memes will still exist… I actually don’t know if there’s another anniversary coming?? I think until about 2021 there will mostly always be some kind of anniversary because the movies came out all throughout the early 2000s so I guess it’s technically 10-year anniversaries all the time haha.

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  2. All these memes were hilarious and I love them SM. The Uber Eats one is my favorite, and I love the Steve Rogers one too – is relatable as hell.
    I watched Endgame this Sunday and I was pretty scared to get spoiled too. Most of my friends had already watched it, but I tried my best to stay away from social media posts and I ended up not getting spoiled at all.
    I wasn’t really that excited to watch it during release week, because the lines are absolutely crazy. There were 4,000 people in my local theatre at release date. I do like the Marvel Universe, but not to this extent, lol. My friend got me a ticket beforehand, though, and we watched it really early in the morning, so it was pretty chill.
    I am not that invested in the MCU. I think the fandom I’m most into is The Maze Runner one; even though it’s been pretty dead since the release of the last movie. But it is the only one I remember being all over Tumblr about, knowing all the inside jokes and such.
    Now that you’ve watched it: what’s your favorite scene/moment? Did it meet all your expectations?

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    1. Ahhh, yay! Haha, I love them so much too. I think I mostly do these posts for myself. Oh, do you mean the one of him on the ground??
      Okay, GOOD-I mean about how you didn’t get anything spoiled. I actually feel like the internet had less spoilers than people in real life. It seemed like the internet in general really respected a silent no spoilers code. As for friends or people at school, I heard it was a different story.
      No way!!! Thankfully it was not that crazy in my city. Well at least not in the streets. Tickets online were bought out really fast. Hahaha yea, you can really see the extent of how people feel when lines are that long.
      Oh, cool! I haven’t watched any of The Maze Runner movies, but I’ve read the first book. Did you like the books or the movies better?
      Ohhh, I don’t think I can say my favorite scene because it’s a major one. Okay, my favorite non-major moment is when you see Peter Quill dancing along to his music and then you see him dancing but the music stops. And yes. It did meet all of my expectations. Although I wish it hadn’t in some aspects. What about you??

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      1. The one about having a serum that just gives you the perfect body: that would be A+.
        I do prefer The Maze Runner books over the movies, though I am emotionally attached to them because of the amazing cast, hahah.
        That scene was adorable! I haven’t watched the movies of Guardians of the Galaxy, so I don’t know a ton about them, but I certainly liked learning about the crew during these two Avengers movies.
        I was actualy blown-away by how much I liked it! I thought I was going to feel meh, but I loved it! My favorite scene was definitely the last one, with Steve & Agent Carter dancing together. I had just watched Captain America: The First Avenger and I remembered that the last line they share was about how she owed him a dance, so the parallel made my heart sooo warm!

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        1. Hahahaha!
          I don’t know much about the cast at all! I have heard Dylan O’Brien’s name before though, I think in connection with The Maze Runner movies. What made you fall in love with the cast?
          The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are some of my top favorites out of all the Marvel movies. They’re on the more chill, more funny side of the spectrum in comparison to the other ones. I’m really excited about the third volume!
          Ahhh, I’m so glad you loved it! I loved it too. One of my favorite movies of all time, I would say. Along with several Disney movies. Ohhhhh, that’s a good one. Ah.


        1. Um IT IS SO GOOD-one of my favorite movies of all time
          Also, Spiderman: Far From Home’s official trailer came out(!!!!)-but don’t watch it if you haven’t watched Endgame


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