My quest to watch (almost) every Marvel movie

I know people are passionate about this stuff, so I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way/shape/form claiming to be a true Marvel fan. I am nowhere near close to having watched all the movies- I have 13ish more to go.

Okay, continuing.

One of my goals for this year is to watch all the Marvel movies (except for The Incredible Hulk). I think I first got the idea to do this when one of the dress-up days for homecoming week was Marvel Monday.

I didn’t have any Marvel stuff, so I borrowed a t-shirt from a friend that had Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man on it. Other people had way better costumes. This one girl had Hulk boxing glove thingys and everything. A bunch of guys had Captain America shields.

I still don’t know much about Marvel now, but at that time, I knew even less. I didn’t have a clue who was Marvel and who was DC. At a party, Guardians of the Galaxy was on, and I was so confused why there was a racoon and a tree creature on the screen.

HOWEVER, it was still fun to just be around a bunch of people who were all so crazy excited about the same thing. I’m pretty sure that dress-up day got a way more positive response than every other day. I didn’t really get all the excitement, but I knew I wanted to be part of it.

That’s when this quest was born. The next step was figuring out which movies to watch and in which order to watch them. I tried researching online, but it was not working. I could not find a simple list that laid out the correct chronological order you were supposed to watch all of them in.

So I gave up on the Internet and texted my classmate who is a bona fide Marvel aficionado for advice. Within minutes, she responded, fully approving of my decision, and gave me the exact list I needed.

A-not-really-pro-tip: If you need help with something and you know a person obsessed with whatever it is you’re trying to figure out, ask them. From my experience, there’s a good chance they’ll be beyond happy to help.

Here’s the list and an explanation of that list: the movies with dashes are from the list my friend gave me, the ones without dashes are the new ones that have come out since then, and the ones in parentheses are future movies.

– Captain America: The First Avenger (watched)
– Iron Man (watched)
– The Incredible Hulk (I was told to not watch this one because it was bad)
– Iron Man 2 (watched)
– Thor
– The Avengers
– Iron Man 3 (watched)
– Thor: The Dark World
– Captain America: The Winter Soldier
– Guardians of the Galaxy (watched, but it was one the plane, so it doesn’t really count)
– Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
– Avengers: Age of Ultron
– Antman
– Captain America: Civil War
– Doctor Strange
– Spiderman: Homecoming
– Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War (watched)
(Antman and the Wasp): July 6, 2018
(Captain Marvel): March 6/8, 2019
(Avengers 4): May 3, 2019
(Spiderman: Homecoming 2): July 5, 2019
(Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3): 2020

As of right now, I’ve technically watched six Marvel movies. Here are my rankings so far.

  1. Captain America: The First Avenger
  2. Iron Man
  3. Iron Man 2
  4. Iron Man 3

I’m not putting Guardians on there because again, plane movie = interrupted movie, and Infinity War isn’t included either because I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA where to put it.

The plan was to watch them in order, but I accidentally skipped Thor and Avengers and then I skipped a million of them in order to watch Infinity War. Oops. My new plan is to try and not skip anymore except for when new ones come out. The thing about Marvel is that as soon as you watch one, another one comes out. That’s only kind of an exaggeration.

In preparation of this post, I looked for Marvel stuff on Pinterest and then I saw that my friend created a Marvel board and I was like, that is a brilliant idea, and then I got sucked into the black hole of Pinterest.

But, on the positive, I now have a pretty cool Marvel board. For example:









That’s it for now. I’ll probably do a whole post of these sometime soon. And I’m definitely going to do a list of my rankings after I watch all of them.


Have you watched Infinity War yet? The only words I have to describe that movie is INSANE, CRAZY, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, I’M RUNNING OUT OF SYNONYMS.
What’s your relationship with Marvel?
Here are some suggested answers:
a. Nah, superheroes aren’t my thing.
b. I’ve watched every single movie at least five times and I quote them all the time. You probably want me to stop there unless you’re okay with a comment that’s as long as a book.
c. About the same as yours.
d. Non-existent, but you’ve convinced me that needs to change AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
e. None of those answers above adequately describe my relationship with Marvel.
Which one is your favorite meme? I don’t know why, but I find the Iron Can one to be hilarious.

20 thoughts on “My quest to watch (almost) every Marvel movie”

  1. I like all three Thor movies, Iron Man 3 and Infinity War the best, I think. 😊
    Yes, that’s true! Pinterest is great for that kind of thing, hey. 😀

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  2. That’s cool that you’re working to watch them in that order! It was only a year ago, I think, that I watched all the Marvel movies. My brother’s crazy about Marvel, so I had no trouble knowing where to start. Plus, he’s like a constant commentary and whispers all sorts of trivia to me along the way, so I feel like I’m pretty informed for a casual Marvel movie-watcher! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! NICE. Which ones were your favorite? Haha, that’s so awesome! I would love to have both a brother and a personal Marvel commentator. I guess memes are kind of like commentators and the internet is like a trivia whisperer in their own kind of way.

