Awesome links

The art of finding what you didn’t know you were looking for. This post inspired a page in my notebook. They’re random snippets for book ideas/more like book idea singular/I really hope I become an author one day/WAIT, wrong attitude/I am going to work hard to become an author/there we go. Currently, all of them are from history class.


Why ghosts say boo. Haha yea, that is super adorable. Also: doesn’t the website name Science of Us make you think of a contemporary YA novel where a genius boy/girl comes up with a “theory of love,” only to realize that love cannot be captured into an equation, and then falls in love?

You can’t freak out about stuff like this. OH MY GOODNESS I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH. And still do. And will for the rest of my life on this planet. I wish I had a little alarm inside my head that would remind me about this post every time I started to freak out about the small stuff. Rolling with the punches is a life skill that I’m learning very slowly.

When Vincent met Color. Um, this is absolutely beautiful? Like I’m in love? And her last name is Dahl, which is SO COOL.

Some 2018 YA releases that I’m (already excited for. The titles that caught my eye: Love and Other Carnivorous Plants. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy. Nice Try, Jane Sinner. And haha, count me in for the support group.


Today I tutored some refugees for my service hours and after we made them do math and educational stuff for an hour, we had snacks and then went outside to play. I was with a bunch of little first grade/kindergarten girls (SO CUTE). They were had so much fun just with swings and a tiny playground. A big slide entertained them for a good five minutes. Oh goodness, I miss playing outside.




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