How reading the Bible straight through in a year is going

One of my goals for 2018 is to read the entire Bible.

Some of my other goals include getting my driver’s permit (AH DRIVING SCARY but also EXCITING), making a Rainworks creation (they seem so cool), going to Krispy Kreme and trying to get free donuts (yum), and watching all the important Marvel movies (I’ve only watched one but it was AMAZING and I’m already a fan).

Anyways, back to the Bible.

Since January 1, it’s just been me reading three/four chapters almost every day out of this awesome Bible (the one in the picture) that has a blank page between every page with print. When I asked for it as a Christmas present, I was planning to write down all my questions and annotations on the blank side, but then I realized that took way too long, so now I’m just using the margins. I am trusting that the empty sheets will come in very handy at some point in time.

I’m not using a plan on YouVersion because
1. A lot of the plans skip around. I just wanted to go from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 in a  linear manner. 
2. There was one that did go straight through, but I don’t like reading books electronically, especially the Bible. It’s too easy to scroll super fast and not actually read anything. I think it’s because my brain is used to skimming stuff on my phone. Oops.
3. I am a diehard real paper in my hands person. This reason could’ve gone under two, but I think it deserves to be mentioned separately.
However, two of my friends are using a plan, so it depends on what you want. 

Now it’s time that I tell you how reading the Bible is going like the title of this post says. Short answer: It’s going pretty well.
Long answer: As of right now, I’m at Deuteronomy 30. After 182 chapters, the Israelites are FINALLY about to enter the promised land, which is very exciting. They’ve definitely taken their time.

It’s been super cool to read the Bible for myself. I have
1. discovered quite a few stories that I’ve never heard before
2. been punched in the gut by multiple verses and
3. have had some aha! light bulb moments. It’s an awesome feeling when you fit pieces together in your brain yourself and not just have somebody do the whole puzzle for you. 

Some Bible things I’ve never known about before

Genesis 16, 21, 25:9, 25:16: The story of Hagar and Ishmael is not that miniscule.
At one point, Hagar runs away because Sarai’s being a jerk, but then God tells her to go back and she does. She also says, “‘You are a God who sees me,'” which I think is absolutely beautiful.

When Sarai kicks Hagar out for good, she’s in the wilderness and thinks Ishmael is about to die. When she “lifted up her voice and wept,” God answers her again and provides them with water to drink. Then it says that “God was with the boy, and he grew up.” Dude, God was with Ishmael! 

After that, Ishmael disappears from the story for a while, but then when Abraham dies, it says that “Isaac and Ishmael his sons buried him.” Dude, Ishmael came back to bury his dad even though there was probably a ton of family tension. 

A little after that, it lists all of Ishmael’s sons, saying there were “twelve princes according to their tribes.” This was one of my aha! moments: both Jacob and Ishmael were fathered twelve sons. 

Exodus 22:21: In the Old Testament laws, God took special care of those who were the most easy to take advantage of. “‘You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him…You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child.” He does this so many times.

Deuteronomy 8:4, 29:5: While the Israelites were in the wilderness, their “clothing did not wear out,” their “foot did not swell,” and their “sandals have not worn off.” For FORTY years! That is one awesome miracle.

Exodus 23:10: This one I did know about, but it still blows my mind. God commanded them that “for six years you shall sow your land and gather in its yield, but the seventh year you shall let it rest.” Not only did they Sabbath the seventh day of every week, they also rested every seventh YEAR. Is that crazy or what?


This question is so late, but do you have any goals for 2018? I accomplished one of mine (have a joint birthday party with a friend) yesterday. Well, it wasn’t very much of a party. We just ate delicious tacos. DELICIOUS tacos, I tell you.
Have you watched Black Panther? I’ve gotten one thumbs up and one thumbs down, so I guess tomorrow at school, I’ll have to ask my classmate who’s the resident Marvel enthusiast to hear her opinion.
Do you think the black font is easier to read or the gray? I was messing around with the settings, and I FINALLY figured out how to change colors. Headpalm.
Have you ever read the Bible in a year/tried to/followed a YouVersion plan? I’m so curious about all the different ways people read the Bible.

19 thoughts on “How reading the Bible straight through in a year is going”

  1. Great goal! You are doing so well to have gotten through Numbers & Leviticus. Most people quit around then. I’m like you—I can’t skip around books, I need to go straight through. I’m doing a chronological plan this year and it’s pretty good. I loved reading the things you discovered in your reading. May the Lord bless you as you continue to read through His word!

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    1. Thank you so much!! Yep, I can see why. Parts of it were very repetitive. I know! I think it’s because I get a better grasp of the whole story that way. Whohoo, I’m so glad your plan is going well! THANK YOU.

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  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this!! Because I’ve been hearing Bible stories/reading the Bible ever since I was really little, I sometimes feel like I sort of know most of the stories, and then one day I’m reading and I come across something I don’t remember ever hearing before. And it’s pretty cool when you have those light bulb moments.
    Eating delicious tacos sounds like an ideal birthday party to me!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! I know what you mean. It seems like there’s a group of stories that get all the love and that you know super well, but then you don’t know anything about the ones that don’t get talked about as much. Yes, I KNOW. Lightbulb moments rock.
      Haha, it definitely was!

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  3. It is so cool that you are doing this! I have never read the entire Bible straight through in a single year, but once I read the entire thing (out of order) and I think it took me two years? I wasn’t using a plan and the only way I was keeping track was by checking off each book as I finished it, so it wasn’t very organized. It is so cool the things you discover when you really dig into God’s word. I feel like since I read the entire thing I have had a better understanding of the Bible, but there is so much there, and I need to keep re-reading. I have been wanting to try reading it in order. You are inspiring me!
    Best of luck with your endeavor!

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    1. Ahh, THANK YOU. That’s awesome! Haha, better disorganized than never, right? Yes, I KNOW. Oh my goodness, HOORAY. I’m so glad it was inspiring! If you do, I’d love to hear about it.
      Thank you so much! Good luck to you too. :))

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  4. That’s so cool! I tried to read the whole Bible last year, but I stopped in about 1 Kings. This year I’m just doing various plans on YouVersion, actually. 🙂 Also, maybe you could use the blank pages in your Bible for drawing your favorite Bible verses from the passages near the page?

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    1. Thank you! Whoa, that’s still awesome. Oh, nice! Which plans are you doing? Ooh, that’s a good idea! I’ll probably wait until I get into the Psalms or something. Deuteronomy just doesn’t have that many drawable verses.

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  5. What an awesome goal!! I always think I “know” the Bible, but then I start reading and God shows me things that I never noticed/knew before. I’m so glad that you’re doing this, it’s motivation for me 😉

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  6. Getting through till Deuteronomy can be so hard, but congrats to you for keeping it up! There are so many details in Scripture that are easy to miss. I love how God spoke directly to Hagar, and the Name she gives God, “The God who Sees me.”

    I haven’t seen Black Panther yet! My university rules actually don’t let students go to the theatre during the semester. But I’m planning on seeing it during Spring Break! I’ve heard amazing things & I’m very excited!

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    1. Haha, thank you! It is repetitious. I know right? Finding those hidden verses has been one of the best things so far. Yes, it’s so awesome!

      I’ve never heard a rule like that before! Do you know what the reasoning behind it is? Oooh, I hope you like it!


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