January 2018: oops, I’m late

Confession: I have a hard time spelling January and February correctly. I always want to spell February without the first r as in “Febuary” because that’s how I pronounce it. Then for some reason, that messes me up on January even though it’s spelled how you would think it’s spelled.

Sidenote: whenever I write Wednesday, I still sound out Wed-nes-day in my brain. Also, was there a particular multiplication fact that you thought was harder than the others when you were younger? Mine’s 7×8. I was never sure whether it was 54 or 56. I struggled with it so much that even now, I know it’s 56, but I still pause for a second and subtract 8 from 64 to make sure. It’s ingrained in me. Other people have said 6×8, 9×8 (those pesky 8s), and 11×12. On the other hand, a friend told me 7×8 was her favorite when she was younger.

Anyways. This post is not supposed to be about me struggling with spelling or multiplication. It’s about amazing things I did in January! This is actually my first monthly wrap up thingymajig, so WHOHOOOO.

Let’s do this thing.

Actually being that cool person drawing at the museum

On January 3, my art class got the day off from school to go to two art museums. It was  AWESOME. My teacher gave us each a small sketchbook for the day and communal pens to share. He also told us that we had to fill at least eight pages by the time we got back because of course, he wasn’t going to just let us relax and make art on our timeline.

On the way there, I realized that I didn’t like at all how jerkily my teacher drove, and in comparison, I realized how smoothly my mom and dad drive. It’s also probably because my parentals lean very heavily on the cautious side.

During the car ride, I looked out the window while listening and kind of participating in the funny conversation the two girls (my art class is super small: including me, there’s five girls and one guy) in my row were having. It was nice being next to them as they laughed over memes and vines and music, all topics that I am pretty clueless about. Until, that is, the conversation briefly turned to the book Dumplin’. Then I was much more in my wheelhouse.

Drawing at the museum was so much fun. Sometimes my brain tends to go over the speed limit and travel everywhere in time except in the present, so it was very nice when focusing in on a piece of art and just doodling for fun cleared my mind.

Sitting on the floor in the middle of a public space and sketching was a unique experience too. Sometimes, people walk past you without sparing you a glance, and you feel like an invisible superhero, but then other times, a little kid or an employee looks over your shoulder at what you’re drawing and you feel vulnerable and self-concious, but also like a visible superhero. Sharing your art with people is weird.

Bottom line: that day was GREAT. Drawing at the art museums was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

Food with friends

In November I think, I was researching a road trip article for my school magazine and came across this awesome sounding restaurant in another city. When I yelped it to make sure it had good reviews, I realized there was one where I lived! I made a split second decision and decided eating there was going on my bucket list.

Then, during the art field trip above, those two girls in my art class and I made plans to get together, which was out of the ordinary for me. I rarely hang out with people from school outside of school. Most of that time goes to church friends. But, I said yes. It was so nice actually being able to go now that none of my weekends are dominated by volleyball tournaments anymore. (Another reason why quitting club volleyball has been one the best decisions I’ve ever made. Good job, self.)

One of the girls lives in the part of town next to all the cute places to eat, one of them being the restaurant on my bucket list. I realized, hey, this is totally one of those kill two birds with one stone situations! I can 1) do something different and actually hang out with friends from school and 2) accomplish one of my goals. I excitedly told them about how I wanted to eat at that specific place, and along with the girl that lived nearby being both a bit amused and confused at me, they were good with it.

Most of the time, I’m a t-shirt and my trusty red converse sneakers person, but it was really fun to put something cooler together. Also: peer pressure to dress cute is real.

Before the lunch, I consciously killed any expectations I had. My mind, if not restrained, will place outrageous hopes on stuff. I still do that sometimes, but after repeatedly hearing on The Tim Ferris Show that expectations minus reality equals happiness, I’ve realized that the best thing to do is to maybe not have expectations at all, which I’m glad I decided to do beforehand because nothing spectacular happened at the lunch. It was normal and good.

The food was good. Not to die for, but good. Same with the conversation. We didn’t have some fascinating discussion, but it was still great to talk face to face without restrictions for a solid hour. That is not something that happens at school.

So, while the lunch wasn’t extraterrestrial (AKA out of this world) in and of itself, I did find out that I really liked just eating food with friends and talking. Me realizing that was a part of the reason why something amazing happened last Saturday.

But I guess you’ll have to wait until February’s wrap up to find out about it.


