Doodles from one of my favorite artists.

Featuring artwork and words from Dallas Clayton, a children’s illustrator and author who is currently taking over my Pinterest board.







Today in technology class, my teacher gave us a very, very, very surface explanation of the internet. And it was SO INTERESTING. Did you know that there is fiber optic tubes UNDERNEATH THE OCEAN FLOOR just so that I could hypothetically send a virtual hug to someone in Europe? Or that the US military and government wanted to create the internet so that if their important files got destroyed by an atomic bomb, they would still have a back-up? Basically, they wanted to go “nuke proof.” Did you know that three schools in California and one in Utah linked their computers together and attempted to send each other messages? They tried to send the word “LOGIN,” but the computers crashed after the “L” and the “O.” But people still went crazy. Isn’t that so cool?? Also: what are some of your favorite artists?

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