My quiet time. Featuring Jesus!

Having a quiet time everyday didn’t become a reality for me until the end of this April. FINALLY. It’s about time I got with the program.

In the past, I’ve tried multiple times to make it a routine, but it never stuck. Then, whenever the speaker at church reminded us that reading our Bibles and praying daily was SUPER important, I would mentally kick myself and promise to start spending time in the Word on a consistent basis.

But I had no idea where to begin. I tried using a devotional (complete fail- I only read the stories and skipped searching up the Bible verses), flipping to random pages (which is fun but didn’t get me anywhere), and starting with the gospels, like my pastor had recommended. None of it worked.

Then, last year in Latin class, my teacher explained her special connection with Philippians 1:3. “I thank my God every time I remember you.” On the last day of camp, her counselor had given her a note with this verse on it. She talked about how much it had touched her and dropped in a casual tone that she had MEMORIZED the entire book of Philippians. Jaw (officially) dropped.

But, I decided, if a human being could actually accomplish such a mind-blowing feat, maybe I could do too. And I did. Writing that sentence still blows my mind.

WAIT, before you stare at your screen like what?, I want to say that it’s not nearly as impossible as it sounds. I’m serious. If you want to try, this is what I did: I went verse by verse, day by day. Writing it down also helped me a lot. Now, a few months later, I can no longer recite it to you, but I now know Phillipians better than I did before.

After I completed that goal, I was prepared to conquer (and by that I mean memorize) another book. My dad suggested Romans. (He said if I did that, he’ll buy me a car. I laughed and asked if he would buy me a house if I memorized Genesis.) I didn’t take it. For the time being, I have scrapped memorizing huge chunks of the Bible altogether. Instead, every day now for a while, I’ve read a chapter of Psalms or Proverbs, underlined the verses that stuck out to me, and then prayed on paper. Which is also known as journaling. But praying on paper sounds way cooler.

When I pray, I follow the acronym ACTS. Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication. Writing out all my praises and thank you’s and wrongdoings and requests to God helps me feel SO GOOD inside. Beginning the mornings with a quiet time starts my day off right.

If I’m anxious about something, I put it in God’s hands. If I’m in a bad mood, I am reminded that God is good. All the time. And, all the time. God is good. WHAT UP MOVIE REFERENCE.

Here’s Max Lucado and John Mark writing about the prayer life and quiet time of Jesus. JESUS! This is from the book, Before Amen (which is AWESOME by the way).

“And he set a compelling prayer example. Jesus prayed before he ate. He prayed for children. He prayed for the sick. He prayed with tears. He is coequal with God, the exact representation of the Holy One, and yet he devoted himself to prayer.”

Dude, Jesus was FULLY GOD, and he STILL PRAYED.

Then Mr. Lucado goes on to talk about one instance in Mark 6:46. Because it’s sandwiched between two big Sunday school stories (Jesus feeding the five thousand and Jesus walking on water), this verse slides by. “After leaving them, he went up to the mountainside to pray.” He had just spent the day preaching, so I’m guessing Jesus was WORN OUT. But did he succumb to sleep? Nope. Jesus went somewhere where he could be alone and PRAY.

Here’s another quote from Mr. Lucado.

“Pray! Since God works, prayer works. Since God is good, prayer is good. Since you matter to God, your prayers matter in heaven. You’re never without hope, because you’re never without prayer.”

AHHHHHH. So beautiful.

Having a consistent quiet time is one of my favorite things ever. It’s great! I love it. I mean, you’re spending time with the CREATOR of the universe. How could it not be one of the best things ever?

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