Jonathan/his mom (I’m linking to his blog even though he’s taking an indefinite hiatus and only has two posts up. Both of them are hilarious and awesome, and JONATHAN PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING) gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas. I’m using it to accomplish another one of my goals for this year, which is to watch all the important Marvel movies.

In January, I watched Captain America: the First Avenger, and OH MY GOODNESS, it was so, so, SO GOOD. Afterwards, I immediately texted my Marvel sensei, AKA a friend from school who is a HUMONGOUS fan. She saved me from having to scour the internet for a very long time by giving me a list of which Marvel movies to watch and in what order. Here’s what our conversation looked like.


I’m SO EXCITED to watch the rest of them.


Have you watched any of the Marvel movies? If you haven’t, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THEM. The First Avenger was my first, but as you can tell from above, I am already a fan. What’s your favorite way to hang out with friends? I prefer food dates to going to someone’s house because then you can easily end up just watching Youtube videos together, which is fun, but for me, it can’t top talking face to face. Also, food! There’s food involved! Well, watching Youtube can involve food too. But nevermind that.

16 thoughts on “January 2018: oops, I’m late”

  1. I still spell out Wed-nes-day in my head too!! Ughhhh 8 times tables are the worst!!
    Marvel moviessssss are pretty spectacular… I believe I’ve watched them all, and a few of them multiple times. However, the Captain America movies rank highest in my mind. I’m very excited for the Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yay, another member of the Wed-nes-day Club!
      I know right??
      Oh, NICE. I’m so excited to watch all of them! Oooh, are those coming out soon? I know about Infinity Wars, but I haven’t heard of Black Panther!


  2. Oh my gosh, I sound out Wednesday too! I thought I was the only one 😂Also I have to say that I love your post header! It’s so aesthetic :)) Drawing at the art museum sounds so cool! I’d love to do that. I haven’t watched any Avenger movies but I did see the new (ish) Thor movie…does that count 😂? I loved the way you did this wrap up, it was so descriptive and fun to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you’re definitely not! Ah, thank you so much! I can’t wait to go back to the museums. It was so much fun! Yes, it counts! Ooh, I’m pretty sure the Thor movies are on my list of Marvel movies to watch. Was it good? Thank you!! I loved your January wrap up too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think that’s it’s kind of interesting how a lot of times “hanging out” constitutes of going to the mall, getting food, and shopping around or visiting the movie theatre. It’s an American social norm— yet it’s ironic because while yes, it’s technically face time, all you’re really doing is eating and spending money. And kind of walking around (the mall is not the safest place, I might add). To me, quality time is baking cookies at someone’s house, decorating them in the messiest way possible, and giving them all away because you don’t actually eat cookies (that is, a lot of cookies. Everyone eats cookies). On special occasions (aka there are student tickets), some of my friends and I go to DSO concerts, which I guess labels us as nerds but I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do;)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, it’s a very broad phrase! Ooh, that sounds like so much fun. I have got to do that soon! Haha, I’m curious: how receptive are people when you give them very messily decorated cookies? And while we’re on the topic of cookies (this is really random), but 1) my orthodontist has REALLY GOOD cookies and 2) I have a half a box of Tagalongs left! Girl scout cookies are such a scam but I still fell for it. Ooh, concerts- I want to do that too! Ahh, you’re blowing up my bucket list.


      1. Haha, well we do decorate some of them nicely to give away, but generally cookies are cookies and people don’t care much. I’ve been meaning to buy girls scout cookies but forgot… whoops!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha, that’s true. I think it’s more fun to decorate cookies and to give cookies away than to eat decorated cookies, so best of both worlds! Which Girl Scout cookies are your favorite? A lot of people love Samoas and Thin Mints, but I don’t really like either.


      2. I love Samoas. I preferred thin mints when I was younger, but now I find them too sweet— actually I think all of them are too sweet, but I really like the coconut shavings on the Samoas, they add flavor and take the edge off the sweetness.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t like coconut! That’s why I don’t Samoas. Haha, I have a pretty big sweet tooth (chocolate is the BEST), so that’s not my problem with Thin Mints but it’s because I don’t like mint as a flavor.


  4. Yay for your January! It sounds like you had a great month. 🙂 And now I want to know what the amazing thing that happened on your Saturday was ahaha… On the topic of multiplication, I always have to think way harder about the 12s (above 10×12). My mom drilled the 7s time table into me when I was a lot younger because I couldn’t remember them, so I don’t have trouble with those, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, thank you! Haha, success! My mini cliff hanger worked. Oh, I so get what you mean! My mom drilled the times tables into me too. I recited them on the way to school as a kindergartener!


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