Funny bunnies and friends (AKA hilarious animals memes, you’re welcome)






The story of how this post came to be: I was eating lunch with my friends when the conversation turned to Pinterest. Then one of them (who is more of a Snapchat user and kept calling boards stories) saw the pin in the thumbnail picture (now I’m the one mixing up social media terms) and set off a chain of events.

The first of which was her making a new board within a board called Funny Bunny– at that point we were all cracking up. Then she made Funky Monkey (how she comes up with these things, I have no idea, but it’s brilliant). Now I’m doing a blog post of memes she’s found.

Who knows what will happen next.

Anyways, which one is your favorite? Mine’s the duck.

For more hilariousness, letterboard puns and funny texts from my dad.

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