Science jokes

I want to try that sometime

'No, I said my name is Dr Gofman. G as in glucose...'



That at least deserves some credit


I’m sure the kids think it’s fun


When you accidentally start something amazing


A quick test to confirm your nerd status (or not)

Wait, who did invent knock knock jokes?

No worries



Which one do you think is the funniest? The no bell prize made me laugh a disproportionate amount, but the comic of the science teacher setting up Newton’s Cradle is clever too. And of course there’s the elephant on the ramp! It’s hard to choose. Agh fine, I’m going with the elephant. (You would think I would create questions that were easy for me to answer.)
Here’s some science facts to make up for the one you didn’t get. Clams have feet. Jawless hagfish bore into the sides of dead animals, tie themselves in knots for leverage, and eat the carcass from the inside out. (That was plagiarized off a sign from a science museum by the way. Well, I guess it’s not plagiarism anymore since I told you. Now it’s just plain ol’ copying.) What are you learning in science (if you’re a student) right now? We just finished genetics. I wrote an article about color blindness and made my dad take a test for it. I took it too afterwards, and it’s actually pretty fun to do even if there’s nothing wrong with your eyes.

Some more funny stuff: texts from my dad


26 thoughts on “Science jokes”

  1. omg I didn’t think that I was a nerd but I guess the fact that I clicked on this AND that I laughed at ALL of them proves me wrong😂😂 my fav one was the one about waking up😂😂

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  2. Ha, ha, these are great! I think I like the physics one the best, but it is hard to choose.
    I am taking psychology right now and I recently learned that they poked holes in the eardrums of fighter pilots in WWII so that changes in pressure didn’t rip their eardrums out. Interesting stuff.

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    1. I know right? Oh my goodness, the physics one is SO TRUE.
      Oh, cool! I find pyschology to be fascinating. Have you heard of Malcolm Gladwell? His books might interest you. WHOA, crazy! You just made me smarter.

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  3. I am most definitely a nerd…I laughed at all of these. XD I think my favorite one is the thread about electricity jokes.😂We just finished genetics, too! We’re in ecology right now, and today we watched a documentary on Charles Darwin that was actually pretty interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I guess me making a post called science jokes is a pretty good sign that in a nerd too. Good choice on the electricity pun series. Oh wait, I watched a documentary on Charles Darwin in school too! Did it talk about how his son asked his playmate where his dad kept his barnacles? Wow, that might be a super confusing sentence.

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