Tales of Freshman Year (summer edition)

My school hasn’t started yet,

(Yes, we start in the middle of the week. It’s abnormal. I know.)

but a lot of freshman year related things have already happened. Some were beyond good. Some were not so good.

You’ll see.

What a Let Down

Monday, July 31. approximately 9:30 PM
I was sitting on my bed reading Shoe Dog, ready to go to sleep soon, when my parents came home from walking. My mom called upstairs that there was a package for me. Immediately, I got a bit excited. Getting things in the mail (that aren’t junk or ads) is like Christmas.

I went downstairs and opened the box and THERE WAS A BUNCH OF BOOKS INSIDE. Obviously I was super pumped and thinking to myself, “Who is this awesome mystery person sending me books out of the blue?” Out loud, I kept repeating, “THIS IS SO WEIRD!”

We tried to solve the case for a bit but finally decide to wait for the gift-giver to step forward and confess. But then I noticed the tiny print on the slip of paper that came with the package. Typed underneath the list of each book title were the following words: 9th class- HE.

HE, as in History/English. As in FOR SCHOOL. Turns out, the awesome mystery person is not even a living, breathing human being. It’s an INSTITUTION. Whose awesomeness is debatable. (Sigh.) I take that back. I love my school.

But still.

I am so disappointed.


Hey, Being Social is Kind of Fun

Tuesday, August 1. approximately 6:30-9:00 PM
A couple of amazing moms got together and organized a surprise party for a former classmate who is changing schools this year. It was at a pizza place. We sat waiting in a separate room, ducking our heads until she came in. “SURPRISE!” we yelled. Which she was. Her mom had told her she was meeting girls from her new school.

We ate several plates of complementary garlic bread and shot down the waiter’s best efforts to convince us to order appetizers. Sorry, dude, but I mean hello, delicious free food trumps delicious not-free food every time.

Then with a medium amount hassle, we figured out our orders. The pizza and pasta and salads came. We ate food. I did not feel awkward. We had interesting conversations. I did not want to be somewhere else. We laughed a bunch. I did not feel lonely.

The crazy thing is, the twelve of us were all from different “friend groups,” but because my school is smaller, we still know and like each other. We still had a GREAT TIME. At least I did.

During the summer, I hibernate from my classmates. But this reminded me that WOW, being around school people can be SO MUCH FUN. Which is such a dumb realization.

Sidenote: I gave my friend who’s leaving What Do You Do With a Problem? and Fish in a Tree. And a very rambly letter.

Hey, Frozen Yogurt is Kind of Delicious

Wednesday, August 2. approximately 3-4 PM.
After the second day of volleyball tryouts, five of us freshmen went to Yogurtland. Before that, I hadn’t froyo in YEARS. I got pineapple and coffee. It was great, but the hanging out part was EVEN BETTER.

Same lesson from the previous story.

Sidenote: The volleyball courts in my school’s gym are really close to the walls. When you hit out, the ball sometimes hit’s the wall, which prompts one of the junior setters to scold the hitter, “IT’S NOT WALLBALL.”
We also had to run the Big Three. Duhn duhn duhn. It’s where you have to run down and back the basketball court under 12? seconds. Then run down and back twice under 24? seconds. Then run down and back three times under 35? seconds. Then twice again. Then once again. If anyone in your group didn’t make it, you had to do it over. It was not fun.
During varsity’s season last year, they did this thing where they tried to throw a volleyball into the basketball net while making a deal with the coach that if they were successful, the team got to end practice or not run or something. It’s silly and just for fun, but one time someone actually made it and practice was cut short!


If you’ve read any of the books my school sent me, were they super good/mindnumbingly boring/just okay? A Tale of Two Cities is so pretty and has tricked me into wanting to read it. Ugh, the things good packaging will do to you. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude going in. I would dearly appreciate any information or advice you have. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING INTO HIGH SCHOOL. AAAAAAH.







15 thoughts on “Tales of Freshman Year (summer edition)”

  1. AH OMG WE’RE THE SAME AGE. Sorry I just got really excited about that because there ARE SO MANY ADULT BLOGGERS which is really cool BUT we’re just kinda more on the same level more if you know what I mean. (or boat should I say because I’m pretty fricken sure we’re all terrified and excited?? I mean personally I’m just dreading it because….obvious reasons. Work work work work work, new friends, new friends new friends, socializing socializing socializing. I mean I’m all up for new friends and I’m not MUCH of a hermit (I TRY).

    Hey your school sounds like my old middle school! It was only 50 kids in our *cough cough* cliquey to the max grade but we were still all friendly because it was just such a small school. Volleyball is soooo much fun, the seniors and juniors and sophomores are all super nice and our freshman team is great we made a groupchat on snapchat which constantly throws spam at me but yeah IT’S GOOD!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH THAT’S SO COOL. I totally agree. My favorite part about blogging is talking to other people, and it’s always GREAT to talk to other people our age.
      Okay, part of me is super excited for school (because I always get like this at the end of summer), but the other part of me is ignoring the existence of school (because homework and stress and pressure.)
      Volleyball’s awesome. Yes, they are!! Only twenty-two people tried out this year, so there were no cuts and there’s only a JV and a varsity team. Except our JV team is basically a freshman team plus one sophomore. Haha, that sounds hilarious! We’re boring and only have a texting groupchat.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OH WOW NO CUTS. THAT’S AWESOME. My school had probably around 50 kids who tried out and there’s 12 per a team soooo. Lol our high school has like well over a thousand kids so yeah it’s nearly impossible to make it on JV as a freshman. Only 2 made it but they were REALLY REALLY AMAZING players. Our freshman team is actually turning out good though it’s a lot better than most freshman teams I think… XD We have really good coaches too! They were both captains of their teams in college and set a bunch of records and stuff so that’s good haha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha, YEP. Oh WOW, my high school only has around five hundred people. Were your tryouts stressful? One girl made it onto the varsity team as a freshman, and it’s because she’s really good too. Like her team got second at nationals last year good. That’s awesome!! WHOA that’s so cool!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. We all knew she was going to make it! Okay, that’s good. Yea, I was totally comfortable with being on JV. Varisty is a lot more pressure too. Haha, oh nice. AAH I love talking volleyball.

              Liked by 1 person

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