Funny texts from my dad

My dad tries using emojis.


My dad while waiting in the heat to go on the ferry for the Statue of Liberty


My dad being silly IMG_0876

My dad after I accidentally press send



What’s the funniest text you’ve received? As all of you in the Northern Hemisphere probably know, FALL IS HERE. And what does that mean? The leaves are going to start changing colors! Time for a mini science lesson: leaves are green because of the huge amount of chlorophyll pigment in them. Chlorophyll absorbs all light except for green light, which is why leaves look green. During the fall, leaves start to die. The chlorophyll breaks down first and leaves (does that count as a pun?) the carotenoid pigment behind. Carotenoid reflects orange and red light, and THAT IS WHY LEAVES TURN COLORS IN THE FALL.




6 thoughts on “Funny texts from my dad”

    1. Haha, THANK YOU.
      Oh yikes. 😦
      Where I live, it’s super hot in the summer and super cold in the winter with the shortest period of nice weather in between.

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