Miscellaneous thoughts for back to school

I love the word “miscellaneous.”

(But obviously not enough. I had to check to make sure I spelled it right. Which I didn’t. I used an “i” instead of the second “e.”)

It’s so useful for when you don’t have a whole post’s worth of words about several tiny things individually, so you just smash it all together. That is exactly what I did with this post.

Moving on.

My Theory

You will encounter three different types of classes at school.

Type one: the class(es) you have to memorize stuff for. (Well, unless you’re fine with failing of course. Which my parents are totally not.) For me, type one subjects consist of history and Spanish. There’s so many facts and vocabulary words you have to remember.

Type two: the class(es) you have to understand. Science and math are my type two subjects. (But I would say some of it is also type one. It’s a hybrid.) In these subjects, it doesn’t matter how much information you cram into your head if you don’t get it. Balancing equations and factoring trinomials aren’t stationary things like the Battle of the Bulge. Type two classes are full of concepts, not unchanging facts.

Type three: the classes you have to practice for. English. Art. Volleyball. I can know every single grammar rule and the works of every single major artist and what to do in every single volleyball situation, but all of that information would be absolutely USELESS  if I never ever wrote a sentence. Or colored a picture. Or passed a ball.

A Discovery

At my school’s middle school, we changed classes but we didn’t change people. (Mostly.) This is my first year of changing classes AND people, so when I got my schedule on Friday, it was my first time comparing schedules with friends.

There a few people that I don’t have classes with that I really wish I did, but most of the time, we usually had at least one class in common. Going home, I felt pretty good about the group of people I am going to spend nine months with.

Then I checked the roster online. And I didn’t like the vibe I got. BUT THEN, I reminded myself that I thought the same thing at the beginning of seventh grade. Which turned out to be and AWESOME class. And the beginning of eighth grade. Which was not as great as the year before, but still good.

So as I go to all my classes, I am going to proceed EXCITEDLY. Because as I’ve learned, a list of names will not give you a clear picture of how those said people will interact together in a classroom. 


Bring a waterbottle (specifically, one that has water in it.) This one is a bit random. It’s more of suggestion for life in general: STAY HYDRATED. But it helps me to use my classes to keep track of how much water I should be drinking.

If you don’t feel like doing homework/studying/reading a book, use the two minute rule. I go this off of Studyign. Tell yourself to start the dreaded activity for just two minutes, and at the end of that time, if you still don’t feel like doing it, stop. Okay, this rule will definitely not work in a positive way for everybody, but it helps me. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Why? Because as Gretchen Rubin said, “Inertia, I suppose.”

Cliffnotes and Gradesaver and other related websites don’t only have to be for students who don’t read the book. I came up with a list of twenty-five classics I want to read in the near future. One of them is Farenheit 451, which I finished a few months ago. As I read it, I wrote in the margin and looked up stuff on Google. And I sure am glad I did. I got SO MUCH MORE out of the book than I would’ve otherwise. (How interesting, right??)


Em from two girls two mountains and Tanisha from Both Sides of the Equation both did AWESOME back to school series. Em covered school supplies, bullet journaling, and motivation. Tanisha talked about making your backpack lighter, taking good notes, and motivation. Can you tell what the hardest part about school is?


What do you think of my theory? I don’t think it even is a “theory.” It just sounds cool. But remember, packaging matters. Onto bigger news, the SOLAR ECLIPSE!!! Where I am, it’s not going to be full coverage. Which doesn’t even matter because we didn’t get glasses. Oh my, it’s going to be so tempting to watch. After reading Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass, it’s on my bucket list to watch a full solar eclipse.

6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous thoughts for back to school”

  1. I totally agree with your theory, and trust me High School isn’t insanely bad. I just started on Thursday and the only thing challenging would be your advanced classes, but trust me you will be fine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I’m so glad think my theory is sound! Okay, good to know. Haha, I’m actually pretty excited for high school, but just not for school. I hope you had a great first two days!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this post! Miscellaneous thoughts are always swirling in my head but I never write them down and then I FORGET THEM ARGH


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! YES. I try to scribble them down before they disappear, so sometimes I have scraps of paper full of random thoughts lying around.

      Liked by 1 person

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