Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.

Life skills I want to master somewhat before I die.
1. Carry on small talk that’s not awkward
2. Making food that tastes good without taking forever
3. Sectioning off my brain when it starts spewing negative thoughts

This series, Cooking Adventures, is me documenting my journey learning life skill #2. First up, chocolate chip cookies. Duh.


There are SO many chocolate chip cookie recipes. I decided to use the one from The Lazy Genius Collective. (Which is one of my favorite blogs, by the way. Click the link for the list of ingredients and more detailed instructions.) As you will be able to tell, some of this post was written in real time.


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My mom commented on the larger amount of salt and, of course, warned me to not add too much sugar. Going grocery shopping took me a good thirty minutes, and compiling the ingredients lasted another half an hour. I am slow at this.

The Process

  1. Brown the 4 tbsp. (or half a stick) of butter.
    This was pretty nervewracking. Here’s a recap from the Kitchn’s guide: Doing this helps butter taste better. Cut the stick into evenly sized pieces. (If you have butter that comes in a tub, I guess you scoop it into the pot?) Turn the stove on medium heat. Stir the butter constantly in a light-colored pot.                                After snooping around the kitchen, I found a pot that fit the bill. It was on the heavy side, which made me a little worried. This was my second time doing this. My first time was a fail, so I still didn’t know how to tell when the it was done, which is NOT the website’s fault. I am simply very inexperienced in the kitchen. I stopped when the butter had lots of brown spots in it. Looking at it now, I think I took it off too early.D12CC12D-FFDD-4494-BB47-80EFCF09795A
  2. Sift together the dry ingredients. 
    My mom has so many random cooking tools, but I can’t find a sifter. Or a mixer. By hand it is!IMG_0503
  3. Cream together the butter and sugars. Well, I definitely wouldn’t call this fluffy. More like crumbly. And by the way, mixing by hand is an ARM WORKOUT.IMG_0506
  4. Add two eggs and one yolk one at a time.
    Okay, separating an egg yolk from the white is actually something I know how to do. You have to crack the egg gently, making sure that a good part of the egg shell is still holding the yolk. Then you tilt the shell and let the egg white spill out. You know what, just go watch a YouTube video on it.IMG_0505
  5. Add the vanilla and cooled (but still mostly melted) browned butter. 
    This is getting easier. It’s not so hard to mix anymore. Cool.IMG_0504
  6. Add dry ingredients. 
    WAIT, WHAT. AAAHHHHHHHH. I mixed everything INTO the dry ingredients. Well, maybe I should read the entire recipe first next time. If there even is a next time. Annie from the future: Turns out sifting the dry ingredients together is not the same thing as MIXING them together. Oops.
  7. Add the chocolate chips. 
    My favorite part.IMG_0507
  8. Scoop and chill the dough. Unbaked cookies have such great potential. You don’t know if they’re going to taste awesome or horrible Hopefully, these are the former. (I’ve accidentally made super salty cookies before.) Also, if you didn’t know, plastic wrap is super wrinkly. Annie from the future: I am not a fan.IMG_0492
  9. Bake. After barely putting them in, my mom took them out again. She was worried that the wax paper would catch aflame, so we changed the lining to aluminum foil. Every time before this, I’ve always baked cookies until they were all the way done, so wanting them to be slightly under is a new experience for me. I put them in for nine minutes, took the cookies out, poked them around, put them back in for two minutes, repeated that process once more, and finally took them out for good.IMG_0501

Taste Test

Oh no, I think my mistake with the order of the steps is coming back to haunt me. It tastes a bit too grainy. And maybe it was the wrong decision to buy mini-chocolate chips because the chocolate taste isn’t coming through as strong as I would like it to. And, um, they taste a bit salty.

vsco-photo-1 copyAgain, oops.

Annie from the future: I brought the cookies to my math class. My classmates confirmed that yes, they are salty. One kid called them ASC- Annie’s Salty Cookies.



Self, maybe you should stick with store-bought cookies. And next time, read the whole recipe first.

13 thoughts on “Cooking Adventures: chocolate chip cookies.”

  1. Hey! I’m similar to you, in that I love to bake, but I can’t do it very well! I normally get my mum to help me, but just today I made a batch of brownies (from a packet) and banana muffins from scratch. Baking takes practice, but I normally read the recipe all the way through before I start (because I’m a perfectionist and need to know what I’m doing 😆). I should share my cookie recipe with you sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, that is totally me. How did the brownies and muffins turn out? And as you saw, I need to start reading the whole recipe first too. Oops. Yes, please share your recipe with me! Cookies, BRING IT ON.


      1. The brownies were actually really good! Last time I overtaxed them, but this time was better. I haven’t tried the muffins, but the rest of my family tried them and loved them.
        I’ll find the cookie recipe!


        1. Oh, that’s great! I love brownies. What do you mean by overtaxing them? Um, could you send me the muffin AND brownie recipe too??


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