March 2018: thoughts from my logbook

open journal with pages full of words

This monthly post is going to be a bit different: I’m going to take lines out of my logbook (I call it a logbook- which is a term stolen from Austin Kleon– even though it’s really a diary/journal because I don’t really like either of the those words) and go from there.


– Dumplings don’t taste that good but they taste like comfort. (3/10)
I LOVE dumplings. Actually, I like wantons better, but I’m going to call them “dumplings” because I like that word better. (Wow, writing this post is making me realize that I have pretty strong preferences when it comes to words.) Dumplings are my absolute comfort food. And they’re fun to make too- wantons, I mean, not dumplings.

– Bacteria is cool and weird and gross. (3/20)
In biology, we just finished our unit on bacteria, protists, and fungi. For one of our labs, we looked at bacteria under the microscope. The sentence above does a very nice job summing up what I was feeling throughout the whole thing.

– Joke: alternate universe. We’re reading Juliet & Romeo in class right now. You mean Romeo & Juliet? No, it’s Juliet & Romeo. Okay… is it written by Shakespeare William too? Are you crazy? No, of course not. No offense, but you’re weird. (3/20)
I don’t exactly know why or how, but I came up with this joke. It’s one of those cheesy lines that I could see being in a Disney channel show.
Okay, let me explain it. So a person teleports from this world as we know it to an alternate universe. This is the conversation that teleporter has with someone in the other world. Here’s how I would write it as a script.
BOY stumbles out of teleporting machine. GIRL reads on bench nearby.
(slowly walks over to girl)
What are you reading?
(looks up)
Juliet and Romeo. It’s for school.
You mean Romeo and Juliet?
No, it’s Juliet and Romeo.
Okay… Is it written by Shakespeare William too?
Are you crazy? No, of course not. No offense, but you’re weird.

– Okay, pinch pots are kind of fun. (3/22)
This semester in art is ceramics. I was disappointed when we started with pinch pots instead of immediately throwing pots, but I changed my mind. I’ve made six so far, but only five have survived because the first one was a DISASTER.

pinch pot


The one above is a very strange shape. On the day I made it, my teacher was on the art retreat, and for some reason they neglected to give us a sub, so we resorted to using this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad clay because it was the only thing we could find. (Also, I’m still kind of shocked that we actually worked in class that day even though we had zero adult supervision.)



That’s my favorite one.

pinch pot

If you flip this one over, it looks like a turtle!

– This is dumb but the best thing to do when you’re emotionally tired is to not talk.
I guess I saved the most serious one for last. Last Friday, I went to my school’s dodgeball tournament and then went directly to church. For a good chunk of that time, I felt a bit out of place and was putting up a different self from how I was really feeling.

By the end of the night, I was worn out- not physically, but on the inside. Emotionally tired. It felt like my heart was weary. When I’m drained like that, I always have the desire to take in more. To connect more with people, to take in more information, to make more activity, all in the hopes of filling that hole.

However, on that day, as I was leaning my head against the window on the car ride home, I realized that was an awful solution and didn’t work at all for me. Instead, the opposite was true. It helped me feel better to speak softly, or to not speak at all- the complete opposite of lively human interaction. It helped me feel better to go to bed ASAP- the complete opposite of more action. Slowing down and shutting off- that’s what helped, not speeding up and going as fast as possible.

Awesome links

A Youtube video: The Nintendoe Paper! (Ryan Higa is probably the most creative person I know)
A blog post: Conversations With a Four-Year-Old (I LOVE THIS)
A podcast: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups – with Dan Coyle (This was super interesting, especially the marshmallow spaghetti experiment. Also: I found the 1-3-20 podcast from this blog’s newsletter.
And lastly, something randomWoman Goes Viral for Winning Cotton Candy Eating Contest (hahahaha)


Something cool that you’ve recently read/listened to/watched, GO. I (finally) finished Catch-22 and watched Iron Man 3 yesterday.
About Catch-22: It is officially the weirdest book I have ever read. I would say I liked it, but honestly, I don’t even know. It was that weird. and AH.
About Iron Man 3: I accidentally skipped Thor and Avengers (oops), so there were some gaps of information but it was still great. Four Marvel movies in and I am already IN LOVE. Two people have told me they liked the third one the most, but I don’t agree. Tony was the best in this one, but it didn’t explain the villan as well as the first two.
How would you describe the feeling of being emotionally tired, and what’s your battle strategy for vanquishing it? I’m making it sound like you’re fighting a dragon or something.
What’s your comfort food?
Besides dumplings I would say this white carrot and soup my mom makes. Oh my goodness, I really need to record all these recipes.



10 thoughts on “March 2018: thoughts from my logbook”

    1. Haha right now, I’ve only watched the three Iron Mans and First Avenger, but so far I can’t even decide between Captain America and Tony. What about you?


      1. I like Spiderman and Captain America. I think Tony makes too many dumb mistakes when everyone else says, “DON’T DO IT!” I also like the Scarlet Witch, oh and Antman. I love all of them except Tony…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I haven’t watched the Spider-Man movies yet but I’m excited to! HA, that’s very true. He does do that a lot. My friend said that Antman was good! Haha, I can see why you don’t but he’s won me over.


  1. I LOVED reading this! I agree that bacteria are weird and cool and gross. We’re doing our unit on them now (we are literally always learning the same things😂) and today we started a lab with a nonpathogenic E. coli. It’s so crazy that it’s actually ALIVE. And cool. And gross.

    I like your pinch pots! And how you used ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad’ to describe the clay because it reminded me of Alexandar and the *insert the whole thing above here* Day haha.

    I think my comfort food is…maybe lasagna soup that my mom makes. I don’t know why, but a big bowl of soup and some French or sourdough bread is one of the most comforting things I can think of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU. Haha, I know right. Yea, that’s true! We do learn the same things at the same time. Oh, good thing they were nonpathogenic. (I definitely had to look that up.) I KNOW. It’s a formula: bacteria = weird + cool + gross.
      Ahh, you caught the reference! Yep, I am 100% guilty of stealing that description from Alexander.
      I love lasagna and I love soup, but I’ve never had lasagna soup! It tastes very good in my imagination though. I love sourdough bread! Soup and bread- what a good combination.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE DUMPLINGS!! And also wontons😊. I agree that they definitely taste like comfort!!
    Your pots are soooooo cute and would make adorable jewelry/catch all holders!
    Happy Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

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