What does YOUR quiet time look like? Starring my friends!


Two weeks ago, I talked about my quiet time. Today, I’m sharing about the quiet times of my friends. If you saw my idea post from last week, you’ll recognize some of these names. I commented to their answers in parentheses. 99% percent of their answers are unedited except for some grammar and spelling editing I did.


What does your quiet time look like?

Sudy: After I’m done showering and brushing my teeth, I lay on my bed and have a quiet time. I have Bible plans in my Study Bible which I use.

Jonathan: My devo (quiet time) is that I read it, highlight the most important sentence- max 2, and then flip to a random page. I am gonna start writing down what I read each day.

Do you journal or use a devotional?

Jocelyn: Yes. (To journaling.) I write my favorite verse from the chapter that day.

Sudy: I use a devotional and recently I’ve begun using a journal. I think it’s called Jesus Coming, but it’s really cool because the person who wrote it wrote it like Jesus was talking directly to you.

Yiwen: I don’t use a devotional right now although I’m not opposed to it! I’m just studying the Bible while keeping a goal in mind. Earlier this year, I wanted to learn what it means to love God and how to love God, so I started reading Psalms because King David is super passionate about God. Now, I’m trying to learn more about imitating Christ and resisting temptations, so I switched from Psalms to 1 Corinthians. Also because Psalms got too repetitive. I don’t journal regularly. I hardly do anything regularly, but if there’s a thought or a verse that stands out to me, I’ll write it down in my journal.

Have you ever tried to make having a quiet time a habit and failed?

Jocelyn: Yeah, I tried to do daily devotional for at least 15 minutes a day. Then, the time just started getting shorter and shorter. Now it’s only like 5 minutes.

Sudy: In the past, I’ve tried doing quiet times but when times got busy, I just kinda ditched it. But now I’m making more of an effort.

Yiwen: Oh yes, over and over again. I’m not good at sticking to habits. Sometimes I didn’t prioritize it. Other times, I get stuck in a sin, and that drives a wedge between me and God. Other times, my daily schedule changes- for example, from school to break- and I take a while to readjust my quiet time schedule.

Morning or night?

Jocelyn: At night I read one chapter a day.

Sudy: I do it at night but sometimes I feel like I’m rushing through it so I can get to sleep earlier which I know I shouldn’t do.

Yiwen: I pray to start off my morning, but I’ll study his word after I get back from school. I don’t want to be rushed when reading his word!

There’s NO RIGHT WAY to have a quiet time. I hope they gave you some ideas.

Signing out, this is Annie Xia. I’ll see you Tuesday!

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