I pitch my super ideas to my friends.

As most are, my brain is a non-stop thought generator. Unfortunately, a lot of them are irrelevant. But THIS post is about the noteworthy ones I’ve come up with.

Well, I consider them noteworthy.

A note: The responses of my friends are almost word for word. Except I fixed some of their grammar and stuff because hello, trying to be professional here. Also, my comments to their answers are in parentheses.

1. What if chocolate donuts were GLAZED and THEN chocolate-fied?

It’s the best of both worlds, and it would make choosing between glazed and chocolate donuts so much easier. Or, what if they made half-chocolate, half-glazed donuts? OR, WHAT IF THEY MADE DONUT KALACHES?? Yum.

(Fact checking Annie: Actually, according to Pinterest, half-chocolate, half-glazed donuts already exists. We10c37bc52e33ec43979925c5af34a0ehy have I never seen them in real life?)

Lucy: The donut/glazed sounds good, but is it half of each like the picture? Because then some people would only eat half the donut. Chocolate filled sounds good though, and I’m not sure how donut kalaches would taste. (Haha, I’m not sure either.)

Jonathan: The first one sounds like a great idea. I think that glazed doughnuts filled with chocolate are common and already an idea. (Um, excuse me, that wasn’t part of my idea.) I was thinking of like savory doughnuts. That would be cool.

Sudy: I’m not sure that’s possible. What kind of chocolate donut are you talking about? Like chocolate donuts or donuts with chocolate on top? If they were like, actually chocolate donuts that were glazed first, I’m not sure it’d be possible. (Do I sense a science fair idea?) But if they were donuts with chocolate on top, the chocolate would fall off because the glaze prevents it from doing that. But it’d be an interesting combo to try. 🙂 (And to clarify- I meant a plain donut that went through a regular glaze before being glazed with chocolate. Basically, I want extra glaze for my dollar.)

Jocelyn: I think it’s a random idea but something to think about. It’s what people call a shower thought. I think a glazed chocolate donut would be cool. (Okay, now I’m confused too. Like a chocolate base with regular glaze? Yea, I agree, that would be SUPER.)

2. What if during your whole pre-college school career, you had a completion grade assignment where you wrote a letter to your future wife/husband?

Up until twelfth grade, you would be able to change or add stuff to it. When you graduated, some sort of organization would hold it for safekeeping. Then, if you ever got married, you could retrieve it and give it to your wife/husband. It would be so cool to read a letter from younger them! But it would also be super disappointing to receive an one sentence letter or something because someone thought the assignment was stupid.

Lucy: I feel like if it were me, I would just laugh at what my elementary school self thought of marriage. It’s a cool idea, but I agree a one sentence letter would be disappointing if you put a lot of effort into yours. I’d probably be too embarassed to show the letter to my future husband anyway. 

Jonathan: The second one sounds like a WEIRD idea. (Thanks.) Just kidding. It sounds not that bad to me, but I think the organization thing is weird. I think you should just keep the letter yourself.

Sudy: First of all, I’d probably be too embarrassed to show my future husband because it’d be so childish and sappy-romantic. Not sure if that’s a word. But some letters would probably be hysterically funnny especially if they were sarcastic one-sentence letters.

Jocelyn: It’s a cool idea to write to your future wife/husband. It would probably cause a lot of emotions later on. But what if someone doesn’t get married and just wasted a whole year on that project? (A question in response to a question. And also, Jocelyn, if you had read the idea CAREFULLY, it’s an ongoing project over twelve years. An on-the-side one.) However, it is something definitely worth doing.

3. What if they took away the age limit for becoming president of America?

Okay, I know it sounds crazy, but stick with me here. By the way, I am so not clear on the exact procedure for becoming president. If someone has the ability to persuade enough people to back him or her with millions of dollars, be chosen as a party’s nominee, know enough about current events and politics to hold his/her own in the presidential debates, and then actually WIN, I think they deserve to be president no matter how hold the person is.

Lucy: There would be way too many people who didn’t take it seriously and just ran as a joke. I don’t even know what the age limit is, but I know you have to be a citizen for 14 years? Something like that, and that’s probably for the best. Besides, even if they COULD do all those things listed above, the first kid/teenage president would probably have a lot of trouble trying to get people to listen to him. They wouldn’t take him seriously. But if that’s the case, maybe people just won’t vote for them in the first place, so maybe it won’t change who becomes president. There’d just be a lot more candidates. Wow, that was long.

Jonathan: The third one sounds like a really bad idea. (Again, thanks.) I don’t think kids should run for president. They might know stuff, but when something happens, they probably won’t know what to do. (Good point.) Maybe like kids in cabinets? They could like help the president because kids have ideas that some adults don’t. But that might not work because I feel like the adults will be too ignorant to listen to kids.

Sudy: First off, the ballot would be overfull with teenage candidates doing it to be funny. (Haha, true.) and in order to be president, you have to be a citizen for so many years and over 35, I think. (Yep, that’s right.) But if someone’s adept enough at it, I think it could work. But, you know, wisdom comes with old age and young people tend to make rash decisions, so I think it’s best to just leave sleeping dogs lie.

Jocelyn: I think there should be an age restriction, but they could lower it significantally, from 35 to like, 25. People say children have more creativity, so maybe what America needs is some younger person to lead the country in a more creative way.

Matthew: I think the third idea is pretty cool, but it might not work out very well, espescially regarding foreign affairs. Another nation might have less respect for and hold in less importance our leader if they were very young. On top of that, there would probably be a lot of legal issues and possibly a maturity problem, but then again, Trump is our president, so it could again.

That was really fun. Friends, thanks for reading my long email/message and responding even if you thought it was weird. Because of this post, I’ve been reminded that I have some smart, awesome friends.

A bonus idea from Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan:
What if every fall they introduced new coats to the world of medicine?
I would suggest trying ones with zippers instead of buttons. Or adding ribbons on the sleeves and some lace in nice places. Plus every years would be a new color.
I bet Mrs. Chang could design a great medical outfit that would really liven up the profession. She’d probably use feathers and duct tape.

What do you think of my ideas? (Well, I would never call the third one mine. It’s very unoriginal. There’s already a book about it. But Julia’s is super creative!) Do YOU have any WHAT IF ideas? Or any ideas in general- even if they’re shower thoughts?





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