Three podcast recommendations

I started listening to podcasts because of the blog ModernMrs.Darcy by Anne Bogel. For most of the week, the posts are all about reading and life, but every Tuesday, new episodes of her podcast, What Should I Read Next?, are dropped. When I first started reading her blog, I would check every Tuesday knowing there would be a podcast episode and not a blog post like I was hoping for, and every time, I would think to myself, “What in the world is a podcast? I don’t want this. I want a regular post, not something I have to listen to.”

Then, on a random Tuesday, I finally decided to try listening to an episode. I don’t remember why I did it, but if somebody ever wrote a biography about me, I would tell them that decision was a defining point for me as a person. I listen to podcasts on the daily, and I estimate that I listen to around six hours of them in a regular week. They’re amazing. I love them.

I’ve heard people say that they listen to them while just sitting in their bedroom, but I couldn’t do that. I listen to them while I’m doing something else that doesn’t require a lot of mental attention (washing the dishes, doing laundry, doing my art homework, running-which hasn’t happened in a while) or when I’m travelling (on planes, in the car).

I’m subscribed to twenty-seven of them, but like Youtube channels, you don’t watch every single video of every Youtube you’re subscribed to. A few of the podcasts haven’t released new stuff in a really long time, a bunch of them I only listen to some episodes of, and the rest I listen to every one. 

If you’re interested in trying podcasts, here are three of my favorite podcasts, and these are ones that I listen to every single episode of. For the first two, I might have listened to every single one period. Also, because podcasts recommendations (along with book recommendations) are my favorite to give, there might be a part two (and part three and more) to this.

Every Little Thing

Description: The interesting origin stories of random things (for example: the wave-as in that thing you do with your arms at sports events, the Cha Cha slide, forks), and also answers to random questions (for example: how strong is duct tape really?, and where do airports send the things they confiscate?). This podcast is so great. I’ve listened to all of their episodes since the very beginning. You should try it.
General length: 25 minutes
Episode to try: How to Spot a Spy (This was a hard decision.)

Revisionist History


Description: Malcolm Gladwell is a journalist and a non-fiction writer, and in his podcast, he takes stories from history that I’ve either a) never heard of or b) stories that I have heard of and completely flips things around. You know that famous picture from the Civil Rights of the white police officer with the dog that’s attacking an African American boy? In school it was used as an example of police brutality, but the real story is a lot more complicated than that. Malcolm Gladwell does this topsy-turvy act with so many history stories, and as he does it, he also turns upside down a lot of things we believe about ourselves. Such a good podcast.
General length: 40 minutes
Episode to try: Malcolm Gladwell’s 12 Rules for Life (This was also a hard decision.)

This American Life


Description: This podcast is one of the famous ones. I think it would definitely be considered an OG. In most episodes, they choose a theme and then do short stories around it. When it’s not that, they do longer stories about a single thing, usually a news story. This podcast covers a lot of ground.
Length: 60 minutes
Episode to try: In the Apple podcast app, This American Life doesn’t have its whole backlog of episodes available, but thank goodness I didn’t have to choose because it would have been even harder than for the other two. In my opinion, it would be hard to go wrong.

Have you ever listened to a podcast before?
What’s an origin story you would be interested in, or a random question you have?
Do you know which Civil Rights photo I’m talking about?

P.P.S. Cool headphones image from Lifewire.

10 thoughts on “Three podcast recommendations”

  1. I LOVE Podcasts. I listen to Modern Love, Moth Radio Hour, TED Radio Hour, And That’s Why We Drink, My Favorite Murder, Court Junkie, To Write Love on Her Arms, Ear Hustle, and Girls Gotta Eat. I’m a little obsessed.

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    1. Ahh, ME TOO. Ohh! I’ve listened to Modern Love before (some of those stories are crazy!), and I’ve seen the icons of Moth Radio, TED Radio Hour, and Ear Hustle several times before. Hahaha, I’m going to repeat myself and say ME TOO.

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  2. I really want to be better about listening to podcasts, but audiobooks & music have been taking most of my time with earphones on. I’ll still make sure to check at least one of the podcasts you mentioned, because ‘The American Life’ sounds pretty awesome. I’m used to listening & watching things on my niche, so it will be interesting to be exposed to a lot of different topics.
    I really like the First Draft podcast, because it’s a great introduction to authors I’m not totally familiar with. I’m not on social media that often, so I don’t even know what half of the authors I read look like, lol. Typically, after an episode, I go and stalk them, and it’s a great way to know authors more personally and learn about their journey too. I also feel like when I listen to an author I haven’t read yet, I become even more hyped to pick up their books!
    Apart from First Draft, I only listen to other podcasts related to families, because I do love learning about different family dynamics. The Archibald Project has a lot of amazing stories from all over the world and I’m still catching up with their older content, but what I’ve heard so far was pretty awesome.
    Thanks for the recs, Annie!

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    1. I really want to be better at listening to audiobooks and music! Haha, there’s just too much good stuff to listen to. Ahhh, yes please! I LOVE This American Life. And so do so, so many other people. Getting exposed to a lot of different topics is one of my favorite things about podcasts! I actually kind of know about some financial and political terms and what they mean now, and I highly doubt that would’ve happened without podcasts that made those topics interesting.
      Oh, I haven’t heard of the First Draft podcast! That sounds really interesting. Hahaha oh my goodness, me too. Yes, I think I would too!
      Ahh, another recommendation! Thank you so much. And you’re welcome :)) but haha, I should be the one saying thank you-throwing recommendations at people is the best.

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    1. I love This American Life! Oh yea, I’ve listened to some of The Daily’s episodes-the taxi driver one and I think the Mueller investigation. I haven’t heard of SciShow Tangents-I’ll have to check it out. Ohh, tell me what you think!


  3. AHH, PODCASTS RECOMMENDATIONS. I still haven’t tried one, but I think you convinced me with this post. The first one looks especially interesting because now I’m very curious as to how the wave-thing at sports games got started. The second one also looks really good and I can see myself getting really into it. Then of course, I’m also sure the last one will be good too. :))
    Hmm, a random question. Why is saying good luck before a theatre performance bad luck? Why is it called a pair of underwear if it’s just one pair and doesn’t have legs like pants does?
    I actually can’t picture the Civil Rights photo you’re talking about, but now I’m curious to go look it up. Okay, I just Googled it and I have seen it before…now I want to know the real story! Annie, you drew me in this post. Now I’m wondering all these things!

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    1. AHHH YES GOAL ACCOMPLISHED. I know right? Wouldn’t it be crazy to know that you were the original person who started the wave? Hahaha :)) Ohh, those are good. And where did the break a leg line come from?
      Haha, I would say I’m sorry but it would be completely insincere. I don’t remember all the details of the story, but I will tell you this-in the picture, the police officer is actually trying to restrain the dog from attacking. Tell me if you try listening to podcasts!!!!

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