A reminder

These following quotes

are from the book Enter Title Here. It’s a good reminder for everyone, but especially for students.

“Why do you think I care about smartness or specialness? No, I don’t care about that. All I care about is that you become everything you can be. If you were only smart enough to dig ditches, then I would put you into the finest ditch-digging school in this country and would set you up with some fantastic ditch-digging machinery. And if you dug a particularly long and fine ditch-a ditch you were proud of, then I’d make sure you took pictures of the ditch and send them to me, and then I’d forward them to your aunts and your grandparents, and even though others might laugh, I would be proud of you. And that ditch would be special to me.” p. 276

“You’re really not getting it, and it’s kind of freaking me out. Please tell me you understand that college admission decisions are made by people- human people- based on words that you shot at them through a computer, and that those people have zero ability to reach back through the computer and down into your soul and in any way add or subtract from your intelligence or character or determination or whatever else it is that, in your opinion, makes someone into a valuable person. Stanford student is just a label on the jar. You can rip that label off, or forget to put it on, but the contents of the jar stay the same.” p. 202


My power just came on about ten minutes ago after being off for two or so hours, and LET ME TELL YOU, I have so much more respect for pre-fire existing people now. Seriously, you can do absolutely nothing in the dark without fire. Unless sleeping and stubbing your toes on stuff.

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