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  3. I’m unsure where my relationship with Marvel stands, probably at E or A. It’s not that I’m against superhero movies, I’ve just always been more into Harry Potter and never really thought about watching them. But maybe I will now! Good luck with your quest!

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    1. Magic wands/boarding school/spells and wizards are are a good reason to not be that into superhero. You SHOULD. I feel like watching one to see what you think is a pretty good win-win situation. Thank you!

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  4. So I’m kind of hit and miss watching Marvel movies. I love Captain America and CA Civil War is probably my favorite out of ALL the Marvel movies.
    I watched Infinity War Friday night and I am NOT recovered. Just devastating 😭

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    1. I LOVED the first Captain America movie. After I finished it, I probably happy danced for a good fifteen minutes straight.
      Oh my goodness, I’m sorry. Haha, there needs to be a better phrase of comfort for post-movie distress.


  5. I have a mostly chill relationship with Marvel I guess. I have seen most of the movies at least once and I enjoy several of them, but none of them have changed my life. I tend to get a bit frustrated sometimes (despite my general chillness) because Marvel has such a large cast of potentially amazing characters but they spend way too much time smashing things and not enough time developing character arcs. They definitely develop their character better than a lot of movies, but not enough to satisfy me. So basically Marvel and I get along, but we’re not really friends. I saw Infinity War and I was sad when a certain sweet child died, but it didn’t destroy me like it would any true Marvel fanatic. I always end up feeling kind of cold-hearted after watching a Marvel movie. I’m like, “…I was supposed to feel something. But I don’t. What’s wrong with me?”
    The Iron Can pin is pretty great.
    Best of luck with your Marvel watching quest! It is certainly an expansive universe to consume.

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    1. Ah, I see. That makes sense. And I agree, my favorite part of Marvel movies is actually when they’re developing character arcs and telling their stories and not when they’re smashing things. DON’T SAY THAT. That certain sweet child you’re talking didn’t die, the person “died.” I strongly, strongly believe that most of the people who “died” in that movie are still alive. I know exactly what you’re talking about- when somebody tells me a pet died or an animal in a movie dies, I don’t get emotional. I guess each person gets moved by different things.
      I KNOW.
      Haha, thank you!! That’s one of the greatest parts about Marvel- it’s hugeness.

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      1. I basically live for character arcs. Sometimes my priorities and Marvel’s aren’t exactly on the same page, and that is okay.
        I definitely agree. Most of those people won’t be gone for long. That’s actually part of the reason that I couldn’t get too sad. Marvel has brought SO MANY people back to life (some of them multiple times) that you can’t really believe that anyone’s ever dead.

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        1. I think that’s why I loved the first Captain America and Iron Man so much! There was more character building.
          Haha, you’re right. And it’s also like when you’re reading a book where the main character is getting completely battered but you know the author would never kill him/her (ahem, Percy Jackson).

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          1. Yes, I always love the origin story the best when it comes to superhero movies! That’s when they explore the character the most (usually) and then after that there are more battles and less character. Not that that’s always the case, but it seems pretty typical. I love it when the superheroes are just getting their powers and trying to figure out how to use them. Once they’ve got the hang of it, my interest kind of drops.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hm, that’s something interesting to watch for as I watch all of them! So far, that’s been true: I’ve loved the movies about the origin stories better than the following ones, but that’s based off a pretty small amount of data. It’s cool to watch people figure out how to be superheroes.

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  6. The Iron Can meme is hilarious!!
    My relationship with Marvel is: I adore the old comics and have watched every movie, but I try not to fangirl over them because everyone else does sooo #hipsterlife
    I’m going to watch Infinity War tonight!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!
      Oh, that’s so cool! Do you read other comic books too? I am very open to recommendations. Haha, fangirling with everybody is so fun! But I can see why you feel that way, it’s like bandwagoning but for movies.
      OH MY GOODNESS. Um, how are you currently doing?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) comics were what got me enamored with comics in the first place, so I would highly recommend them!! Fangirling is definitely fun 😆
        I’m actually OK. I wasn’t too shook, just ready to get answers, haha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahhh, okay thanks for the recommendation! I’ve heard good things about a graphic novel series called the Lumberjanes, do you know about that? Haha, yes!! I agree, I’m ready for answers too.


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