A letter to my niece

Dear Clementine,

Today is November 27, 2018. It is a Tuesday. It is also your birthday birthday. You were born around five o’clock in the afternoon. I am not sure at exactly what time, but here is what I do know. You were six pounds, fourteen ounces. You were born three days after your due date. Your name means very high in mercy and grace.

You are beautiful. 

There is so much to say that I am having a hard time saying anything. I will just let my thoughts lead the way. This might make for a wandering letter. 

I am so excited for so many things.

I am excited to find out who you are. Do you like to draw, like your mom? When she was little, your grandparents would go on walks and your mom would tell them to just let her stay home so she could draw and draw and draw. Do you like to think about math problems, like your grandfather? When he was little, he would just sit by himself and think about math problems. Do you like to read, like me? Oh my goodness, I really hope you like books. 

I am so excited to read picture books with you. I don’t remember reading a lot of picture books besides Berenstein Bears and Amelia Bedelia, but the one your grandfather most vividly remembers was the book about monkeys jumping on the bed. 

A picture book that was recommended to me today was Pete the Cat. I’ve been told it’s funny. It was described to me like this. In it, Pete has a baseball game. In most picture books, they’re nervous and then get up to bat and make a homerun, but that doesn’t happen to Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat strikes out, and Pete is sad. But it’s okay. Pete tried his best.

One thing that I want to do and that I hope I remember to do with you is to order the HeyDad box. The HeyDad box is something I heard about on the HeyDad podcast. Great podcast by the way. It has made me laugh on multiple occasions even though I’m definitely not part of its target audience. It’s this podcast where four dads and one non-dad talk about dad stuff. They’re all brothers except for one of them. Besides the podcast, they also make this monthly subscription box for dads. It’s kind of like microwave meals except that it’s ready-made ideas for playing with your kids. It’s a genius idea and sounds like so much fun. If they branched out and created boxes for non-kids, I would subscribe.

I am so excited to hold you. When you’re older, I’m so excited to hug you and spin you around and give you piggy back rides even though it’s not that fun to give people piggy back rides. I’m also so excited for you to hug me. You know that thing kids do where they wrap their arms around your legs? That’s what I’m talking about.

I am just excited to be the coolest aunt ever in general. I am excited to know you and to be with you and to be there for you. 

Clementine. Guess what? I love you. 

16 thoughts on “A letter to my niece”

  1. This letter was so beautiful, Annie! Congratulations to your family for your new member. :)) I can just imagine Clementine reading this when she’s older, and that makes me happy to think about. I know she’ll love it, and that she’ll love you. I hope you and Clementine and the rest of your family have an amazing Christmas!

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    1. Olivia, thank you! Oh my goodness, writing this reply is a bit strange knowing she might read this too when she reads the letter. Thinking about time this way with such a long gaze into the future is strange in general. Thank you again and thank you for this comment. :))

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  2. This is such a sweet letter! I can relate to this too because my cousin just had her first baby- so I’m not technically an aunt but my cousin and I are practically sisters, so it almost feels like I am. It has been such a surreal experience for me! I’ve never really been all that excited about babies, but my cousin’s baby is suddenly the most fascinating human on the planet. Do you have other nieces/nephews or is Clementine Hana Gao the first?
    Wonderful post, and congratulations. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! And ahhh, that’s so exciting! What’s the baby’s name? Oh my goodness, THAT IS ME TOO. It is completely surreal. Now that she’s actually born, it feels less so, but the entire lead up did so much. They’ve been sending tons of photos and videos of Clementine, and it’s still not enough. Even the ones of her sleeping and eating are interesting. No, she’s the first. :))
      Thank you!!!

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